Genetic Counseling

Reducing Risk of Hereditary Cancers

The Cancer Genetics Program of Prisma Health Cancer Institute is led by Dr. Carla Jorgensen and Dr. Kim H. Yee and is staffed by three board-certified genetic counselors. The goals of the program are to identify individuals and families who are at increased risk for hereditary cancer; offer options for genetic testing, screening, and medical management based on the individual and family histories; and reduce the chance for developing certain types of cancer by personalizing screening and risk-reduction plans.

Should I seek genetic counseling?

If you or a close blood relative (parent, child, brother/sister, aunt/uncle or grandparent) has a history of any of the following, or if there already has been genetic testing in your family and there is a known gene mutation, please ask your doctor about referring you for an appointment for genetic counseling.

Breast Cancer

  • You were diagnosed with breast cancer under age 50
  • You have had triple negative breast cancer (ER/PR/Her2Neu negative)
  • You have had two different breast cancers at any age
  • You were diagnosed with breast cancer at any age AND you have …
    • One relative with breast cancer before age 50 OR
    • Ovarian cancer at any age, OR
    • Two relatives on the same side of the family with breast cancer or pancreatic cancer at any age
  • You, or a very close relative, had male breast cancer at any age
  • You have never had breast cancer, but you have multiple relatives on the same side of the family with breast, ovarian and/or pancreatic cancer

Other Female Cancer

  • You had ovarian cancer at any age
  • You had uterine cancer under age 50
  • You have had uterine cancer and colon cancer at any age

Colon Cancer/Polyps

  • You have had colon cancer or rectal cancer under age 50
  • You have had more than 10 colon polyps in your lifetime
  • You have had colon cancer at any age AND you have a personal or family history of uterine cancer, stomach cancer, ovarian cancer, small bowel cancer, kidney/ureter cancer, brain cancer, pancreatic cancer or bile duct cancer

What happens during genetic counseling?

  • Detailed information will be gathered about who in the family has had cancer, what types of cancer, and their ages of diagnosis.  If you do not know your family history, it is still okay to have a genetic counseling appointment.
  • Assessment of the likelihood that a hereditary cancer syndrome may be responsible for the cancer in your family.
  • Discussion of your risk for developing cancer, options for high-risk screening and cancer prevention.
  • Genetic testing is your choice.  We will review benefits, limitations and risks of genetic testing and help you make the right decision about whether to pursue it.  This includes a discussion about how testing is performed, which laboratories are used, test costs and whether or not your health insurance plan will cover testing.
  • If testing is pursued, a simple tube of blood or saliva can be collected during the visit.  The genetic counselor contacts patients directly with test results.  A follow-up appointment may be scheduled with to discuss test results and how to manage related cancer risks.

Once your appointment is scheduled, please complete a medical history form and bring it to your appointment along with your insurance card and a copy of any genetic test results available from immediate family members.

Will insurance cover my visit?

The genetic counseling office visit is billed separately from any genetic tests that may be ordered. The office visit is billed using the 96040 code. We recommend that you verify coverage with your insurer. Pre-authorization is required in some cases. If so, it is your responsibility to ensure that your referring physician has obtained pre-authorization prior to your appointment.

Please call 864-455-1346 if you are having trouble determining your out-of-pocket financial responsibility for the office visit.  Our genetic counselors will determine if you meet your health insurer’s criteria coverage for genetic testing after your consultation.


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