Convenient Care

Health care on your schedule

When you get sick or sustain an injury, it sometimes seems like you have to choose between high-quality care and convenience. With convenient care, it’s different. We’re available when it’s convenient for you. We’re open early, late and on weekends. Our board-certified healthcare providers deliver high-quality care in a family-friendly environment.

You can access this convenient care at one of our five MD360® locations, Mountain Lakes Community Care in Seneca or Fleetwood Convenient Care in Easley. All of these facilities also can connect you directly to specialists and more advanced care, if needed, as part of the most comprehensive healthcare provider in the region.

Convenient care is care on your schedule. It is not emergency care – if you have an emergency, you should call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room. (If you need help figuring out whether your situation warrants a trip to the emergency room, click here.) Convenient care focuses on injuries and conditions that are non-life-threatening.

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