Multidisciplinary Center

One Visit. One Team. One Plan.

Prisma Health Cancer Institute offers patients a unique approach to cancer treatment through its Multidisciplinary Center (MDC). The MDC allows a patient to accomplish in one morning visit what previously may have taken weeks. Under the collaborative format of the MDC, the following happens during one patient visit:

  • The patient is seen by a team of specialists, including a surgeon, medical oncologist, radiation oncologist, radiologist, pathologist and nurse navigator. The nurse navigator serves as the patient’s personal guide throughout the diagnosis and treatment process.
  • The team meets to discuss treatment options, determine the best course of action and recommend a treatment plan.
  • A physician and nurse navigator then present the recommendations to the patient.
  • The patient, in consultation with the referring physician, decides how to proceed and leaves the visit with a treatment plan in place.

The nurse navigator is available to the patient and the patient’s family through the entire course of treatment and recovery.

The MDC can also link patients to ground-breaking clinical trials under way at Prisma Health’s Institute for Translational Oncology Research.

Although the Cancer Institute provides treatment for all forms of cancer, the MDC focuses on melanoma-sarcoma and cancers of the lung, brain, breast, prostate, bone and soft-tissue, and gastrointestinal tract. The goal is to help patients and their families cope with cancer in a manner that streamlines care and integrates all aspects of healing by strengthening the body, informing the mind and nurturing hope.

For more information about the MDC, call (864) 455-4968.

Nurse Navigator Program

The time immediately following a cancer diagnosis is an emotionally and sometimes physically taxing time for patients, with lots of “what next?” and “what if?” questions. The nurse navigator is someone with whom patients and their families can connect to help navigate through the complex schedule of appointments and testing.

It is very important that these patients have help in their journey through cancer. Nurse navigators can help patients find resources, handle day-to-day issues and prepare for the challenges ahead. These nurse navigators provide a broad spectrum of care, from screening, diagnosis and treatment to supportive care.

Oncology nurse navigators at the Prisma Health Cancer Institute

  • Are registered nurses certified in oncology, with significant oncology experience
  • Serve as clinicians, care coordinators, educators and counselors for patients and families
  • Help patients and their families understand the diagnosis and treatment plan
  • Improve patient outcomes through education, support and monitoring
  • Coordinate care with other healthcare providers such as radiologists and pharmacists, as well as caregivers at the Center for Integrative Oncology and Survivorship (CIOS). CIOS includes services such as survivorship care plans, nutrition counseling, oncology rehab, physical and music therapy, smoking cessation, genetic testing, distress management, lung cancer screening and Lifetime Clinic.
  • Help the patient and family connect with community resources (working with Prisma Health’ fulltime social worker with expertise in this area)
  • Remain available and in contact with the patient and caregivers throughout the treatment process; the patient may call at any time day or night with questions about medication, symptoms, lifestyle changes or other concerns.

“As oncology nurse navigators for patients with breast cancer, we are available to address any questions, concerns or problems that may arise. Receiving a cancer diagnosis is a scary, confusing time, and we are here to walk with the patient and family through this trying time.

Patients discuss their care options with a multidisciplinary team of specialists in a single visit. Then, we meet with the patient to provide clarity and education and, most important, to answer any questions the patient may have and let him or her know that we are available at any time.”

-Prisma Health nurse navigators

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