The Prisma Health Cancer Institute’s research program …

  • FACT Is the home of the Prisma Health Institute for Translational Oncology Program (ITOR), South Carolina’s first and most comprehensive phase one clinical research unit.
  • FACT Is the home of the NCORP of the Carolinas (NCI Community Oncology Research Program) with $6.7 million in federal grant funding, the largest   in Prisma Health history.
  • FACT Has a dedicated Clinical Research Unit staffed with experts in early phase clinical trials.
  • FACT Has conducted more than 15 first-in-human clinical trials (a number comparable to other large academic centers).
  • FACT Is the largest clinic for new cancer medicines in the state.
  • FACT Has a Rare Tumor Center focused on treatment options for patients with rare cancers and was the first in the nation to start a clinical trial of immunotherapy for these patients.
  • FACT As a leading research center, has had successful FDA audits leading to the approval of new drug therapies.
  • FACT Has a dedicated biorepository to collect, process and store specimens for cancer research and individualized patient care.
  • FACT Has created an innovation zone where clinicians and biotech companies collaborate to develop new cancer treatment options.
  • FACT Has lab space shared by Prisma Health scientists, physician scientists and medical school faculty where innovative collaboration takes place.
  • FACT Works with over 50 pharmaceutical companies to provide promising clinical trials to patients.
  • FACT Partners with diagnostics company Kiyatec to bring Prisma Health cancer patients a series of groundbreaking diagnostic tests that can predict the drugs that a patient will best respond to before undergoing treatment. Learn more about this expanded partnership.
  • FACT Offers experimental therapies that include national certification to use viral vectors and gene transfer therapy (gene transfer therapy is the process of inserting genetic material, such as DNA or RNA, into cells to compensate for abnormal genes; viruses—“viral vectors”—often are used as the mode of delivery for gene transfer therapy).
  • FACT Developed the region’s first molecular tumor board: This monthly board directly involves real-time collaboration with national and international experts; Prisma Health is one of only a small handful of national cancer institutes with this type of molecular tumor board that incorporates the foremost experts in this arena via video conferencing.
  • FACT Treats patients from around the world.

Learn more about ITOR.