AYA Research

Closing the research gap

The AYA population is one of the least represented groups in clinical trials. Less than 10% of patients between ages 15-39 are enrolled in clinical trials. In an era of novel drug developments and major breakthroughs in cancer care, it is imperative that we increase access to clinical trials for our AYA patients to provide them with potentially life changing therapies and supportive care services.

Through collaboration between our pediatric and medical oncology departments, our AYA population will now have access to over 100 clinical trials through both the Children’s Oncology Group (COG) and industry sponsored and cooperative group adult trials through the Prisma Health Cancer Institute.


Commitment to Research

The BI-LO Charities Children’s Cancer Center is committed to its mission, and this is evident in its membership in the Children’s Oncology Group. Through its full-time and active membership in this international childhood cancer research group, the Center has been able to provide all of its oncology patients’ access to the most current research drug trials and protocols.

Children’s Oncology Group is considered the premier childhood cancer research organization in the world. It has treated more children with cancer than any other organization in history and has been responsible for many of the improvements in the treatment and cure rates of childhood cancers.