Cancer Facts

“I Had No Idea” is what we often hear when someone visits the Prisma Health Cancer Institute. Time and again, visitors are amazed at the breadth, depth and quality of services, along with the advances in cancer treatment happening right here in Greenville, S.C.

Whether it’s the Cancer Institute overall or specifically its expansive team of physician and nursing specialists, renowned research, advanced radiation technology, comprehensive transplant unit or integrative survivorship center, the facts on these pages may cause you, too, to exclaim, “I Had No Idea!”

“In 2009, when tests revealed I had stage 1 ovarian cancer, we asked friends at national cancer centers for advise. They told us that one of the best gynecologic cancer surgeons was right here in Greenville. Within 10 days, Dr. Larry Puls had removed the tumor. Six chemotherapy treatments later, I was done–and ready to be done.

I wasn’t interested in Moving On, a program that Prisma Health Cancer Institute offers to help cancer survivors overcome the fatigue that comes with treatment, but my husband pushed me to give it a try. So I did–and then wished I had gone sooner.

The program’s special trainers helped me with exercises that moved me on to the next place: a full life after cancer.”

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