Injury Prevention

Each year injuries in high school athletics take a significant toll on athletes and their families and create significant health care costs. Prisma Health hopes to reduce the number of injuries and associated health care costs. The physicians, athletic trainers, physical therapists, and strength coaches at Steadman Hawkins, Blue Ridge Orthopaedics, ATI Therapy, and Acceleration Sports Institute encourage proper warm ups and preparation prior to participation in sporting events.

There are four components that should be a part of your warm-up routine to help prevent services injury. In your warm-up, remember …

  • Dynamic
  • Funcational
  • Dynamic
  • Funcational

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In the below videos, you will see how to properly warm-up before physical activity and how to work with specific deficiencies.

Injury Prevention Introduction

Dynamic Warm-up Exercises

Functional Exercises

Balance Exercises

Agility Exercises

Ankle Specific Deficiency Exercises

Hip Specific Deficiency Exercises