What participants say about Centering

  • “We are like a family, we go through this together.” 
  • “The nurses make us feel very comfortable, and we can talk about anything we’re feeling.” 
  • “It helps being able to share and talk with other women who are going through what I am.” 
  • “I loved it – made friends and got lots of info!” 
  • “It makes going to the doctor fun.” 
  • “It’s been great being able to laugh and talk about my pregnancy with other girls.” 
  • “I liked learning about what was going on with my body and hearing what was going on with the other girls. It helped knowing it wasn’t just you dealing with issues.” 
  • “I like the listening and sharing with others, and feeling comfortable talking with the providers. I feel welcome and taken care of.” 
  • “I like being able to learn things I should know as a first time mom while talking and relating to the women.” 
  • “I like not having to wait for an hour before I am seen. Learning how other people are dealing with the same problems I am having.” 
  • “I get to interact with other women due within the same month and we always do different activities that make the sessions interesting.” 
  • “It was great to get a chance to discuss pregnancy with other women going through the same thing at the same time I was. I felt like I wasn’t alone.” 
  • “It was a very comfortable experience. You have lots of fun being around other people. I think it helps with the stress. And I feel more confident about going into labor then I did when I didn’t go through this class. I feel more prepared.” 
  • “I’ve really liked the program and our class because it gave me a chance to understand and relate to other minds in the class. This class taught me how could really feel and overcome some of the negativity people put out in pregnancy. Support from my teachers gave me a real big confidence boost. Thanks.” 

What do providers say about Centering?

Deb Clyburn, one of our Nurse Practitioners, remembers a case in which a mother (who had participated in a Centering group) had to be hospitalized for a week when her baby was barely a month old. She called a friend that she had made in her Centering group, and that friend cared for her baby for several days during her hospitalization. For Deb, this represents the power of the Centering groups, where a person can make such strong friendships.

Sarah Covington, the Program’s Coordinator, says, “For me, it’s a pleasure to be with these women during the journey through their pregnancy. It’s a very special moment in a woman’s life, and we are here for them with support, information, medical care, and a safe place for them to talk about what’s going on in their lives. I really enjoy getting to know these families and being with them during this life-changing period, and we do our best to take really good care of them. I love my job!”