Cardiac Clinics

Coumadin® Clinic

(Cardiovascular Diagnostics-Anticoagulation Clinic)
The Anticoagulation Clinic is designed for your convenience and education while you are taking the anticoagulant (blood thinner) drug Warfarin (Coumadin®). The mission of the Anticoagulation Clinic is to provide safe and effective management of patients on Warfarin using a systematic, evidence-based, and organized approach. Our focus is on ensuring the highest quality of care and improving outcomes for patients on anticoagulants

Our clinic is staffed by a team of clinical pharmacists and nurses with specialized training in managing anticoagulant therapy. The staff work in conjunction with your physician to monitor and manage your anticoagulant therapy. Careful and frequent monitoring by experienced staff is critical in preventing potential bleeding and clotting complications of anticoagulant therapy. Through a comprehensive process which includes on-site laboratory testing, the clinic monitors your therapy and adjusts dosing, if necessary, to maintain a therapeutic International Normalized Ratio (INR). Our clinic operates instruments that require only a fingerstick of blood to measure your INR. Lab results are obtained immediately. At each clinic visit, our staff also monitor for complications and provide ongoing, specific patient education regarding the safe use of anticoagulant therapy. Prior to leaving the office, you will be provided with written instructions about what was discussed during the visit, future dosing, and when to return to clinic for future testing.

Every patient is different. Anticoagulant therapy requires individualized care. Our team takes the time to explain and manage each patient’s anticoagulation and overall goals of therapy on a one-on-one basis.

Benefits to Patients

  • Systematic monitoring and patient evaluation including evaluation for potential complications
  • Comprehensive, ongoing patient education and communication between various healthcare providers
  • Consistent and prompt INR monitoring
  • Prompt dosage adjustments
  • Intervention for drug interactions/changes in diet/other variables that can affect response to anticoagulant therapy

A physician referral is required prior to new patient enrollment in the Anticoagulation Clinic.

Pacemaker Clinic

Carolina Cardiology Consultants provides full service pacemaker clinics at our Greenville and Greer offices. The clinics are staffed with specially-trained Registered Nurses and Certified Cardiac Device Specialists. They work together to monitor the function of single, dual and biventricular pacemaker devices.

If you have a pacemaker device implanted by one of our cardiologists, you will be followed every 90 days by our pacemaker staff. Your first visit after implantation will be at the office, at that time the staff evaluates and adjusts your device. They will also assess your general well being and response to the device. After this appointment you will be given future pacemaker appointments.

To sum up, your device will be checked 4 times per year, twice in the office and twice on the phone. It is imperative that you keep these appointments so the proper functioning of your device can be assured.

The staff in the Pacemaker clinics also “hooks up” or attaches event and holter monitors. They manage the day to day readings and communicate directly with the cardiologists regarding the monitor results. They will educate you on the use of the device and provide ongoing instruction as needed.

The Pacemaker clinic is a very important piece of our practice and we know you will be satisfied with your care.

Steps to prepare for the procedure:

  • Wear loose fitting shirt.
  • Check in front office.
  • EKG pads to monitor heart will be applied by personnel doing the follow-up.
  • The results of your check will be discussed with you and the physician.