Integrated Therapies

Center for Integrative Oncology and Survivorship (CIOS) houses a multidisciplinary team of physicians, nurses and other health professionals who provide either direct services or referrals for patients throughout their cancer experience. CIOS empowers patients to navigate through the cancer experience and have the best quality of life possible.

FACT CIOS is one of the first of its kind in the nation, providing a holistic approach to increase quality of life and decrease potential cancer risks. It serves as a model for other cancer centers in the nation.

The Prisma Health Cancer Institute’s CIOS program offers …

  • An oncology rehabilitation program that provides Moving On, a 12-week nurse- and trainer-assisted exercise program free to cancer survivors who are within three years of completing treatment; also Exercise Navigation appointments, where patients receive exercise prescriptions to combat fatigue.
  • Lymphedema physical therapy provided by certified lymphedema therapists; services include free limb measures for lymphedema, monthly lymphedema education and complete decongestive therapy.
  • A smoking cessation program, based on the highly successful QuitSmart program that focuses on nicotine reduction, withdrawal management and medication options.
  • Individual nutrition counseling that covers topics such as symptom management during treatment, supplement recommendations and healthy nutrition for cancer prevention; Healthy Way classes and the Cancer-fighting Kitchen series also are offered.
  • The LifeTime Clinic and GYN LifeTime Clinic, which are “oncology homes” for long-term survivorship care once the patient is released from his or her primary oncologist; goals include long-term surveillance, identification and management of long-term treatment-related effects, and education of healthy lifestyle habits and behaviors geared toward cancer prevention.
  • An Integrative Oncology Survivorship (IOS) visit with an oncology nurse practitioner or doctor that includes an explanation of the survivorship care plan (cancer stage, treatment summary and long-term follow-up recommendations). This personalized document details the patient’s cancer journey.
  • The Cancer Genetics program that identifies individuals and families who are at increased risk for hereditary cancer; offers options for genetic testing, screening and medical management based on individual and family histories; and reduces the chance for developing certain types of cancer by personalizing screening and risk-reduction plans. It is the most comprehensive program of its kind in the Upstate.
  • Music therapy that helps promote wellness, manage stress, alleviate pain, enhance memory, improve communication and express feelings.
  • Distress management and social support through counseling, support groups and other resources, including Cancer Support Community (CSC). CSC offers support programs to address the social and emotional needs of all cancer survivors. Prisma Health is the first hospital in the nation to partner with CSC.

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