AYA Endocrinology & Fertility

Preserving Your Options

Discussing reproductive health is crucial to our AYA patients and a lack of care can result in a decrease in quality of life. Unfortunately, studies have shown that only a quarter of patients actually receive any care centered around their reproductive health.  Our AYA program strives to eliminate this gap in patient care.


Fertility Preservation

Addressing the preservation of sperm, oocytes (eggs) or embryos allows patients to have an opportunity to build a family in the future, if they so choose.  Seeing a Reproductive Endocrinologist (an expert in fertility) before treatment begins or early in the treatment course is ideal to maximize success.   At Prisma Health Fertility Center of the Carolinas, we have a dedicated team of physicians and scientists that understand the unique position of patients and their families who are at all stages in their cancer therapy. Fertility counseling, especially regarding sperm, egg and embryo freezing are addressed in a patient-centered environment.

Reproductive Health

In addition to issues related to fertility preservation, we understand that there are both short and long term sexual, gynecologic and urologic complications of cancer and cancer therapy. In conjunction with Pediatric & Adolescent Gynecology, we strive to address all of the other issues associated with cancer care.  Contraception, sexuality, menstrual function, reproductive cancer screening, and other problems associated with cancer treatment can greatly impact a patient’s quality of life.  We want to ensure that our patients have the information and therapies to meet these often unaddressed issues.