Why Lila Doyle?

At Lila Doyle, we are community members taking care of community members. We know you have choices in long-term care for your loved ones, and if you work in the health care industry, you have numerous choices for employment. Read below why Lila Doyle is a top choice over and over again for both. Click here for more information about becoming a member of the Lila Doyle team, or contact Scott Blakeney at (864) 797-7606 or sblakeney@ghs.org.

Lila Doyle Is Special

“I started working at Lila Doyle on October 30, 2006.  Since then, I have enjoyed my job.  I have been given the opportunity to do several jobs – CNA – restorative care and scheduling when needed.  I come from a scheduling background, but I enjoy restorative and CNA work as a way of giving back to a generation of extremely hard workers.  There are always bumps in the road no matter where you work, but here, they are easily fixed.  Lila Doyle has a great team and I enjoy my co-workers.  I am not saying this profession is easy, but at the end of the day we all hope we made a difference in our residents’ lives.”

Millie Holdsworth, CNA
Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), Prisma Health Lila Doyle

“… In addition to the nursing staff, there are a number of other people who make up the “team” at Lila Doyle. The caring, kind words and deeds expressed toward the residents by the activity director, physical therapists, social worker, wound care nurse, dietary and even the diligent housekeepers are comforting to us as family members. We are confident that our mother is in good hands and they know how much we appreciate them.”

“… As our mother’s physical and mental condition appears to change on a weekly, if not daily, basis, we still feel confident without a doubt that we made the right decision in choosing Lila Doyle as a “home” for our mother and often recommend the facility to other families that we come in contact with in our professions. Thank you Lila Doyle-we appreciate all that you do to care for our mother.”

Mary and Monica
Daughters of a Lila Doyle resident

“I went from working in textile accounting to being a weekend CNA at a long-term care facility. While working as a CNA, I realized how much I loved engaging with geriatric residents and being part of a close team. The flexibility gave me an opportunity to earn my LPN and join the Lila Doyle team in 2011. While working in resident care, I earned my RN, became a nursing supervisor, Director of Nursing, and most recently facility administrator after earning my Nursing Home Administrators License in 2016.”

“Working at Prisma Health Lila Doyle gives you the opportunities to advance to positions that you never considered possible. The management team will provide you with the support and respect that gives you the courage and self-esteem to present your ideas that could result in changing the lives of others. The best part of Lila Doyle is every position is valued and as important as any other. It takes everyone working together to be a successful team. Our CNA staff is the backbone of our 5-Star CMS facility!  I could never imagine working anywhere other than Lila Doyle, the atmosphere here is more like home instead of a job.”

Phyllis Seawright
Administrator, Prisma Health Lila Doyle

“During my nursing career, my only experience has been at Lila Doyle. In my 11 year career at Lila Doyle, I have worked in many different positions and have gotten to know and love many residents and their families.”

“I left Lila Doyle in 2014 to work as an office manager in an outpatient facility. I worked at this facility for roughly six months. During those six months, I realized where my heart was, and that was back at Lila Doyle with my family. I missed my residents, resident families, and the stress that the long-term care brings. I feel that the stress from long term care is the best stress to ever have. It means that you are making a difference in someone’s life and bringing good to their last days.”

“This field of healthcare takes a team, and that includes a director is not afraid to get her hands dirty on the floor taking direct care for our residents. I know we’ve made a difference when families of loved ones that have passed away return to our facility and thank us for all of the hard work we did to impact theirs and their loved ones life.”

Vanessa Jones
Director of Nursing, Prisma Health Lila Doyle

“…Having to place Mama in a long-term care facility was a very heart-wrenching decision for me. The thought of leaving her in a facility with people I didn’t know was so difficult. Lila Doyle was the only place I even considered, for one reason-it was a close, “at-home” facility.”

“…The staff has become an extended family to us. They love and care for Mama as if she were their own mother. Although I still find it hard to leave her, this love and care from the nurses, CNAs, even the kitchen crew and cleaning staff, ease my heart. This sweet Mama of mine deserves to be taken care of with the best of hands and hearts. Those hearts and hands are right here at Lila Doyle.”

Daughter of a Lila Doyle resident