The View – November-December – 2017

Volume 70, Issue 6

November-December 2017

Leadership—A Year in Review

FY 2017 was another big year for change at Prisma Health. We introduced a new regional structure and dyad leadership model to better meet the healthcare needs of the diverse geographical areas we serve. In July, a new partnership with Palmetto Health was announced: the formation of a new health company focused on improving health across South Carolina. This issue of The View offers a review of these milestone announcements.

The Regional Model

Last year, Prisma Health initiated a new model for structuring our organization. This model introduced changes to allow us to better manage population health, support the clinician/patient relationship and eliminate we/they thinking across the organization.

The new model decentralized our organizational structure and created four regions. Each is made up of a patient population and the Prisma Health services, partnerships and businesses that serve these patients in a specific geographic area. The four regions are Central, Eastern, Western and Southern.

Regional Leadership
Each region is overseen by a clinical administrative dyad (a team of two)—a Chief Clinical Officer (CCO) and Chief Operating Officer (COO).

The clinical/administrative dyad model combines the physician’s focus on the patient with the administrator’s expertise in running efficient operations.

The clinical-administrative dyad consists of a physician leader and administrative leader. Spence Taylor, MD, president of Prisma Health, serves as the clinical leader for the organization and Greg Rusnak, Executive VP and COO, serves as the administrative leader. Together they provide oversight to regional clinical-administrative dyads.

During FY 2017, the focus was on establishing teams and relationships within the regions—internally and in the community. In addition, performance improvement dyads were established to meet these systemwide strategic goals:
• Quality & Safety
• Cost Efficiency
• Patient Experience & Culture
• Academics & Innovations

Prisma Health Regional Model 

System Leaders
Spence Taylor, MD, President
Greg Rusnak, Executive VP and COO
Michelle Taylor-Smith, MSN, RN, NE-BC, FACHE, Chief Nursing Officer

Central Region
Wendell James, MD, CCO/Paul Johnson, COO
Lori Stanley, DNP, RN, NEA-BC, CNO
• Greenville Memorial Medical Campus
• Patewood Medical Campus
• Hillcrest Medical Campus
• North Greenville Hospital/LTACH
• Physician practices and outpatient services
in surrounding areas

Eastern Region
Jesse Stafford, MD, CCO/John Mansure, COO
Bonne Johnson, DNP, RN, CENP, CNO
• Greer Medical Campus
• Physician practices and outpatient services
in the Greer community and Spartanburg County

Western Region
Scott Sasser, MD, CCO/Jeanne Ward, COO
Pat Smith, RN, interim CNO
• Oconee Medical Campus
• Baptist Easley Hospital (of which Prisma Health is half owner)
• Physician practices and outpatient services
in Anderson, Oconee and Pickens Counties

Southern Region
David Williams, MD, CCO/Justin Benfield, COO
Kay Swisher, MSN, RN, CNO
• Laurens County Medical Campus
• Physician practices and outpatient
services in Laurens County

Positive Signs
In this new structure, hospitals, physician practices and community organizations work to meet the healthcare needs of their geographic population.

For example, in the Southern Region, the new model has helped strengthen community collaborations, particularly in population health. These include the following:

• A three-year partnership with Clinton Community Gardens to educate communities in food deserts about how to cultivate and harvest gardens and prepare healthy meals
• Strengthened partnership with Eat Smart, Move More coalition to expand focus to a healthy community coalition through the S.C. Office of Rural Health

• Coordinated efforts around diabetes education between Prisma Health and the Laurens YMCA

Paul Johnson, COO for the Central Region, reported these wins:

• Finalized structure of physician practices in the Central Region, leadership selection in progress
• Successful start of maternity service at Patewood Memorial Hospital
• American Medical Association/American Heart Association recognition of internal medicine practices’ group management of blood pressure
• Magnet® site visit scheduled at Greenville Memorial Hospital Jan. 17-19!
• Leapfrog A rating at Hillcrest and Greenville Memorial Hospitals
• Extremely positive initial feedback from The Joint Commission on-site survey to become a comprehensive stroke center at Greenville Memorial Hospital

Next Steps
In FY 2018 we will focus on our continued evolution into a fully-integrated organization where all employees work cooperatively and collaboratively, driven by a common mission. This includes our work to advance our transformative initiatives:
• Academics
• Equity
• Philanthropy
• Innovation
• Culture

Just In!

The Primary Stroke Center at Greenville Memorial Hospital just received Disease Specific Care Center Comprehensive Stroke Certification (CSC) from The Joint Commission! GMH is the first hospital in the Upstate to receive this new level of certification, an accomplishment shared by 3-5% of hospitals nationwide.
Watch for more detailed information!


I truly am grateful for your enduring commitment to our patients and their families. You make our communities a better place for everyone.

President's Report

As we look ahead to a new year, I would like to take this opportunity to thank each of you for an outstanding 2017. We were able to achieve some amazing things in 12 short, but sometimes demanding, months.

Together we developed and implemented a new regional model, welcomed and supported new leaders, moved from an annual budget process to a rolling forecast, and launched many innovative treatment options—just to name a few of our accomplishments. Even among all this change, however, Prisma Health’ primary focus continues to be providing high-quality, comprehensive care for our thousands of patients and their families.

Because of this commitment to our patients, we were able to achieve our FY17 performance goals in our People, Quality, Engagement and Finance Pillars of Excellence. As you recall, these goals are shared by all Prisma Health employees to drive advancement of care. The annual results are used to calculate the annual employee incentive payment.

After final calculations, it was determined that employees qualify for an incentive payment equal to 0.65% of FY 2017 earnings—up to a maximum payment of $1,000. December 15 payroll deposits included this incentive payment. I am excited that we can provide an incentive this year, particularly as we prepare for the upcoming holidays.

December always is a special time of year to share appreciation for others. Thank you for all you do! Your singular and collective talents, skills and compassion make it possible to advance our mission every day.

I truly am grateful for your enduring commitment to our patients and their families. You make our communities a better place for everyone. I look forward to all of the great work we will do together in 2018!

Spence M. Taylor, MD

2018 Prisma Health Board of Directors

The Greenville Health System Board of Directors
is a volunteer board made up of 18 members.

The board is responsible for overseeing care delivery at Prisma Health and ensuring the healthcare needs of the Upstate are met. Board members live within the areas served by Prisma Health or have significant business presence in our service area.

Michael Cumby

Charles E. Dalton

W. Michael Ellison

Ann Marie Higgins

Anna Kate Hipp

Margaret Jenkins, Chair

David Lominack

Robert T. Nitto, Vice Chair

Richard A. Phillips


Prashant Prabhu

Timothy J. Reed

Ruth M. Richburg

C. Michael Smith

Benjamin B. Waters III

William M. Webster IV

Andrew J. White Jr.

Marguerite R. Wyche


Leading the Way to a Healthier South Carolina

What an exciting time for everyone at Greenville Health System and Palmetto Health!

Last month, all the necessary approvals were achieved to allow Prisma Health and Palmetto Health to begin operating as a new, not-for-profit health company designed to improve the health and well-being of the communities we serve.

SC Health Company has received 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service. Both Greenville Health System and Palmetto Health have a long history of providing care to all, regardless of their ability to pay. This new designation recognizes our new company’s commitment to continue serving as the safety net healthcare provider in the Upstate and Midlands.

This new organization will be led by one board of directors and one executive team. The new board consists of directors from boards currently affiliated with Prisma Health and Palmetto Health. Charles D. Beaman Jr. and Michael C. Riordan, who previously led Palmetto Health and Prisma Health, respectively, will serve as co-CEOs of the new health company and share leadership responsibilities.

The new company is not a merger; rather, it now is the parent organization of both Prisma Health and Palmetto Health. Patients will continue to be patients of Prisma Health or Palmetto Health. In a merger, one entity becomes part of the other entity, which is not the case here.

Under the new parent company, Prisma Health and Palmetto Health comprise a team of 28,000 individuals committed to providing the highest quality of care to over two million patients.

The new health company will allow both health systems to offer pay, benefits and a culture that will attract, retain, and develop the best, brightest and most diverse employees. And it will provide essential resources for tackling some of the most pressing health issues in South Carolina—such as diabetes and access to mental health care.

Making Progress
Encouraging progress has been made. For more than two months, over 60 leaders from Prisma Health and Palmetto Health have been developing plans to identify process improvements, share best practices, improve efficiencies and achieve savings. These elements are  critical to fulfilling our promise to improve the health and well-being of the communities we serve.

A team also has been meeting to develop a name and graphic identity for the new company that will build on the strong foundations Prisma Health and Palmetto Health have built in the Upstate and the Midlands. For now, the working internal name is the SC Health Company.

Patients are Top Priority
As our new company takes shape, caring for our patients remains our top priority. The South Carolina Hospital Association recently recognized several hospitals in our company for delivering safe, high-quality care by targeting and eliminating patient harm like hospital-acquired infections for one year or more.

Hospitals receiving Certified Zero Harm Awards include Greenville Memorial Hospital, Greer Memorial Hospital, Hillcrest Memorial Hospital, Laurens County Memorial Hospital, Palmetto Health Baptist Parkridge, Palmetto Health Richland and Palmetto Health Tuomey.

We look forward to a promising 2018 as our new company continues to take shape. The board of directors and leadership of the new health company will be committed to keeping employees and team members apprised of new developments as soon as they happen


Stellar Service


Caitlin Hosenfeld, RN, Neuro ICU/GMH helped make it possible for a patient in end-stage disease to walk his daughter down the aisle on her wedding day. Hosenfeld’s co-worker wrote in her nomination, “This was an incredible moment for the family. It made the most difficult time in their life a little happier. I’m blessed to have witnessed that special wedding.”

Dr. Zane Osborne, MD, Emergency Medicine/GMH, was recognized by a family member whose mother was treated in the ED. “Dr. Osborne delivered a life-changing diagnosis with compassion and empathy,” the patient’s son wrote. “He made a difficult situation tolerable for her. He was excellent in every way; he personally brought her a warm blanket and made sure she had something to eat and drink.”

John Reddic, PhD, laboratory technical director/GMH, learned on a Thursday night that the instrument for testing hemoglobin electrophoresis was not working and results on critical samples for two patients were needed the next day. GMH is the only hospital in the Upstate that performs this test, so after contacting the lab at Palmetto Health, he personally took the samples to Columbia on Friday morning. The results were ready by mid-day.


Katie Hunt, RN, Emergency Department/Greer, lifted the spirits of a bride injured during her wedding reception who was devastated at missing the festivities. As she left the ED, the bride’s tears of disappointment to tears of joy. Hunt had found a few bottles of bubbles kept on hand for pediatric patients. As the patient’s husband wheeled her out the door, Hunt and her co-workers showered the couple with bubbles!

Amy Smith, RN, The Family Birthplace/GMH, was deemed “best nurse ever” by a grateful patient. Evacuated during Hurricane Irma, the patient was hours away from her home and her doctor when she went into labor with her first child. Smith was professional and compassionate, helping the patient and her family feel at ease. She worked hours past her shift to help make sure the patient’s experience was the best it could be.

Daphne Smith, RN, Med-Surg/OMH, was nominated by a co-worker for her actions, proving “that nursing is not only a profession but also truly a work of heart.” One of Smith’s patients, bedbound in the hospital for weeks, had received no visitors. Smith obtained permission to take him in a wheelchair for fresh air. She also visited him on her days off, bringing her small child, which meant the world to her patient.

Nominate a Stellar Star!

The Greenville Health System Stellar Service program is an employee recognition program that recognizes employees for demonstrating service behaviors that are above and beyond. Such recognition ranges from individual recognition within a department to the Prisma Health Employee of the Year award. A  story about an employee should stand out as exemplary. Exemplary means serving as a model or an example worth imitating. The behavior should contribute toward patient and family focused care or the equivalent type of service and focus for other customers, including fellow employees. Click here to nominate an employee for stellar star recognition.

Volunteers of the Month

Ralphine Patterson is the Volunteer of the Month for November. A member of the Laurens County Memorial Hospital volunteer team for 10 years, she recently received her 2,000-hour service pin. Patterson is well recognized in the Outpatient Surgery department for her kind and gentle nature. A good listener and communicator, Patterson is a dedicated volunteer both at the hospital and within her community.


Anne Coble is the Volunteer of the Month for December. Coble has served at Greenville Memorial Hospital since 2012. Coble volunteers as a clerical office assistant one day each week in the Volunteer Office. She also volunteers with Employee Health and Wellness, assisting with flu vaccines and respiratory fit testing. She has a great sense of humor, and everyone loves having her around.


When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” To this day, especially in times of ‘disaster,’ I remember my mother’s words and I am always comforted by realizing that there are still so many helpers—so many caring people in this world. —Fred Rogers, Mister Rogers Talks with Parents

When we demonstrate the COMPASSION standard secure a safe environment, we are the helpers. Cleaning up and reporting a spill or removing and reporting defective equipment may not sound heroic, but doing so can prevent harm to patients, visitors and co-workers.

We secure a safe environment when we prepare for events we hope never happen, such as an active shooting, a chemical explosion or a bridge collapse.

Prisma Health departments of Law Enforcement, Emergency Preparedness, Emergency Medicine, and many others work with each other, local and state police, EMS and fire departments, as well as federal and state authorities, to ensure readiness for when the unthinkable happens.

We may not all be on the front lines in disaster response, but we all can know the evacuation plan for our work units and our individual roles should Prisma Health become involved in a disaster response. We all can be prepared.


Scott Porter, MD, MBA, VP of Organizational Equity, was named president-elect of the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery. This national voluntary, nonprofit, independent organization seeks to serve the best interests of the public and the medical profession through establishing and evaluating educational standards for orthopaedic surgeons.

Angela Orsky, DNP, LNHA, RN, senior administrator/Post Acute Care, has been appointed to the Accreditation Governance Board of the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP). Orsky was appointed based on her experience as a healthcare leader, adjunct faculty member, and knowledge of accreditation processes such as The Joint Commission, federal and state surveys.

William Schmidt III, MD, PhD, VP of Development/Prisma Health Health Sciences Center, was recognized with the naming of the Clement’s Kindness Children’s Garden. The garden is located in the Cancer Survivors Park.

Funded by Clement’s Kindness Fund for the Children, the garden has as its centerpiece a bronze sculpture of a child drawing courage from a lion, a gift from Children’s Hospital. Dr. Schmidt was lauded for his many contributions to the care of children with cancer, support services for them and their families, and his lifelong advocacy on behalf of patients and families.

Dr. Schmidt and his family celebrate the naming ceremony for the children's garden.

Residents Win Big at State Meeting
Prisma Health Internal Medicine and Medicine-Pediatrics residents swept the Resident Presentation Competition during the annual meeting of the S.C. chapter of the American College of Physicians (SC ACP) in October, winning 8 of 13 awards. That includes best overall, presented to Ryan Dean, MD, for his research, “Advanced physical exam series for medical students.” Dean will represent the state at the national ACP meeting this spring.

Congratulations to Megan Tate, MD and Michael Haden, MD, for their respective first and third finishes in oral presentation/clinical cases; and to Ryan Dean, MD, and Kizer Crum, MD, for garnering first and third, respectively, in oral presentations/research. Sheena Henry, MD, Laura Rache, MD, and Henry Schwartz, MD, took the top three places, respectively, in poster presentations. In addition, USC School of Medicine Greenville student Noah Smith took second place in the student competition.

During the meeting, Prisma Health hospitalist Steve Saunders, MD, was presented the 2017 Laureate Award. This honor recognizes commitment to excellence in medical care, education or research, and service to community.

The presentation competition included 16 oral and 45 poster presentations from all four internal medicine programs in the state. Of these, Prisma Health residents gave five oral and 16 poster presentations.

For the last six years, Prisma Health residents in these programs have won 49 of 75 clinical and research awards presented at these meetings. Also, in each of the six years, a Prisma Health resident has been named the overall winner and represented our state at the national ACP meeting.

Family Medicine Program Ranks High
The Prisma Health Family Medicine Program has been rated the highest ranking clinical clerkship by the USC School of Medicine Greenville for the entire academic year. Congratulations to John Emerson, MD, Cindy Galloway, and the entire Department of Family Medicine for their dedication to teaching.

During clinical clerkship, third-year medical students practice in the clinical setting under direct supervision of a health practitioner. The clerkship marks the transition from academic learning to active participation in caring for and treating patients. At this critical phase of their education, students begin to develop their own personal identity as physicians.


A Dream Comes True

Tania Galvan, an admissions counselor at Cancer Institute–Eastside, is loved and respected by her co-workers and physicians, according to manager Latoya Pyles. “She’s a hard worker, passionate about what she does,” said Pyles. “Her name always comes up in rounding as someone to recognize.”

Galvan stated, “I love being there for my patients—emotionally, physically. I want to make sure they get what they deserve and need.” In her role, she helps check patients in and out. As part of Prisma Health’ Bilingual Program, she also translates for those who speak only Spanish.

Galvan’s lifelong dream has been to become a U.S. citizen. “America is my home,” Galvan emphasized. “It’s all I’ve ever known. I’ve always felt like I was an American.

Her parents moved her from Mexico to the U.S. when she was 11. Her father had a working permit through his employer, but other family members could secure only temporary status that had to be renewed every year.

Galvin also dreamed of a medical career. In fact, she was accepted to the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) School of Medicine after having earned every credit required for a biology major at UCLA and paying every penny of tuition. But, because her temporary permit expired before she graduated, she could not receive her degree.

Her goals for practicing medicine dashed, she persevered in her quest to become a U.S. citizen, faithfully re-applying for residency. Finally, on November 9, 2017, Galvan achieved her dream. Her husband and children watched proudly as she took the oath of citizenship.

And back at the Cancer Institute, her co-workers prepared a celebration for her, complete with decorations of red, white and blue!

Cancer Institute–Eastside surprise celebration for Tania Galvan
Cancer Institute–Eastside surprise celebration for Tania Galvan
Blood and Marrow Transplant (BMT) Program Treats 1,000th Patient
Staff celebrate with Gwen King (2nd from right) and her family. King is the 1,000th patient to receive a bone marrow transplant at Prisma Health.

In October, Prisma Health Cancer Institute’s BMT program performed a stem cell transplant on its 1,000th patient! Begun in 1992, the program—one of only two statewide—is accredited by the Foundation for the Accreditation of Cellular Therapy. It the only one in the Upstate accredited for both autologous (self) and allogeneic (non-self) transplants. The program’s partnership with the National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP) and its NMDP Apheresis Center status make possible stem cell collection services, allowing healthy donors here to give life-saving stem cells to patients around the globe. Read more here.

Southern Region, Laurens School Districts Partner for Healthy Changes

Leaders from Prisma Health Southern Region and Laurens County School Districts 55 and 56 met to explore opportunities for collaboration and partnership in 2018. Discussions centered on partnerships and other grassroots efforts focused on healthy nutrition, education, prevention, and wellness for students and their families.

(l-r) Wanda Knight, SNS, director, District 55 Child Nutrition; Cindy Jacobs, director, District 56 Child Nutrition; Stephen Peters, PhD, superintendent, District 55; David O'Shields, PhD, superintendent, District 56; David Williams, MD, CCO, Prisma Health Southern Region; Justin Benfield, MBA, COO, Prisma Health Southern Region; and Brenda Schantz, assistant superintendent, District 56
Prisma Health Pharmacist Goes to Washington

Lynn Ethridge, PharmD, was one of 100 members of the Society of Hospital Pharmacists (ASHP) from across the country who visited their congressional representatives to advocate for the ASHP’s top legislative issues: patient access to a pharmacist in medically underserved areas, opioid addiction and recovery support programs, and support of 340B discount pricing of prescription medications for underserved populations.

Staff Surprise Patient With 100th Birthday Celebration

Physicians and staff at Prisma Health Internal Medicine–Laurens recently honored patient Katherine Crawford with a surprise 100th birthday bash after her routine checkup. They secretly invited Crawford’s family to join the party, complete with presents, cake and other goodies.

Back row (l-r): Back row: Beth Bedenbaugh, Akhtar Hussain, MD; Brenda Foggy, Priscilla Escalona, MD. Front row (l-r): Kayla Robinson, CMA; Katherine Crawford, and Lynn Hunter.
Phish Alert Button

Did you know that an estimated 9 out of 10 data breaches start with a successful phishing attempt?

Prisma Health Information Security (IS) recently deployed the Phish Alert Button (PAB). Now, with the click of a button, all Prisma Health users can quickly and effectively report email phishing attempts. The PAB is a Microsoft add-on located in the top right corner of your Outlook screen.

When you think you have received a phishing or other suspicious email, highlight the email, and then click the PAB. Doing so forwards the email to IS and deletes it from your inbox. If you report an email in error, you can retrieve it from your Trash/Deleted Items.

You play an important role in keeping Prisma Health, you and your family safe from cyber criminals. Cyber criminals send emails designed to trick you into giving access to sensitive information. The emails lure you to click on links to false websites or open attachments that download malicious software on your computer.

Contact the IS Service Center at 455-8000 anytime with feedback, questions or to report suspicious IS-related activity.

Learn more on the Information Security team page on Plexus, and watch
Prisma Health’ weekly e-newsletter for tips to keep your information safe.

Inside Health Now Available

The fall issue of Inside Health is available. Visit  to read about new technology that’s helping de-stress breast cancer treatment, the Ferlauto Center for children with complex medical needs, our certified athletic trainers who help reduce concussions in student-athletes, and more.

Nursing Excellence

Office of Patient Experience

Established in June 2017, The Office of Patient Experience is here to partner with you and your team to develop, customize and implement behaviors that directly impact the experience of our patients, families and employees

Patient & Family Advisory Committee. The opportunity to hear directly from our families is a gift that we can use to know what we are doing well and where we need to improve.

These teams would meet with clinical leaders to provide feedback and recommendations on behaviors that impact the patient/family experience. This includes everything from signage to teamwork to safety.

Patient Experience Officers. These members work with teams in assigned regions, helping them understand behaviors that can impact how patients perceive their care. Together they determine behaviors that are proven to positively impact patient experience in particular settings such as physician practices, hospitals or outpatient clinics.

Toni Land, MBA, BSN, RN, CPXP, is director of Patient Experience at Prisma Health.

iRound. iRound is a web-based communication and service recovery tool that already is in use at Greenville, Laurens County and Oconee Memorial Hospitals. We will continue to expand to the remaining acute care facilities through June 2018. This tool can be used for patient and family rounding, safety and quality audits and employee rounding.

This tool provides the opportunity to hear about the patient experience “real-time” and follow up with employee recognition and/or service recovery when appropriate. Implementation in select medical practices will begin in 2018.

Patient and Family Relations. As our service recovery experts, this team provides an opportunity for the patient and family to communicate concerns and identifies opportunities for improvement. They provide service recovery and resolution for the family when possible.

All of us at Prisma Health can make a difference. That “difference” is often demonstrated in the little things we do. It may be a smile in the elevator, a warm tone of voice over the phone, or connecting with a patient or family member in the pharmacy that can make a meaningful difference.

In the words of John Wooden, little things make big things happen.
What little, big thing can you do today?

November Service Anniversaries

40 Years
Sherrie Bagwell
Krisann Cox
David Friddle
Cynthia Wofford

35 Years
Robert Gibson
Linda McCarthy

30 Years
Kristi Coker
Leon Ellis
Theresa Eubanks
Terena Flowers
Alison Jones
Deborah Simpson

25 Years
Dajanette Rice

20 Years
Mohammad Ansari
Carol Friddle

Nancy Gordon
Elvis Hackett
Michelle Holcomb
Don Hoskins
Anna Leavitt
Shelly Martin
Lisa McHone
Deana Menegay
Jordanie Mertil
Pauline Warren
Ruth Ann Williams

15 Years
Sharon Clardy
Kathy Evans
Phyllis Judge
Christie King
Kristin Ledbetter
Jan Mielke
Bobbie Rhodes
Cathy Turner
Johnnie Wilkins

10 Years
Tracy Arnold
B.J. Baker
Michael Barrieau
Pam Beason
Sima Behpour
Lynnette Beyerle
Evette Casey
Karen Clark
Mary Collins
Tonya Cureton
Leslie Curren
Kimberly Davis
Julie Digirolamo
Andrea Ellison
Kaja Fisher
Brenda Foggy
Ashley Foster
Kerry Fuller
Maxine Gosnell
David Harlan
Janice Hendrix
Kelly Hudson

Larkin Johnson
Crystal Jones
Kristi Kendrick
Keith Lonergan
Meghann Lyle
Jackie Martin
Ashley McClain
Tracy Neely
Blix Rice
Kim Robinson
Nonie Tennent
Eric Walker
Venita Walker
Sherry Williams
Andrea Woodall

5 Years
Bethany Arnold
Katie Baston
Sue Ellen Bowie
Jeanene Bradley
Melissa Browne

Tamisha Bryant
Josh Chaffin
Nova Chart
Kristy Conley
Becky Cruz
Sacha Dean Amador
Beth Dickerson
Sheila Dill-Emery
Heather Dobbins
Joye Edmonds
Rose Greene
Michael Harmon
John Hasty
Barbara Hoopes
Maritza Humerez
Kayla King
Stephanie King
Karen Konopka
Adrienne Labotka
Kathy Lindley
Lia Massey

Michelle McAllister
Jenny Meredith
Sheri Miller
Patricia Mitchell
Dana Mize
Robbie Neal
Carrie Norwood
Thomas Pace
Linda Powers
Latasha Primus
Juanita Proffitt
Bettye Robinson
Shae Simmons
Veronica Smith
Miranda Stevenson
Susan Tolbert
Robin Tyler
Cristina Wallace
Laurel Welsh
Jill Woodard
Rachel Zebell-Schwartz

December Service Anniversaries

45 Years
Linda Lee
Mable Riley

40 Years
Marilyn Strawder

35 Years
Jan Biggerstaff
Kim Cole
Teresa Green
Roberta Lee

30 Years
Erin Hudgins
Felix Martin
David McCollum
Sherri Owens

25 Years
Stephanie Brown
Laurie Carlton
Lisa Walton 

20 Years
Jenks Armstrong
James Ashton
Sheri Bell
Pat Buko
Rhonda Collins
Arlene Eaglen
Debbie Howell
Julia Moore
Ann Ray

15 Years
Catherine Benson
Jody Booth
Leigh Budgen
Africa Chappelle
Tracy Coffey
Sharon Courchesne
Jennifer Fuller
Kathy Glenn
Daniel Gomez
Coy Heaton

Sylvia Jones
Julie Kay
Michele Lafond-Favieres
Vivian Laguerre
Bonnie Milks
Tammy Neely
Jennifer Oldroyd
Donna Perla
Leslie Pritchard
Stacey Rudd
Nancy Smith
Nancy Taylor
Cassandra Vaughn

10 Years
Jay Babcock
Amber Blackwell
Karen Campbell-Watson
Greg Cann
Chandal Davis

Rose Eliot
Tammy Ellis
Tiffany Fletcher
Melinda Gillispie
John Hartman
Jean Johnson
Angela Lanier
Justin Lynch
Lindsey Maloney
Angela McCort
Ronda Nater
Tina Pittman
Benson Quattlebaum
Kim Sherbert
Gisela Stahley
Eileen Sullivan
Sharon Warday
Justin Whitted
Patsy Wright

5 Years
Tracey Brock-Starling
Liz Brown
Scott Camp
Lana Darcy
Jeremy Darnell
Francis Defoe
Lisa Devinney
Tessa Driggers
Iya Edwards-Martinez
Lauren Embry
Gay Fewell
Barbara Gambrell
Erin Herendeen
Alexandra Hill
Cyndi Hunter
Michelle Huskamp
Kevin Kunkle

Tina Sue Lindsey
Peggy Martin
Adina McAvoy
Brittany McDermott
Lacy Morton
Tia Murphy
Dayna Osavio
Ashley Rish
Leslie Sawich
Arica Stoddard-Nixon
Tully Stoudemayer
Sandi Stoudenmire
Debbie Vavro
Nichole Walker
Jeff Wallace
Ana Whittington
Renee Willoughby
Deb Wilson

Upcoming Events

Life Center® Holiday Hours
• Sun., Dec. 24: Closed
• Mon., Dec. 25: Closed
• Tues., Dec. 26: 8 a.m.-9:30 p.m.;
no group fitness classes
• Sun., Dec. 31: 1-4 p.m.;
no group fitness classes
• Mon., Jan 1: Closed
• Mon., Jan. 15: 8 a.m.-4 p.m.; no group fitness classes

MLK Jr. Diversity Leadership Luncheon
Jan. 12—GMH Skarupa Community Room, 11:30 a.m. This 11th annual event is open to all Prisma Health employees, but registration is required. To reserve your free seat, contact Organizational Equity by Jan. 6 at or 455-7115.

Ice on Main
Now-Jan. 15—Downtown Greenville. Bring the family downtown for ice skating! Tickets are $10 on-site, which includes skate rental. Skate sleds for those with a disability are free thanks to Prisma Health’ Roger C. Peace Hospital; to reserve a sled, call (864) 455-3262.

Greenville News Run Downtown
Jan. 20— Main Street, Greenville, 9 a.m. This Corporate Shield 5K run/walk event is for all ages. Entry fees for employees and their immediate family members may be reimbursed through the Prisma Health Recreation Committee. Contact Caci Hinton at for details. Sign-up and find race information here.

Girls on the Run
February-May • Times and locations vary
This program combines training for a 5K with esteem-enhancing workouts
for girls ages 8-15. Scholarships and payment plans available. Register here.

Prisma Health Half-marathon and 5K
Feb. 24—Gateway Park, Travelers Rest, 7:30 a.m. (half-marathon); Swamp Rabbit Café and Grocery, 205 Cedar Lane Rd. Greenville, 7:30 a.m. (5K). Prisma Health co-sponsors this event with Upstate Mothers of Multiples and Without Limits. Learn more and register here.

Get Moving in 2018!
In 2018, Prisma Health is excited to offer the Upstate a new alternative for getting regular exercise. MoveWell is an online fitness resource where we’ll deliver great workout ideas to you each month via video, breaking them down into their individual movements so you can see exactly how to do them, whenever you want. Workouts are developed and demonstrated by our supervisor of Group Fitness and Aquatics Programs at the Prisma Health Life Center. Plus, you can join the MoveWell Facebook group (accessible through the Prisma Health Facebook page) to connect with others who are participating and encourage each other to stay committed to your workout goals. Learn more.

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Community Connections

Veterans Day Celebration

2017 Prisma Health Veterans Day Ceremony

On November 10, Prisma Health hosted its annual Veterans Day celebration on the front lawn of Greenville Memorial Hospital. The event honored those in our community and at Prisma Health who have served or are currently serving in our nation’s armed forces. The ceremony included Color Guard and Honor Guard, recognition of those missing in action or who are prisoners of war, and presentation of the Gold Star Mothers wreath in memory of those who died serving their country.

Holiday Performance at LCMH

Laurens District High School Chamber Orchestra members perform a medley of holiday selections in the lobby of Laurens County Memorial Hospital. The performance is one of many special holiday events.

Item Drive for the Troops

In conjunction with Veterans Day, Prisma Health collected items from across all campuses for the Blue Star Mothers’ Item Drive for the Troops. Through Prisma Health cafeterias, employees and visitors could donate a box or case of packaged snacks at wholesale cost.

This year, the cafeteria purchased 61 boxes with $2,800 in donations—a retail value of over $6,000! These donations, along with items collected from across the system, were included in care packages sent to troops deployed in locations around the world, just in time for the holidays.

U.S. Army recruitment officers load boxes of Prisma Health donations for the item drive. With them are Blue Star Mothers (l-r) Kay Fitzimmons, Lynn Kester, Cheryl Shaffer and Marcia Safran. Fitzimmons and Safran are Prisma Health employees.
U.S. Army recruitment officers load boxes of Prisma Health donations for the item drive. With them are Blue Star Mothers (l-r) Kay Fitzimmons, Lynn Kester, Cheryl Shaffer and Marcia Safran. Fitzimmons and Safran are Prisma Health employees.

Make a Difference With Virtual Toy Drive!

Purchasing an item for Children’s Hospital through Virtual Toy Drive is like shopping online: It’s fast, convenient and will match what the donor wishes to give with a current need in Children’s Hospital. Items start at $2.50, so anyone can make a difference! Donate here.

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