Hand Therapists

Welcome to The Hand Center where our board certified hand surgeons and hand therapists work together to maximize your function, treating problems from the fingertip to the shoulder.

Hand Therapy

A hand therapist is an occupational or physical therapist who, through advanced study, specialized in rehabilitating patients with conditions affecting the hands and upper extremity.

  • They work with patients who may have been affected by an accident or trauma leaving them with wounds, scars, burns, injured tendons or nerves, fractures or even amputation of the finger, hands or arms.
  • Hand therapists also treats patients who are disabled with the effects of repetitive motion disorders such as tennis elbow and carpal tunnel syndrome. Many patients seeking the care of a hand therapist also suffer from chronic problems such as arthritis or a neurological condition.
  • Each of our hand therapists has a degree in Occupational Therapy and has completed the requirements for a Certified Hand Therapist. Their combined hand therapy experience totals more than 50 years of hand and upper extremity rehabilitation.