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Healthy Teens Make Healthy Adults

Learning to develop healthy lifestyle habits and a positive body image as a teenager are important contributing factors to both your current teenage health as well as your future adult health. Greenville Health System encourages people of all ages to engage in a healthy lifestyle. We realize how difficult it is to imagine your adult life and the responsibilities that lie ahead. GHS would like to help you understand the long-term benefits of learning good nutrition habits, leading an active lifestyle and having a healthy body image.

Let us help you start living healthy today by visiting the GHS Bridge Health Center for Teens and Young Adults. We provide a teen- focused, teen-friendly health center that offers education on sexual health and development, self-esteem, parent-child communication, and other topics related to adolescent health and success. We are here to provide confidential services and quality care to all teenagers in the Upstate area, as well as parental support to help you successfully navigate through the teen years.

Our main goal at the Bridge is to educate our youth and reduce the teen pregnancy rates in the Upstate. We want you to be well informed about your changing body, sexual health, birth control options and the dangers of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs).

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Knowledge is power. If you have questions or concerns and want to learn more please visit one of these helpful websites. Take charge of  your health and learn everything you can to maintain and create healthy habits.

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Art Competition. Enter Today!

The Bridge Health Center for Teens & Young Adults of Greenville Health System is sponsoring an art contest for local high school students to celebrate the opening of Greenville’s first teen-focused health center. The winning works will be displayed in the center for one year.

Awards: 1st prize, $100 • 2nd prize, $75 • 3rd prize, $50

Deadline: Friday, Apr. 28, 2017

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It’s a fact:

1 in 4 Girls in South Carolina will become pregnant before her 20th birthday.

Dr. Holmes on Teen Health…

Growing and changing from tween to teen… Listen to this informative Q&A with Dr. Melisa Holmes.










It’s a fact:

Latina, Black, and low-income girls bear a disproportionate burden of early childbearing.

Teenage African American girl is looking at camera and smiling. Student is taking exam in college or high school classroom. She is wearing trendy clothing and has curly hair. Diverse classmates are sitting in background.

It’s a fact:

Teen pregnancy costs taxpayers in SC over $166 Million per year.


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