QuitWell Tobacco Cessation

The Prisma Health tobacco cessation program is based on the Freshstart program of the American Cancer Society. QuitWell consists of one small group class each week for five weeks. Topics covered include nicotine replacement therapy (NRT), planning a quit date, finding support, uncovering triggers, planning ahead for future stressors and much more. The combination of education, discussions, and learning about NRT is scientifically proven to generate extremely positive smoking cessation results.

The tobacco cessation program includes a workbook, handouts, an on-site facilitator, and “Quit Kits” for participants. The class will meet for five consecutive weeks for one-hour each class.

Sample Agenda:

Week 1: Why do I smoke?
Concepts to quitting successfully, reasons for smoking, triggers, cost of smoking, health effects, behavior recognition, benefits of quitting, and rationalizations.

Week 2: Why should I quit?
Health, cost, personal cost, etc.

Week 3: How can I quit?
Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT), changing behaviors, planning ahead

Week 4: Planning for the Quit Day

Week 5: Quit Day, Now What?
Recap, video, review game, discussion

Call today to enroll (864) 455-WELL (9355)

QuitWell can be customized to meet the unique needs of corporations. If you are interested in learning more about offering this program on-site for your employees, contact Pam Wessel at (864) 522-3104 or pwessel@ghs.org.
For program payment fees, please visit the QuitWell Payment Fee Portal below. Please do not pay until you have enrolled with a Health Educator at (864) 455-WELL (9355).

QuitWell Program Payment