Five-phase Wellness Program

This program is designed to improve the health and wellness of a business population by providing individualized wellness coaching. Employees are ranked into five phases of wellness. Phase 1 is the highest health risk; Phase 5 is the lowest health risk.

Phase placement is based on the following risk factors (in order of priority):

• Blood sugar level
• Tobacco use
• Waist measurement
• Lipid panel

Phases 1 & 2 meet with a nurse or nurse practitioner four times per year

Phase 3 meets with a health educator twice per year

Phase 4 meets with a health educator once per year

Phase 5 meets as a group once with a health educator; time is allotted for questions after the session

For more information about the Five-phase Wellness Program, please contact Pam Wessel at (864) 522-3104 or