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Arthritis & Joint Replacement

Brian Burnikel, MD
James Cameron, MD
Jason Folk, MD
J. Kirk Hensarling, MD
James C. Mills, MD
John H. Murray, MD
Mark A. Pierce, MD
W. Bruce Richmond, MD
Brayton Shirley, MD
Todd C. Swathwood, MD
Philip Wessinger, MD

Foot & Ankle

Joseph Thomas Anderson, MD
Richard Braun, DPM
William Huntington, MD
James C. Mills, MD
John H. Murray, MD
W. Bruce Richmond, MD
Todd C. Swathwood, MD
Brian Weatherby, MD

Hand & Wrist

Timothy Brown, MD
Andrew Cross, MD
Timothy Dew, MD
Gregory Faucher, MD
John Millon, MD
Jason Palmer, MD
Edwin Rudisil, Jr, MD
John L. Sanders, MD

Neck & Spine

Eric Lenehan, MD
Timothy McHenry, MD

Orthopaedic Oncology

Scott Porter, MD

Pediatric Orthopaedics

Christopher Bray, MD
Edward Bray, III, MD
Michael Beckish, MD
David Lazarus, MD

 Shoulder, Knee & Elbow

Christopher Curtis Elliott, MD
Jason Folk, MD
Stephen Geary, MD
Michael Kissenberth, MD
Keith Lonergan, MD
Paul Sifiri, MD
John Tokish, MD
Stefan Tolan, MD
Douglas Wyland, MD

Sports Medicine

Scott Annett, MD
Matthew Baird, MD
Kyle Cassas, MD
Neha Chowdhary, MD
W. Franklin Sease, MD
Michelle Wilson, MD

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