Congestive Heart Failure

The Prisma Health Heart Failure Program invites you to take part in a Shared Medical Appointment for people with heart failure.

What is a Shared Medical Appointment?

  • A Shared Medical Appointment is a group appointment shared with those who have heart failure, providing them a supportive environment in which to ask questions and get information.
  • A Shared Medical Appointment offers direct access to a cardiologist, dietitian, pharmacist, nurse navigator and other healthcare resources

What are the benefits of Shared Medical Appointments for you?

  • Increases your access to a cardiologist and your heart failure team
  • Increases your ability to be successful in managing heart failure and lifestyle changes
  • Provides the supportive environment of a group and network of people who have heart failure

How do Shared Medical Appointments work?

  • Your group will consist of 10-12 people with heart failure (with one support person per group member)
  • Medication reviews, blood pressure reading, heart rate, weight and temperature check, and a physical exam are performed at each Shared Medical Appointment
  • Group sessions last about an hour and include health education, information exchanges, and the opportunity to ask questions about heart failure and treatment

What are the goals of a Shared Medical Appointment?

  • Improve your heart failure care
  • Increase your ability to manage heart failure
  • Decrease your hospital admissions and improve your outcomes

For more information or to enroll, please call the heart failure team today at (864) 455-6900.