Virtual Colonoscopy (CT Colonography)

Virtual colonoscopy is available at both our 1210 Faris Road and Greenville Memorial Hospital sites.

Using low-dose radiation equivalent to about a year of radiation exposure common in the environment, CT colonography is an approved alternative to conventional colonoscopy screening. No sedation is used, so patients can drive themselves to and from the procedure and continue with daily activities. Virtual colonoscopy can also detect unsuspected medical problems outside of the colon.

Who is appropriate to receive a virtual colonoscopy?

  • Patients with no increased risk of bowel cancer
  • Patients for whom conventional colonoscopy has failed or been incomplete
  • Patients for whom conventional colonoscopy is contraindicated because of significant medical conditions

CT colonoscopy was recently recommended by the U.S. Preventative Services Task Force to improve the rate of colorectal cancer screening.

The decision for virtual colonoscopy should be discussed and decided jointly by the patient and provider.

Specific instructions apply for the prep.

To schedule this procedure, call (864) 522-XRAY (9729).