Sleep Studies FAQs

Frequently asked questions about sleep studiesÉ..

Timing of the study: Most Sleep Studies are scheduled to begin at 9pm. Your Sleep Study will last over night and you will be ready to go around 6:30am. If you have a different schedule, simply talk with your sleep technologist to arrange a different wake up time.  Sleep Techs come in at 9pm, so there isnÕt a reason to be early. Plan on arriving close to 9pm. You will be shown to a private bedroom complete with a full bathroom if you wish to shower and get ready for the next day at the lab.

Do I need to take the day off before or after my study? Not usually. Our goal is to record closely to your regular sleep pattern. Rarely, there are some daytime tests the next day following a sleep study, but you would know about these well in advance. Since studies are overnight, you can usually keep your regular schedule.

Setup or starting the study: placing the monitoring devices takes around 45 minutes. During this time you may ask your sleep technologist about your sleep study and what to expect. Your sleep technologist will explain what we are attaching for monitoring and why. Everything will be explained fully. We will try to arrange bedtime before 11pm. You may read or watch TV before your study, but remember; we want to record as much sleep as possible so your TV watching may end earlier than usual.

Items we record: To fully record your sleep and breathing pattern during the night, we attach and record monitoring equipment for brain waves, eye movements, muscle tension, oxygen levels, heart rate, breathing effort, limb movement and airflow. Most of these items attach as sticky patches or tape, similar to a band aid. Some are attached with a medical paste. Respiratory effort is monitored by two thin belts. There is no discomfort with any of these items. Sometimes small places on chest, legs or chin may need to be shaved for patches to stick, but the scalp is never shaved.

What about medications? We donÕt administer any medications for these tests; there arenÕt any shots or pills given by the sleep lab. You will need to bring any medications you normally take, either prescription or over the counter medications. If you are using a sleep aid supplied and approved by your doctor, then tell the sleep technologist and they will tell you the best time to take it.

What about bathroom visits during the night? The sleep technologist will need to remove a few of the connections from your monitoring equipment before you use your private bathroom. Simply call for your sleep technologist and they will assist you in getting up and returning to bed.

How am I going to sleep with this equipment on? Every item that we use for monitoring should be comfortable and not cause any discomfort.  We are going to ensure that you are comfortable so that you may sleep well. Each bedroom has a double bed, and individual temperature controls, we even have fans if you would like one in you room. If you bring your own pillow, you will probably sleep more comfortably.

When will I get my results?  You will receive the results of your sleep study from your physician, not the sleep technologist. Due to the full examination of all of the sleep parameters we recorded from your night at the sleep lab, and the time it takes for the sleep specialist to review and interpret your sleep study, we recommend scheduling your physician office appointment for at least two weeks after your sleep study date.