On-Site Employee Care

On-Site Employee Care Clinic/Nurse Practitioner Program

Prisma Health will develop and manage an on-site clinic for your business staffed by Prisma Health nurse practitioners. Our nurse practitioners treat certain acute and chronic injuries and illnesses, as well as monitor employees through the healing process. Prisma Health offers a comprehensive list of wellness programs and disease management appointments that can be customized to meet the needs of your company. Clinic hours are flexible and can range from a few hours to 40 hours each week.

Other services include assistance in implementing an employee wellness program, referrals to a primary care physician (“regular doctor”) or specialized physician within the Prisma Health network, and connection with employees’ physicians through electronic medical records (EMR) that can be accessed on-site or in the physician’s office.

The following are potential benefits to partner with Prisma Health for an on-site clinic.

  1. Leverage Prisma Health electronic medical records (EMR) for employees allowing physicians to view medical information and avoid redundant testing
  2. Ability for the Nurse Practitioner to refer employees to primary care physicians or specialist streamlining the process and minimizing time to obtain an appointment
  3. Easy access to MD360 with high priority business partnership
  4. Avoidance of co-pays at physician offices and reduced healthcare claims for primary and episodic care appointments
  5. Reduced lab costs
  6. Reduced prescription costs (our nurse practitioners prescribe generic)