It’s a Fact…



1. South Carolina has the 12th highest teen birth rate in our nation.

2. Latina, Black, and low-income girls bear a disproportionate burden of early childbearing.

Face of crying African American baby, 6 months old

3. Over 4,200 young women under the age of 20 became mothers in our state in 2014.

4. Teen pregnancy costs taxpayers in SC over $166 Million per year.

5. 1 in 4 girls in SC will become pregnant before her 20th birthday.

6. Less than half of teen mothers in SC graduate high school.

Multi-ethnic friends graduating together, in cap and gown. Main focus on African American young man in middle, looking at camera.

7. Teens have higher rates of low birth weight than mothers in their 20’s.

8. Only 51% of women who are teen mothers get their high school degree by age 22.

9. 52% of all mothers on welfare had their first child as a teen.

10. 80% of teen mothers are unmarried.

11. 95% of South Carolinians see teen pregnancy as a problem in their community.

12. 85% on South Carolinians support comprehensive sex education in schools.



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