West End Co-op

The West End Co-op is part of the Greenville Health System. It’s a small business establishment set up to provide jobs for past patients who have an acquired brain injury. It is also a “real-world” workshop that allows people with an acquired brain injury to be trained in a supportive environment. At the same time it is a setting for the patients in our program to perform work trials and further develop their therapy strategies.

The West End Co-op is a one-of-a-kind community-based rehab employment program. The Co-op provides a supportive yet creative environment in which individuals with brain injuries can participate in “work worth doing” in a real community setting. The Co-op is an emerging small business integrative therapy model that can be used to integrate persons with brain injuries back into the workforce.

At the West End Co-op, participants perform real-life tasks to help them gain new skills, confidence, and a sense of connectedness. Participants may work as an employee, volunteer, or participate as an extension of their individual therapy. We offer custom screen printing and embroidery, thousands of promotional items, handcrafted jewelry, and same day delivery of our signature Otis Spunkmeyer cookies. Additionally, we offer special services such as holiday plant sales, painting, spot cleaning, and janitorial services.

To date, we serve over 4,000 local businesses and are always pursuing new business avenues. The Co-op is a not for profit organization. All proceeds generated are reinvested into innovative and practical ways to help individuals with brain injury apply and evaluate their rehab skills. We have a storefront shop in the historic West End District, a newly revitalized area in the heart of downtown Greenville.

So, stop by and see how you can give back to the community through working with us. When you do business with the West End Co-op, you’ll get excellent products at a reasonable price, and you’ll give people recovering from brain injury the opportunity to regain work skills and their dignity. Proceeds from product sales are re-invested in the West End Co-op.

West End Co-op
100 Augusta St.
Greenville, SC 29601
Phone:  (864) 455-2625

Email: thewestendcoop@gmail.com