What To Expect

The Access and Admission team is the entry point for psychiatric treatment services offered at the Prisma Health–Upstate Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Health. Once an assessment is scheduled, a member of our clinical team will conduct a thorough interview/assessment to determine what level of treatment best meets your behavioral health needs. Treatment options may include inpatient hospitalization, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient and/or an outpatient referral.

Please bring your insurance card(s), prescription card(s) and a list of your medications.

What can I expect?

  • Upon arrival you will be given two forms to complete. One is for demographic information and the other is to list your medications. Click here to view the Universal Medication Form – a list of medications you can use and bring with you.
  • You will then sit down with one of our clinical staff members and complete the structured clinical interview/assessment.
  • Following the clinical interview/assessment, the clinical staff will review the information with a psychiatrist. Upon review of the information, a determination is made for the best and least restrictive level of treatment.
  • Once a decision is made, the recommendation is discussed with you and a referral to that level of care is made.
  • Depending of the level of care to which you are directed, additional paperwork/consents are obtained.

Please feel free to inquire about any concerns you have regarding the assessment, admission or insurance process.

Patient and Family Information

What you should and should not bring

To ensure your safety and the safety of other patients, the following items are prohibited on our inpatient units:

  • CD’s
  • CD players
  • Radios
  • Video games
  • Musical instruments
  • Fans
  • Nail products
  • Cell phones
  • Laptops and other electronic devices
  • Cameras
  • Glass containers
  • Curling irons
  • Hair dryers
  • Toiletries containing alcohol

Meals and snacks will be provided so please do not bring outside food.  Other items may be denied at staff’s discretion.

Dress Code

Please limit your personal belongings to three outfits. We can provide other necessary items for you. We will inspect your belongs for safety upon arrival. Although we can store your valuables, it is best to send them home with a family member, as we cannot be responsible for their safe-keeping

At the staff’s discretion, a patient may be asked to change or alter clothing that is considered unsuitable. The following information provides a guideline for clothing requirements at Marshall I. Pickens Hospital.

  • Excessive jewelry or jewelry not worn at all times will be sent home.
  • No clothing with removable strings or rope.
  • No clothing with inappropriate, suggestive, violent or sexual artwork or writings.
  • No attire worn in a manner to suggest association with inappropriate group(s).
  • Shirts/blouses must cover the stomach even when arms are raised.
  • No tank tops or shirts that do not cover the upper arms, shoulders or chest.
  • Shorts or skirts are expected to be a modest length (at least fingertip length).
  • All pants must be worn on the hips – not exposing underwear or dragging on the ground.
  • Shoes must be worn at all times.
  • No boots.
  • No hats or scarves.

Everyone must be fully dressed when outside their room. A washer and dryer are available to do laundry at no charge.