Outpatient Services

The outpatient programs on the main campus of Roger C. Peace Rehabilitation Hospital emphasize community-based rehabilitation with individual and group therapies provided in the hospital, in the community, and at home to make a functional difference in patient lives.

The same clinical expertise available to our inpatient population is also available to those who no longer require extensive hospital care or who have less disabling conditions that can be managed on an outpatient basis.

A dedicated and skilled outpatient team of health care professionals including physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, case managers and psychologists provide services for those with a wide variety of diseases and diagnostic categories.

Roger C. Peace Rehabilitation Hospital also offers services in our Spartanburg office located at 333 S. Pine Street. Services available include:

Contact us at 864-591-1664 for more information about our services in the Spartanburg.


Peace Rehabilitation Center

Peace Rehabilitation Center is the only program of its kind in South Carolina and maintains specialty accreditation by the Commission for Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) as a brain injury outpatient program. Our program will serve more than 200 patients this year, and our patients and families consistently give us excellent feedback about the care they receive.

With more than 30 years of experience in inpatient and outpatient specialty care, Roger C. Peace Rehabilitation Hospital is one of the most respected rehabilitation centers in the Southeast and a leader in caring for people with brain injury.

Patient stories

John Whitehead had a history of bilateral hip surgery and was referred to outpatient physical therapy after knee surgery. John reports he had significant limitations in his legs and was walking with a cane.  As a result of therapy, John has regained normal use of his legs and walks without a cane.  John says, “Peace Rehabilitation gave me my life back.  I can play with my grandkids now, and I can go longer than 15 minutes without getting tired.”

John Baab works at the West End Co-op.  The West End Co-op is a part of the Outpatient Brain Injury Program located in historic downtown Greenville.  The Co-op is an innovative work re-entry program.  John has learned to make beautiful jewelry.  He states, “The West End Co-op has given me my life back and given me a purpose.”  His advice to others, “Stick with it and enjoy rehab while you can.  Without rehab, I wouldn’t be able to do what I can today.”

Brain Injury/Young Stroke Outpatient Program

Community Re-Entry Program

Peace Rehabilitation Center, located in the historic West End of downtown Greenville, offers ideal opportunities for providing rehabilitation in a real-life setting. Clients can practice safety skills by crossing real streets, cognitive skills by making purchases in retail stores and social skills by sitting down to lunch at a nearby diner.

The Outpatient Brain Injury Program emphasizes a rehabilitative approach involving individual and group therapies centered on the patient and family within the treatment center, community and home. Advanced outpatient programs focus on life skills, higher cognitive abilities and re-entry to school or work. We treat a broad range of brain injury severity and neurologic disorders.

Outpatient therapy goals include increased independence in the patient’s home, community re-entry and vocational readiness. Specialty protocols address the physical, cognitive and social problems associated with brain injury. When the patient is ready, our program works with local school systems, the S.C. Department of Vocational Rehabilitation or the patient’s employer.

Work re-entry

Our Outpatient Brain Injury and Young Stroke Program provides a continuum of work rehab options. For many clients, the point of re-entry is a volunteer work trial with the former employer, or in an understanding environment such as Prisma Health. When clients are ready, we work closely with employers and the S.C. Department of Vocational Rehabilitation to ease them back into employment. The West End Co–op provides actual employment opportunities for some clients.

School re-entry

For school-age patients, our program incorporates academic goals and training material throughout rehabilitation. For each student, we conduct detailed academic assessments through Speech-Language Pathology and Neuropsychology and develop an interdisciplinary School Re-entry Plan Report, which is provided to the school team. Our therapists work side-by-side with families during the process of returning to class. School transition services that prepare teachers and school counselors to work with the student are available.  For more information on Brain Injury and School Re-entry, visit www.binav.org, a new website developed through a Roger C. Peace grant.

Special Services

The Outpatient Brain Injury and Young Stroke Program involves case management from start to finish helping establish eligibility and to secure insurance benefits and funding. We offer comprehensive neuropsychological assessments and consultations on an as-needed basis to assist treatment professionals and insurance case managers with longer-range case planning.

Evaluation Process

Upon referral, preference for medical management of the case will be determined. The team will work with either a staff physiatrist or directly with other referring physicians. Our staff begins by gathering background data on the patient’s previous medical history, psychosocial history, educational history and financial status to help in planning the initial assessment and treatment process. We conduct comprehensive evaluations of each client’s occupational, physical, speech and psychological capabilities as funding allows. The need for neuropsychological screening or referral for vocational rehabilitation is determined independently in each case. Following initial assessment, the treatment team meets with the patient and family to review findings and to develop goals with them. A team treatment plan is then proposed to the referring physician and implemented on an interdisciplinary basis. The team reviews the plan monthly and keeps referral sources up to date through ongoing case management reports.

Community resource

The staff of Peace Rehabilitation Center is honored to serve on the South Carolina Brain Injury Leadership Council. We remain actively involved in the Brain Injury Alliance of South Carolina and provide education and training about brain injury throughout the state. Our staff plays an instrumental role in upstate brain injury support groups. Roger C. Peace sponsors events to celebrate the lives of our clients, such as Triumph in the Water Ski Bash and Triumph on the Green, a golf tournament.

Referrals and contact information

We accept referrals for the outpatient program from physiatrists, neurologists, neurosurgeons and psychiatrists. Referrals for other physician specialties will be considered, but we recommend that a rehabilitation medicine consultation be obtained.  For direct referrals, call the Business Office at 864-455-8788.

The Peace Rehabilitation Center is located at 100 Augusta Street, Greenville, SC. For more information on the center, please call 864-455-8788.