Center for Pediatric & Internal Medicine–West

At Center for Pediatric & Internal Medicine–West (providing adult care), we want to build a lasting relationship with you. The longer the provider knows you, the better care you will enjoy.

Your care team includes a physician, nurse practitioner and support staff. Our team wants to help you understand your diagnoses and treatment plans.

We take the time to explain your medical conditions, empower you to better manage them and offer support services. You receive care through follow-up, sick and subspecialty visits.

We want to partner with you and help you have good health.

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We will help you with or link you to resources for the following:

  • New conditions that need help immediately
  • Conditions that you face every day such as diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol
  • Annual wellness exams
  • Counseling for exercise and healthy eating
  • Special care for women’s, men’s and LGBT concerns
  • Office procedures for moles, cysts, minor injuries and birth control
  • Home care needs and equipment
  • Access to specialists
  • Community and local services

Team-based Care

A doctor/nurse team will care for you. We believe this approach enhances care because the team becomes familiar with both your medical conditions and you as a person.

Based on your care plan, our team will coordinate services provided in the office. These professionals and programs include …

  • Access to specialty clinics
  • Anti-coagulation (blood thinner) services
  • Certified diabetes educator
  • Diet and weight-loss education
  • Financial counseling
  • On-site lab services
  • Pharmacists for managing prescription drugs
  • Social workers

Insurance and Payment Policy 

Our office visits are billed to your insurance provider as an outpatient facility for Prisma Health. As a result, you may see two bills, one from University Medical Group for the professional fee and one from Prisma Health for the facility bill.

Medicare and Medicaid have provisions in their billing structure to allow payment of these professional charges. Many private insurance payers do not. If you have questions about whether your private insurance would cover your visit to our office, please contact your insurance company for guidance on your coverage.

We will file your insurance for you. You will need to pay insurance co-payments and other money owed at the time of service, unless previous payment arrangements have been made. All co-payments are expected during check-in. We accept credit cards, checks and cash

For a Good Visit and Better Health for You

Your visit with the provider will go better if you …

  • Are ready to say how you are doing (at work, at home, with sleep, etc.)
  • Write down and bring a list of questions
  • Bring a list of all doctors you see and their contact information
  • Ask for help in creating and sharing a complete record of your care
  • Bring all medicines (prescriptions and over-the counter) that you take

Access and Communication

Our practices wants to be available for you. Please ask about any special communication needs you have or any help you need in reaching us.

  • If you call for advice after hours, the triage nurse will help you
  • When you have tests or procedures, we will call you within four days if the results are abnormal
  • If you need a specialist, we will give you information about that practice: Either someone from that practice or a member from our staff will give you the appointment information


New appointments. To reduce wait times, we see patients by appointment only. When you are sick and need to come in right away, we can provide same-day appointments.

Missed appointments. If you realize at any time that you cannot keep an appointment, please call our office.

After hours. For all medical emergencies, please call 911. The practice provides extended hours nights and weekends, as needed. Patients also have access to an after-hours nurse triage system for events that occur outside of office hours. This service will answer medical questions to determine the level of urgency for follow-up.

Nurse Visits

To see the nurse for shots (including for birth control), blood pressure checks or weight checks, please make an appointment.

Prescription Refills

For a refill request, please call during office hours. You can pick up the medicine in two days from your pharmacy. Prescriptions for controlled substances require a visit with a provider.

Medical Records and Forms

You can ask for your medical records at our office. Immunization (shot) records will be available in two business days.

When You Are in the Hospital

Patients who are admitted to the hospital for treatment will be cared for by Prisma Health hospitalists (the inpatient physician team).