Birthing Options

Your Birth, Your Way

When our patients give birth in the hospital, they can be assured of receiving personalized care and coaching from one of our certified nurse-midwives.

Our patients deliver at Greenville Memorial Hospital. If you want the experience of midwifery care during pregnancy and epidural anesthesia for delivery or if you prefer a natural birth with no medical pain management, we are happy to follow your birth plan and personal preference as closely as possible.

Explore your options and discuss your birth plan with your midwife. She will help guide you along the path best for you, your baby and your growing family.

How May We Help You?

Water Birth

Water births can be arranged at the hospital as well as at our birth center.

Midwifery Hospital Birth

Imagine a place where your birth plan is honored and your body’s ability to birth your baby is embraced! You’ll find that at The Family Birthplace at Prisma Health Greenville Memorial Hospital. The Family Birthplace offers high-quality, compassionate care in a comfortable family-centered maternity environment. In addition, one of our nurse midwives will be present to assist you during your delivery.

Services available at The Family Birthplace include …

  • Nursing staff trained in family-centered maternity care
  • Non-pharmacologic methods for comfort and coping during childbirth including birthing balls, showers and birthing pools
  • Board-certified lactation consultants available 24 hours a day to assist you with breastfeeding
  • Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialists available seven days a week for consultation or by referral as needed
  • Bryan Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and neonatologists available around the clock
  • Anesthesia service available 24 hours a day should you desire an epidural
  • Mother and baby share a room and are cared for by the same nurse
  • Routine procedures are performed in the room to offer learning experiences for parents

Delivery in Our Birth Center

The closing of our Birth Center…

Effective June 30, 2019, Greenville Midwifery Care has transitioned all midwifery births to Prisma Health Greenville Memorial Hospital as we are no longer able to support births at the birth center due to payer reimbursement limitations.

We remain deeply committed to supporting every woman through her pregnancy and delivery, and know that midwifery services are an important part of that mission. Our midwives will still serve as primary caregivers during pregnancy and birth. Like at the birth center, midwifery patients will still be able to choose the type of low-intervention birth that is right for them, including VBAC, water birth and unmedicated birth.

We understand that this is a change for patients who were planning on a birth center delivery. A patient’s comfort and trust in her birth plan is our top priority for all of our prenatal patients, and we are working to ensure that each patient’s individual birth plan remains consistent through this transition.

We’re proud to have offered this type of birth at our birth center for four years. We have advocated diligently during this time for payment reform to allow us to continue to offer this important service. Unfortunately, current reimbursement models are such that we can no longer offer this option.