Driver & Vestibular Rehabilitation Programs

Roger C. Peace Rehabilitation Hospital is one of just two facilities in the state to offer a Driver Rehabilitation Program. The program is conducted by a team of occupational therapists, specialty trained in Driver Education and Driver Rehabilitation.  Our Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist helps those with functional impairments, often related to trauma, illness, aging or psychological changes, to meet their driving goals.  The Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist can provide invaluable information related to the clients’ physical and cognitive abilities affecting safe driving.

Pre-driver evaluation includes:

  • Physical evaluation of functional strength, range of motion, sensation and coordination
  • Cognitive evaluation of visual processing, memory, judgment, orientation and attention span
  • Perceptual motor evaluation of the client’s ability to interpret and react to the environment
  • Visual acuity and visual field evaluation to assess whether the client meets the SCDMV vision standards for driving

A behind-the-wheel road test is then performed to assess safe handling of a vehicle in a dynamic environment.

Recommendations for additional training and/or needs for adaptive equipment are provided to the client and referring physician.  The Driver Rehabilitation Program works very closely with the client, the physician, the family and SCDMV to ensure that each individual is given every opportunity to maintain independence in community mobility whether behind the wheel or through alternative means of transportation.

Referrals are accepted from physicians, healthcare professionals, individuals, and agencies. However, a physician referral and a recent medical report are required for each client.

For more information on the Driver’s Rehabilitation Program, please call (864) 455-4959.

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Vestibular Rehabilitation Program

The most precise evaluation and retraining therapies for patients with balance, mobility and/or dizziness problems is available through our Vestibular Rehabilitation Program. Utilizing the full complement of the Balance Master® evaluation and rehabilitation system, physical therapists can provide the most advanced balance and mobility assessment and training available in the Upstate.

Therapy goals include improved balance control, reduced risk of falls and improved daily function and for orthopaedic patients, improved stabilization of affected joints. Instant visual feedback allows patients to track their performance and make adjustments as they go.

Balance training and assessment is conducted on an outpatient basis and is covered by insurance as a component of neuromuscular re-education. This service may be indicated for patients with the following conditions:

  • CVA
  • History of falls
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Brain injury
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Amputation
  • Injury involving lower extremities
  • Vestibular weakness

For more information about Vestibular Rehabilitation, please call 864-455-8788.