Center for Joint Replacement

Joint Replacement is one of the most common and successful surgeries with over 800,000 performed each year. Most patients can expect reduced or eliminated pain and improved range of motion which enables them to get back to all their favorite activities.

Steadman Hawkins Clinic of the Carolinas offers total joint replacement for knees, hips and shoulders as well as partial replacement and resurfacing for hips and knees. Our team is among the first to get new devices and use the latest techniques and consistently work to move forward orthopaedic care through research and education. In fact, one of our surgeons, Brian Burnikel, was one the first to utilize the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing, an alternative to total hip replacement.

Joint replacement surgery is performed at Patewood Memorial Hospital. In developing one of the finest joint programs in the region, we strive to combine the latest technology with high standards of patient care and comfort. Once a patient and their doctor determine that joint surgery is the best option, they begin a program to learn about their procedure and how to prepare for surgery as well as what to expect after surgery. It also gives patients a chance to meet the staff, see the facilities and become familiar with the surroundings. This knowledge helps patients feel more at ease and comfortable which can have a positive effect on the healing and rehabilitative process.

Joint Replacement Videos

Integrated Physical Therapy

Our entire joint program is built upon three key principles:

  1. Provide the most current surgical options.
  2. Select the most appropriate device for each patient to allow them to return to their desired level of activity.
  3. Give physicians, nurses and staff the tools and technology to provide the best medical care possible and the best experience overall for each patient and family.

To date, our patients have been very appreciative of the outstanding care received. Our patient satisfaction scores are among the best in the nation, and we are continually looking for ways to improve our program.

Knowledge is the Power to Overcome Fears

What sets our program apart is the effort that we expend to educate and prepare patients for their joint replacement before their surgery. The more they know, the better experience they have. We seek to prepare the body and mind for surgery so that patients are in the best possible condition to have surgery and they know what is going to happen during the process. This helps patients recover from surgery more quickly and allows them to get the most our of their physical rehabilitation.


Proper nutrition is critical to healing and so we assess patient’s nutritional status and make adjustment prior to surgery and provide suggestions for post-surgery nutrition that will promote healing.

Blood Conservation Program

To minimize the need for blood transfusions during surgery, patients are evaluated and for those anemic, a program is developed to correct deficiencies before surgery. Learn more about our Blood Conservation Program.

All of these programs are possible because joint replacement is an optional surgery meaning you can have it when you want it. It helps ensure that each patient is in the best possible health and condition for surgery so that they can get the most out of this amazing, life-changing surgery.

Joint replacement surgery is only recommended after patients fail more conservative treatments such as reduced activity levels, pain medication and braces.

Our surgeons will exhaust all options according to each patient’s wishes. If pain persists and lifestyle is profoundly affected, surgery becomes the best option to return an individual to an active lifestyle.

Surgical Options for Joint Replacement

Minimal Access Surgery

Advancements in surgical technique have offered to most patients the option for minimal access surgery for joint replacement. This surgery can be a good option for patients because it results in:

  • Smaller scar
  • Less post-surgical pain
  • More rapid recovery

However, only you and your surgeon can decide if minimal access is best for you.

Computer-assisted joint replacement surgery

Computer-assisted hip replacement surgery gives orthopaedic surgeons greater ability to perform less invasive procedures due to the enhanced surgical visualization. It also allows more accurate implant alignment and positioning by providing an advanced connection to medical technologies. Computer-assisted hip replacement software helps surgeons visualize more than what can normally be seen through incisions and takes critical measurements throughout the surgery that are not possible without the assistance of computers.

For knee replacement, Steadman Hawkins is one of the first practices in the region to use the Visionaire Patient Matched Instrumentation from Smith & Nephew. Visionaire technology offers patient-customized knee replacement for more precise placement that may extend the life of the implant.

Steadman Hawkins Clinic of the Carolinas physicians work very closely with partners ATI Therapy to optimize each patient’s recovery. Because ATI has locations at each Steadman Hawkins practice, physicians and physical therapists interact daily about patients and can even adjust regimens during a patient visit. It’s a different approach not widely available.

Inpatient therapy begins immediately following surgery. Initial therapy is conducted in the patient’s room and then they can transition to group therapy, which can speed the recovery rate. The group therapy sessions take place in a window and sun filled room so that patients can enjoy the outdoors during therapy.

Getting back mobility really requires a team effort, the surgeon does just one part but it is incumbent upon the patient, staff and care givers to regain full mobility. Family members and caregivers are invited and encouraged to participate in each session to enhance their understanding and assistance to the patient after discharge.

Total Joint Program

At Steadman Hawkins Clinic of the Carolinas, we are proud to offer our patients the Total Joint Program for Total Joint Replacement. This program is a one-day preoperative session during which total joint patients consult with multiple professionals and complete all necessary paperwork, preoperative screenings, bloodwork, as well as receive education about what can be expected the day of surgery and during recovery. The Total Joint Program is the most comprehensive of its kind in the Upstate and is the only one that gives patients all of their preoperative preparation in one day.

The Total Joint Program is within The Center for Joint Replacement. We offer patients many options for their joint pain.