Treatment Options

Bursa injection steroid injection to reduce inflammation of bursa

Discogram diagnostic test for intervertebral disc pathology

Epidural blood patch procedure to treat a certain type of headache that can occur after spinal tap or epidural injection

Epidural steroid injection injection used to decrease pain caused by inflamed or irritated nerves in the neck, upper, or lower back

Facet joint injection steroid injection used to decrease pain and inflammation caused by arthritis in the small joints of the neck or back

Intercostal nerve block injection used to treat pain wrapping around the chest wall caused by irritation of the intercostal nerves

Intra-articular joint injection steroid injection used to decrease pain and inflammation caused by arthritis in various joints

Intrathecal drug delivery system implanted pump that allow continuous delivery of pain medication into the fluid surrounding the spinal cord

Kyphoplasty surgery for compression fractures of the thoracic and lumbar spine

Medial branch block diagnostic test to help identify if facet joints are causing spinal pain

Peripheral nerve block injection used to block transmission of pain signals along certain nerves

Pulsed radiofrequency procedure using pulsed radio waves to alter nerves in order to decrease transmission of pain signals

Radiofrequency ablation procedure using radio waves to destroy tiny nerves to prevent them from transmitting pain signals

Sacroiliac joint injection steroid injection used to decrease pain and inflammation coming from the sacroiliac joints

Botox injection injections used to relax muscles and reduce pain caused by muscle spasms

Selective nerve root block diagnostic injection used to help identify which nerve root is causing pain

Spinal cord stimulator implanted device that uses electrical stimulation of the spinal cord to reduce transmission of pain signals to the brain

Sympathetic nerve blocks injection used to block sympathetic nerves which are responsible for certain types of pain conditions

Transforaminal epidural steroid injection an alternative approach to the epidural space used to deliver steroids to reduce pain and inflammation caused by irritated nerves

Trigger point injections injections used to relax painful muscles spasms/trigger points

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