Amputation Rehabilitation

Roger C. Peace Rehabilitation Hospital is a member of the Amputee Coalition of America and offers interdisciplinary team treatment of help with the physical and psychological adjustment.  The inpatient program team includes physiatrists (physical medicine doctors), nurses, a physical therapist, an occupational therapist, a neuropsychologist, a recreational therapist, case managers/social workers, and nutritional support to help you (the most important member of the team), to achieve the best results possible.

Treatment sessions will be designed to help you learn about the risks of further limb loss, and how to recognize and prevent these conditions or complications.  You will learn how to become mobile again whether this is by walking or in a wheelchair.  Your physician and physical therapist will help you decide if prosthesis (artificial limb) is right for you.  With the help of the treatment team and a prosthetist, you will learn how to care for your skin, and service and maintain your prosthesis.

You and your family may need support while you are in the hospital or after you are discharged.  The case manager and psychologist will work together to help you adjust to the emotional and physical barriers, public attitudes, and the financial and vocational changes you may encounter. You may also wish to join our Amputee Support Group.

Our goal is to get you home as soon as possible with the skills you need to care for yourself.  It takes an average of 12 days in the inpatient rehabilitation hospital for most people to reach this goal.  Should you not be able to return to your home, the case managers will assist you in locating the right services for you.

For more information on outpatient amputee rehabilitation, please call 864-455-8788.

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