The View – July/August 2019

Volume 69, Issue 1

July–August 2019

Be the Difference

President and CEO Mark O’Halla embraces Prisma Health purpose

Over the last few weeks, Prisma Health President and CEO Mark O’Halla has toured our hospitals, physician practices and other offices meeting team members, leaders and physicians at every stop. During a meeting with senior leaders, Mr. O’Halla shared his view on the health care universe and how Prisma Health is poised to be its brightest star.

“The first step is to remember that health care is a people business,” he said. “We take care of people. And our people – all 32,000 of us – are Prisma Health’s greatest asset.”

Prisma Health CEO Mark O'Halla

In encouraging leaders, he referenced our purpose statement: “Inspire health; inspire your team members. Serve with compassion; 95% of the people who come through our doors need help. It is our job to help them navigate the health care journey. If we inspire health, if we serve with compassion, then we will be the difference.”

He also shared a few key messages for health care delivery based on our pillars.

• We are patient and customer focused.
• Relentlessly pursue perfection. “I’m not suggesting that we can achieve perfection,” he said, “but that we constantly look for ways to get better.”

• Our team members are our most important resource. All must be engaged. We are all in this together. We are all Prisma Health.
• Engage our medical staff to drive best practice so that no matter where our patients seek our care, they receive the same high standard of care.

O'Halla_Mark_tours_005 b

• Select clear metrics that everyone acknowledges and agrees as how we define “success.”
• Adopt best practices across Prisma Health.
• Zero harm is an expectation. Our patients trust us to deliver safe care.

• Growth can mean the acquisition of new providers and practices. It also can mean innovative partnerships with community agencies and organizations that share our vision and philosophy.

• No margin, no mission. “That’s a lesson I learned early in my career,” said Mr. O’Halla. “We will achieve budgets that we establish.”

He concluded by saying, “We can be the best health care organization in the country, not just the state. We can do that by keeping the patient at the focus of everything we do, relentlessly moving toward perfection, embracing innovation and engaging our team members. You inspire health. You serve with compassion. You make the difference.”


Take the 2019 team member engagement survey


The 2019 Prisma Health team member survey is now live through Friday, Sept. 6. All team members were sent an email from Perceptyx, Inc. ( on Monday, Aug. 19, with an invitation to participate. However, you can access the survey any time by logging in with your network credentials. A link to take the survey is available on Plexus.

The survey takes no more than 15 minutes to complete, and progress can be saved. Please speak with your leader if you need help in setting aside time to complete the survey. Everyone who completes the survey is eligible to win one of several prizes

Results will be shared with leaders this fall. After having sufficient time to review the findings, leaders will meet with their teams to discuss the results and develop an action plan to address any needed changes.


President's report

With more than 32,000 team members, Prisma Health ranks as one of South Carolina’s largest employers. As such, it is an economic driver for our entire state.

Size is not all that matters, however. At Prisma Health, we are committed to being an employer of choice. That is one reason why we are excited to announce our first organization-wide engagement survey for team members. The survey will provide the opportunity to share candid feedback anonymously online.

The survey launched this week and will continue through Friday, Sept. 6. Participation is voluntary, but I encourage each of you to set aside 15 minutes to complete the survey so that your voice can be heard. This survey is an unparalleled chance for you to share your thoughts, ideas and input with leadership.

By now, you should have received information about how to complete the survey online. If you have any questions, contact your department’s survey ambassador or our Human Resources department.

Every Prisma Health team member makes valuable contributions to fulfilling our purpose: Inspire health. Serve with compassion. Be the difference. Thank you for all you do each day and for giving us the opportunity to learn from you how we may better serve our team members, patients and communities.

Spence M. Taylor, MD

Marjorie Jenkins, MD, MEd

New dean announced

Marjorie Jenkins, MD, MEd, has been named the new dean of the University of South Carolina School of Medicine Greenville and the new chief academic officer of Prisma Health–Upstate. Dr. Jenkins has significant experience in leadership roles within the health sciences, including creating new paths in women’s health, specifically in medical research and education that focuses on differences in disease diagnosis, treatments, and outcomes between men and women with a goal of establishing personalized medicine. She comes from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Office of Women’s Health.

Jenkins follows Jerry Youkey, MD, who retires in September as the school’s founding dean. Dr. Youkey developed a comprehensive plan for a school of medicine in Greenville and helped it reach new heights as a four-year medical school with the mission of improving population health in the Upstate and throughout South Carolina.

Leading the way

Prisma Health advances support for team member development.

As a health care organization, Prisma Health’s greatest asset is our people. We are committed to supporting our team members in their personal and professional growth and to promoting excellence in line with our strategic goals.

Recently, Prisma Health’s talent teams have come together to underscore our continuing commitment to our team members. One of their early efforts has been to enhance the Education Assistance program across Prisma Health.

Education Assistance is a program that reimburses team members for tuition, books and certain fees while they pursue an academic degree or program of study that can be used at Prisma Health.

Here are a few key benefits to the enhanced policy:

  • Education reimbursement is available to all full- and part-time team members.
  • Team members are now eligible 90 days after employment. Previously, team members were required to be employed for one year.
  • The work obligation requirement after program completion has been eliminated.

“This is a big change, but one that represents best practice in talent development, not only in health care but also across other industries,” said Terrie Long, director of Talent and Career Development. “We want our team members to grow and develop while they are at Prisma Health, and we believe they are worth this investment without strings attached.”

In addition to policy enhancements, Prisma Health has expanded administration of education assistance through EdAssist, a nationally recognized vendor platform that provides additional team member services.

Ed Assist provides three key benefits:

  • Financial and educational counseling: “We strongly encourage our team members to take advantage of this benefit,” stated Long. This feature helps map educational goals within the student’s overall financial situation.
  • Access to a network of schools offering reduced tuition to Prisma Health team members.
  • 24/7 access to reimbursement status and automated paperwork submission process.

The expanded and aligned Prisma Health Education Assistance program is part of a larger talent strategy under the leadership of Rebecca Schmale, PhD, vice president, Talent and Organizational Excellence. The talent teams across Prisma Health are making sure that we attract and retain an exceptional health care workforce that lives our purpose: Inspire health. Serve with compassion. Be the difference.

For questions about eligibility requirements, EdAssist or to read the updated policy, visit

Please note: The policy that appears in the Manual of Policy Directives does not yet include the updated language regarding the work agreement change now in effect across Prisma Health.


Prisma Health achieves national recognition

Prisma Health Greenville Memorial Hospital has been ranked one of the top 50 hospitals in the nation for gynecology, according to the U.S. News & World Report Best Hospitals Rankings released on Tuesday, July 30.

Prisma Health also was ranked as high-performing in several other specialties and procedures, including cardiology and orthopedics. High-performing hospitals fall in the top 10% of hospitals analyzed for this report, according to U.S. News & World Report.

The following Prisma Health hospitals and specialties were recognized:

Prisma Health Baptist Hospital (Columbia) – high-performing in knee replacement, hip replacement
Prisma Health Greenville Memorial Hospital – top 50 in gynecology, high-performing in heart failure, colon cancer surgery
Prisma Health Greer Memorial Hospital – high performing in knee replacement, orthopedics
Prisma Health Patewood Hospital – high performing in knee replacement, hip replacement
Prisma Health Oconee Memorial Hospital – high performing in heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
Prisma Health Richland Hospital – high performing in heart failure, COPD
Prisma Health Tuomey Hospital (Sumter) – high performing in heart failure

The national rankings take into account exceptional care for high-risk patients, expertise of clinical staff, availability of advanced clinical technologies and patient experience.

U.S. News & World Report analyzed data collected from nearly 5,000 medical centers to compile its annual Best Hospitals rankings.

Service excellence

Stellar Stars

Noelle Chasman, RN, July 2019 star of the month

Noelle Chasmar, RN, Women’s Specialty/Greenville Memorial Hospital, served with compassion as she attended to a patient’s emotional needs. Chasman, other team members, a chaplain and a patient sitter lifted the patient’s spirits by throwing her a birthday party. The patient’s demeanor immediately changed to joy. She said it was the first time her birthday had been celebrated in eight years and proudly displayed her many gifts.

Thomas Medford 0719 star of the month

Thomas “Fred” Medford, paramedic, Ambulance Services/Oconee Memorial Hospital, helped a homebound patient whose oxygen equipment wasn’t working. Even though it wasn’t his job, he contacted a few resources and secured a temporary unit for the patient. He picked up the borrowed unit, took it to the patient’s home, and then stayed to make sure it was running properly and that the patient was safe and comfortable.

Daniel Smith

Daniel Smith, MD, Hospice/Oconee Memorial Hospital, made a positive impression on a patient’s child. “I would really like to thank this amazing doctor,” the family member wrote. “My mom had just been discharged from the hospital and couldn’t get her meds. She had just been placed in palliative care. Dr. Smith met us at our house and followed me to CVS in Clemson. I have never seen a doctor with so much compassion.”

Erica Land RN 08-2019 Star of the Month

Erica Land, RN, NICU/Greenville Memorial Hospital, was described by a team member as representative of “the pinnacle of nursing.” She shared this example in Land’s nomination: “She masterfully cared for a critical ill neonate who required constant attention and had no family members to provide emotional support. As the patient was dying, Land held the infant in her arms during his final moments. I have never been more in awe of any other caregiver during my medical career.”

Kelsea Mason Aug 2019 Star of Month

Kelsey Mason, EVS Technician, was recognized for her compassionate attention to a patient. The patient’s condition often caused him to be demanding and combative. Mason, however, connected with him when she came to clean his room. After her visits, he was more polite and cooperative. During one visit, Mason was heard speaking to him “just like a big sister,” helping him to calm down and cope with the day. The patient, who had no family support, looked forward to her daily visits.

Tania McKenzie 08-2019 star of the month

Tania McKenzie, scheduler, Cancer Institute‒Eastside, responded quickly, calmly and compassionately when a fellow team member had a seizure. McKensie was able to relay her friend’s information to responders. When it was determined that the team member would be sent to the ED, Mckensie immediately decided to drive her friend’s child to her own house until his mom was able to return home.

Volunteers of the Month

Rhonda Hall 7-2019 Vol of month

Rhonda Furr is the Volunteer of the Month for July. Furr joined the Simpsonville Medical Campus team earlier this year and already has made a difference. Her friendly and welcoming smile lights up the medical office building lobby where she serves twice each week. Here, she warmly greets everyone and is helpful to patients, guests and team members. Furr often comes in on days when she isn’t scheduled to help with extra projects or fill in for other volunteers.

Claudia Beckwith 8-2019 vol of month

Claudia Beckwith is the Volunteer of the Month for August. A volunteer at North Greenville Hospital since 2013, Beckwith helps in any way possible. Recently, a team member nominated her for Stellar Service. When the team member mentioned that some small pillows would be helpful in positioning a patient, Beckwith made the pillows that same day! The patient and team member were grateful as the pillows improved the patient’s comfort during therapy.

Behavior Essentials

Team members are the heart and soul of this organization. Each of us is responsible for living our purpose statement through our beliefs, which in turn, form our attitudes. We show our attitudes through the words we choose and in how we interact with others.

Our Prisma Health Behavior Essentials were designed with our purpose statement as a guide.

Inspire health.
• Support the wellness and well-being of others and myself.
• Be curious, learn continuously and strive to be my best.
• Encourage and build teamwork.
• Embrace change and grow.

Serve with compassion.
• Make sure each person feels visible, valued and respected.
• Create a welcoming and safe environment.
• Communicate clearly, kindly and thoughtfully.
• Live in gratitude and express appreciation.

Be the difference.
• Show up every day with a positive, will-do attitude.
• Take ownership and be accountable.
• Do the right thing – be honest and trustworthy.
• Exceed expectations for each person, in every moment.


North Greenville Hospital recently received the 2019 DebMed award for Hand Hygiene Compliance Excellence. This honor recognizes team members throughout 2018 for exemplifying proper hand hygiene in patient care. The hospital is one of 32 in the country to use the DebMed electronic system, which monitors hand hygiene compliance. Connie Steed, MSN, RN, CIC, FAPIC, director of Infection Control, presented the award July 5.

North Greenville Hospital team members (l-r) Madison Dean, CNA; Jennifer Subrizi, RN; Heather Nicolds, CNA; Amy Treece, MD; Chelsea Clay, RT; Nina Mosely, RN; Melissa Marbut, RN; and Andrea Talbert, operations executive for the hospital.
North Greenville Hospital team members (l-r) Madison Dean, CNA; Jennifer Subrizi, RN; Heather Nicolds, CNA; Amy Treece, MD; Chelsea Clay, RT; Nina Mosely, RN; Melissa Marbut, RN; and Andrea Talbert, operations executive for the hospital.
During a surprise celebration, Kacey Eichelberger, MD, chair of the OB/GYN department, presented Dr. Gailey with a book of tributes written by colleagues and team members.
During a surprise celebration, Kacey Eichelberger, MD, chair of the OB/GYN department, presented Dr. Gailey with a book of tributes written by colleagues and team members.

Thompson (Tommy) A. Gailey, MD, recently was honored by the Department of OB/GYN for his 50 years of service at a surprise celebration during the July OB/GYN Grand Rounds. Dr. Gailey arrived here in 1969 as a resident and was hired after graduation in 1973 as the program’s first full-time faculty member. He served as director of Obstetrical Clinics from 1973‒2007.

His dedication to women’s health, particularly patients from poor and underinsured backgrounds, has been recognized throughout the years. In 1992, the Thompson A. Gailey Jr., MD, Award for Academic Achievement was created to acknowledge the Year 4 OB/GYN resident with the highest cumulative CREOG (Council on Resident Education in Obstetrics and Gynecology) scores.

In 2011, a philanthropy-endowed lectureship fund was established in his honor for speakers on women’s health at the annual CM Easley Symposium and OB/GYN Grand Rounds. To contribute to the Thompson A. Gailey Jr., MD, Lectureship, please visit or mail your donation to Prisma Health Office of Philanthropy, Attn: Cathy Jones, 300 E. McBee Ave., Greenville, SC 29601. You may also text GAILEY to 41444 to donate.

For more information, contact Cathy Jones at 797-7748 or

Aaron Zeller, MD
Aaron Zeller, MD

Aaron Zeller, MD, program director, Center for Family Medicine–Oconee, has received a grant from the S.C. Center for Rural and Primary Healthcare. The $200,000 award will support expansion of a collaborative behavioral health model in to Oconee County to improve access to mental health care in rural South Carolina.

Melissa Bailey-Taylor, DO, MPH
Melissa Bailey-Taylor, DO, MPH

Melissa Bailey-Taylor, DO, MPH, Center for Success in Aging, has been invited to serve on the S.C. Alzheimer’s Resource Coordination Center (ARCC) Advisory Council. The ARCC serves as a statewide coordinator for services, information, and educational programs assisting people with Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders and their families. As a member of the council, Dr. Bailey can help shape policy to improve health and quality of life for diverse patients, their caregivers and their families across the state. Bailey was selected for her research to improve health care equity, advocacy efforts and public health experience in community interventions.

For more information, visit

Wendy Nix, NP
Wendy Nix, NP

Wendy Nix, NP, Advanced Family Practice in Clinton, has been named Rural Health Care Provider of the Year by the S. C. Office of Rural Health. This honor recognizes an individual whose services and community commitment led to significant improvement in the delivery of primary health care service in rural settings.

Prisma Health‒Upstate makes “Best of” lists

Congratulations to these facilities or providers who were voted “Best of” in their community newspaper’s annual Reader’s Choice contests:

The Clinton Chronicle
Best Hospital: Laurens County Hospital
Best Surgeon: Bruce Marshall, MD (General Surgery–Clinton)

The Greenville News
Best Hospital: Greenville Memorial Hospital
Best Urgent Care: MD360® Convenient Care
Best Orthopedic Surgeon: Brian Burnikel, MD (Steadman Hawkins Clinic of the Carolinas)

Greer Citizen
Best Hospital: Greer Memorial Hospital
Best Family Practice: Cypress Internal Medicine‒Greer
Best Pediatrician: C. Stuart Simko, MD (The Children’s Clinic‒Greer)

Seneca Daily Journal
Best Doctor’s Office: Seneca Medical Associates

Nursing excellence

2019 Prisma Health‒Upstate Nursing Excellence Awards

Nursing Excellence Award winners were announced during National Nurses Week in May. Recipients of these peer-nominated awards excel at promoting and advancing their profession; display caring and commitment to patients, families and co-workers; and demonstrate leadership in the profession and at organization.

Awards cover the following categories: inpatient, outpatient, specialty role or area, leadership, ambulatory and ambulatory leadership.  New this year is Nursing Support Partner, which recognizes non-nurses who play an active role as a team member supporting nurses as they provide quality care.

Greenville Memorial Medical Campus
• Tabatha Elliott, BSN, RN – Award for Excellence: Inpatient
• Jessica Mills, BSN, RN, CEN, TCRN – Award for Excellence: Outpatient
• Lynn Morgan, Unit Secretary II – Nursing Support Partner
• Casey Skinner, BSN, RN, CPEN – Award for Excellence: Specialty
• Christy Morris, MSN, RN, CNRN – Award for Excellence: Leadership
• Sandra Allen, RN Nurse Navigator, Regional Urology – Award for Excellence: Ambulatory
• Logan Aho, BSN, RN – Rising Star Award
• Teri French, RN, Center for Pediatric Medicine – Ambulatory Rising Star
• Felicia Felmings, CMA, Cross Creek Internal Medicine – Ambulatory Nursing Support Partner

Patewood Medical Campus
• Kayla Williamson, BSN, RN – Award for Excellence: Inpatient
• Chris Scharf, BSN, RN – Award for Excellence: Outpatient
• Michelle Humrickhouse, MHA, BSN, RN, CNOR – Award for Excellence: Leadership
• Shea Drummond, ADN, RN – Rising Star Award
• Treva Davis, Nursing Support Specialist – Nursing Support Partner

North Greenville Medical Campus
• Emily Farr, RN – Award for Excellence: Inpatient
• Heather Garrett, BSN, RN – Award for Excellence: Outpatient
• Sherrie Johnson, BSN, RN – Award for Excellence: Specialty
• Jo Anne Beckley, RN – Award for Excellence: Leadership
• Bradley Baylif, BSN, RN – Rising Star Award
• Jarod Hewitt, CNA – Nursing Support Partner

Simpsonville Medical Campus
• Cynthia Fenley, RN – Award for Excellence: Inpatient
• Teena Thurmond, RN– Award for Excellence: Outpatient
• Sherri Hightower, RN – Award for Excellence: Ambulatory
• Joshua Godino, RN – Rising Star Award
• Ela Biesaga, CNA – Nursing Support Partner

Congratulations to all Nursing Excellence Award nominees. Your example inspires us all!

Greer Medical Campus
• Nancy Smith, BSN, RNC-OB – Award for Excellence: Inpatient
• Lee Ann Green, RN – Award for Excellence: Outpatient
• Jeri Lord, BSN, RN – Award for Excellence: Specialty
• Valerie Douglas, MSN, RN – Award for Excellence: Leadership
• Niki Wagner, BSN, RN– Award for Excellence: Ambulatory Leadership
• Jade Hall, RN – Rising Star Award
• Amanda Rice, RN – Rising Star Award Ambulatory
• Claudia Cardona, CST – Nursing Support Partner

Laurens County Medical Campus
• Sharon Longshore, RN – Award for Excellence: Inpatient
• Kathryn Cannon, RN – Award for Excellence: Ambulatory
• Hope Ballew, RN – Award for Excellence: Leadership
• Denise Bagwell, CNA – Nursing Support Partner

Easley Medical Campus
• Connie Briley, BSN, RN – Award for Excellence: Inpatient
• Cameron Childs, RN – Award for Excellence: Outpatient
• Annie Lipscomb, MSN, NNP – Award for Excellence: Specialty
• Patsy Smith, RN-BC – Award for Excellence: Leadership
• Amelia Simmons, BSN, RN – Rising Star Award
• Mckenzie Richardson, CAN – Nursing Support Partner

Oconee  Medical Campus
• Brianna Keith, BSN, RN, RNC-OB – Award for Excellence: Inpatient
• Amy Parker, RN – Award for Excellence: Outpatient
• Debra Hart, BSN, RN – Award for Excellence: Ambulatory
• Joan Zangas, MSN, RN, RN-BC – Award for Excellence: Leadership
• LeeAnn Brown, RN – Award for Excellence: Ambulatory Services
• Angelica Hospelhorn, RN – Rising Star Award
• Bobbie Carmichael, Emergency Trauma Specialty Tech – Nursing Support Partner

Greer Medical Campus Nursing Excellence Award honorees (l‒r) Jade Hall, Claudia Cardona, Valerie Douglas, Niki Wagner, Lee Ann Green, Nancy Smith, Jeri Lord

Nursing assistants rock!

During National Nursing Assistants Week (June 12-20), Prisma Health‒Upstate introduced three awards to recognize the important role that nursing assistants play in health care: Best Patient Advocate, Best Team Player and Best Overall. Recipients were chosen from nominations submitted by nurses and other care team members.

Greenville Memorial Medical Campus honored these CNAs: (l-r) Leisa Canon, unit secretary, 4C Cardiac Tele Unit, Best Overall; Pamela Christian, nursing specialty tech, Emergency Trauma Center, Best Patient Advocate; Joe Clayton, certified nursing assistant, Roger C. Peace Hospital, Best Team Player.

Around Prisma Health–Upstate

And then there were six

Prisma Health’s Canine F.E.T.C.H. (Friends Encouraging Therapeutic Coping and Healing) Unit currently numbers six in-house therapy dogs: Kalle, Kenzie, King, Vivi, Bunny and now Beowulf, who came on board in July.

Kalle, Kenzie, King and Vivi serve our Children’s Hospital–Upstate patients and their families.

Beowulf is Bunny’s partner on the adult palliative care team. Beowulf joins the team by way of a generous family who sponsored the golden retriever in memory of their mother, a former patient who was known for her kindness to all and lifelong love of animals.

The goal of palliative care is to improve quality of life for patients coping with serious illness by providing education, symptom management, and emotional and spiritual support. Palliative care is a resource for patients and families at any stage of illness, from initial diagnosis to end-of-life.

To support the growing Canine F.E.T.C.H. Unit, visit Prisma Health–Upstate Office of Philanthropy at

For a little pet therapy wherever you are, follow all six team members on Instagram @thecaninefetchunit. Their posts are sure to put a smile on your face!

Check out a Little Free Library at a hospital near you
The bench next to the Little Free Library at Hillcrest Hospital is an open invitation to “sit and read a spell.”
The bench next to the Little Free Library at Hillcrest Hospital is an open invitation to “sit and read a spell.”

As part of Prisma Health’s commitment to health and wellness, “little free libraries” are popping up in our local hospitals. The first was placed at Hillcrest Hospital where the idea to host a mini-library first started.

A Little Free Library is a popular “take a book, leave a book” movement that has sprung up across the country. The idea to install them across Prisma Health originated at Hillcrest Hospital. They are located near the front entrance of each Prisma Health‒Upstate hospital.

These mini-libraries at Prisma Health facilities are for all to enjoy – patients, guests and team members. Through this program, Prisma Health hopes to encourage literacy for overall health, increase access to books in our communities, and foster a love of reading in people of all ages and backgrounds.

Progress on Breakthrough 1.0

Breakthrough 1.0 aims to make Prisma Health a highly effective and efficient organization by taking advantage of everything we have gained by bringing Greenville Health System and Palmetto Health together.

Team members organization-wide are working hard to bring Breakthrough 1.0 to life, and so far, there has been great momentum. Click here for a few brief, but significant examples

Roger C. Peace Rollin' Tigers
Practice Update

Three Seneca offices have joined under the umbrella office of Mountain Lakes Family Medicine. This already existing practice now includes Mountain Lakes Community Care and Dr. Timothy Sanders Family Medicine. The address is 10110 Clemson Blvd. The phone number is 482-3148.

Pain management team scores for the Rollin’ Tigers

The Rollin’ Tigers, Roger C. Peace Hospital’s adaptive basketball team, is looking forward to a great season, thanks to support from donors in the community and at Prisma Health.

Team members and physicians at Pain Management and at Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation recently supported the Rollin’ Tigers inaugural 3 x 3 tournament fundraiser. In addition to donating financially, team members also volunteered at the tournament.

The folks in Team Pain Management have been Rollin’ Tigers fans for several years. “They have helped us for various fundraisers and have been big advocates,” said Danielle Fitzmorris, supervisor of Recreational Therapy at RCP.

As an expression of thanks, the Rollin’ Tigers sent a card signed by each of the athletes and their team photo.

New chapel dedicated at North Greenville Hospital

A sanctuary is a place for spiritual healing. It can be a house of worship, a rock overlooking a river, even a favorite space in one’s home. Recently, team members at North Greenville Hospital dedicated their new chapel, a renovated office space near the front desk and convenient to patients, families and team members.

The chapel offers a cozy, calm place to pray, meditate or sit in silence away from the hospital room. This is especially important for patients at the long-term acute care hospital.

The dedication ceremony featured reflections from five clergy members representing diverse denominations, including Don Davis, the hospital’s full-time chaplain and champion for the new chapel.

Made possible with help from the North Greenville Hospital Auxiliary, the chapel is decorated in peaceful tones of gray, ivory, white and tan. Special touches include a wooden cross crafted by a Facilities team member here, along with decorative wall hangings that Davis personally selected and donated.

North Greenville Hospital chapel
Baptist Easley Hospital completes women’s center
Baptist Easley Hospital Women's Center

Baptist Easley Hospital’s recently renovated women’s center features remodeled birthing suites that provide additional birthing options for expectant mothers in the growing Easley community.

The Garnet and Polly Barnes Women’s Center includes 13 birthing suites with state-of-the-art equipment and aesthetic improvements. Eight suites are designed to support labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum care. This care model allows each part of the birthing process to take place in the same room. Such an approach ensures continuity of care as the same nurses and other team members work with the mother and baby throughout their hospitalization.

The renovation also includes two hydrotherapy tubs, expanding options for patients who desire a more natural birth free of medication. Hydrotherapy, a popular technique used in midwifery, employs water pressure to relieve discomfort during labor.

Tune to Prisma Health News

See what else has been happening across Prisma Health. Tune in to the August 2019 Prisma Health News video here.

Healthy Greenville Too! grant fosters healthy conversations

Just Say Something (formerly Greenville Family Partnership) helps remove barriers and excuses that might keep parents from talking with their kids about drug and alcohol abuse. You may be familiar with the organization’s annual Red Ribbon Week.

A 2019 Healthy Greenville Too! grant is helping expand Just Say Something’s Strengthening Families Program into the Greer area. The 14-week, free family skills program improves parenting skills and children’s life skills using a structured curriculum of mealtime, interactive classes and hands-on activities. The program is for families with children ages 6-11.

Since 2017, Greenville Health Authority (GHA) has granted $4 million each year in Healthy Greenville grants to support health-related care, health research and health education initiatives benefiting residents of Greenville County. Through this investment, Prisma Health‒Upstate reinforces its long-standing commitment to being a safety net provider for Greenville County.

In addition to the Healthy Greenville grants, GHA designates funds to Healthy Greenville Too! These micro-grants (up to $100,000 a year) are awarded to qualified not-for-profit service delivery organizations that provide a valuable charitable purpose to enhance the well-being of the people of Greenville County.

Learn more about Healthy Greenville here.
Read about the Strengthening Families Program here.

Service anniversaries


45 Years
William Hines

35 Years
Don Bishop
Beverly Bunch
Marsha Nagelkirk
Donna Payne
Kim Whitt

30 Years
Karen Andres
Linda Gray
Kris Miles
Kim Muzika
Graham Parker
Lawrence Rudisill
Janine Sally
Eric Troutman

25 Years
Marilyn Bryant
Stacy Garmon
Bill Kelly
Steven Martin
Austin Raunikar
Harry Sherman

20 Years
Aziza Aiken
Kathryn Bolt
Patricia Cole
Scott Ervin
Roslyn Foster
Stacey Kniceley

Kim Pitts
Kathy Sinkhorn
Duke Spinelli
Kathy Thompson

15 Years
Kim E. Clark
Heather Diliberto
Emily Durham
David Evans
Mary Farrell
Dan Gilbert
Kevin Hodge
Julie Kellett
Priscilla Marshall
Juanita Martin
Connie Moore
Sally Moore
Wendy Moore
Naveen Parti
Danielle Pepper
Arlene Phillips
Chuck Reid
Beth Rice
Michelle Roddy
Robert Smith
Mandy Thompson
Marc Tourdot
Shannon Williams

10 Years
Gecheshila Alexander
Paula Brown

Nancy Burgess
Artur Charowski
Mona Cole
Julie Davis
Kristy Dickard
Mitch Dillman
Katie Dolzenko-Parana
Nikki Donald
Tammy Edney
Donna Edwards
Tonya Farrell
Mike Forbus
Will Frazier
Candace Gaffney
Sonya Gibson
Kim Gilliam
Debra Hester
Jacqueline Jackson
Victoria Jett
Grace Jones
Margret Joseph
June Lecroy
Amy Lewis
Mary Martin
Sheryl Massey
Amanda Mast
Tracy Mattress
Tina McAlister
John Miller
Lynn Morgan
Terri Morrison
Michael Occhipinti
Vickie O’Shields

Amy Parker
Suzanna Parker
Chris Polchow
Mark Pruitt
Judy Schneider
Debbie Schuff
Conrad Shuler
Dawn Stone
Leslie Thomas
Cindy Watson
Allison Wilson
Sabrina Wilson
Laura Ziluck

5 Years
Scott Annett
Christine Baker
Katie Becker
Erynn Bixby
Monica Boada-Cordova
Tim Boryk
Donna Bowen
Ryan Bowick
Kemper Brand
Donavon Callahan
Rod Chappell
Jeffrey Childes
Will Christmas
William Chrouser
Kelli Cloninger
Amy Crisp
Ashley Crisp
Sarah Cruz

Liz Dancel
Michael Danekas
Elizabeth Donnan
Tracy Downey
Paul Eclavea
Alainah Farrell
Katy Few
Ruth Filomeno
Christy Fritz
Tori Fuller
Ryan Gossage
Carolyn Grubb
John Hall
Isha Hardy
Erin Harris
Donald Holbrooks
Heather Holweger-Garcia
Elisabeth Huffine
Merna Jacob
Bill Judd
Marissa Kerwin
Maranda Kroeger
Lisa Kuykendall
Alan Leahey
Mariana Lozano
Priscilla Massey
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Erin McGorman
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Upcoming events

Prisma Health Night at the Drive
Wednesday, Aug. 28 • Fluor Field
5 p.m. Gates open to Prisma Health team members
7 p.m. Drive first pitch

Special $5 event tickets are available to Prisma Health team members here. Use password HEALTH. The event includes a family-friendly carnival. An all-you-can-eat picnic and ice cream social are available for the first 1,200 ticket holders.

BMW Performance Classic
Friday, Sept. 13 • 6:30 p.m.
BMW Performance Center, Greer

This Corporate Shield two-mile road race on the BMW Performance Center track is fast and flat with only a few small hills. Registration is $10 through Aug. 28. Online registration ($15) ends Sept. 11. Race day registration is $20 (cash only). Sign up here.

Prisma Health will reimburse entry fees for Greenville Corporate Shield races. To receive reimbursement, complete the form here. Questions about reimbursement? Contact Ator Ighalo at or 864-522-3173.

JDRF One Walk
Saturday, Sept. 14 • 8 a.m.
BMW Performance Center, Greer

Help create a world without type 1 diabetes. Register here

Prosthetics for Therapists™
Saturday, Sept. 14 • 9 a.m.‒3 p.m.
Greenville Memorial Hospital, Coleman Medical Staff Auditorium

This course provides continuing education credits for physical and occupational therapists on various aspects for lower limb prostheses.
Register here.

Mark your calendars

12th Annual Oconee Memorial Hospital Foundation Golf Classic
Wednesday, Sept. 25 • Noon/Oconee Medical Campus
Golf Ball Drop • $50/ball
Join the fun as 200 numbered golf balls are dropped from a ladder truck onto a painted target. The three balls closest to the bull’s-eye equate to CASH prizes – up to $4,000! Call today for your chance to win.

Thursday, Sept. 26 • Golf tournament
11 a.m.: Registration/lunch at Cross Creek
Noon: Shotgun start at Cross Creek
1 p.m.: Shotgun start at the Cliffs of Keowee Falls

Proceeds benefit Prisma Health Cancer Institute–Seneca, OMH Dental Clinic and OMH Emergency Department. To learn more, call OMH Foundation, 864-885-7912.

Friends and Family CPR
Saturday, Sept. 28 • 9 a.m.‒noon
Greenville Memorial Hospital

Learn American Heart Association CPR for adults, children and infants. Participants also will learn techniques to open airways. Register here.

Komen SC Mountains to Midlands Race for the Cure®
Saturday, Sept. 28

Learn more and register here.

Saturday, Nov. 2
Caine Halter Family YMCA, Greenville

Join, create or support a team here.

See a full list of Prisma Health classes and events at

Community Connections

2019 Radiothon raises over $200,000!

During Aug. 8-9, the 2019 Children’s Hospital Radiothon raised $200,945 for Children’s Hospital‒Upstate. Throughout the event, which took place in the Greenville Memorial Hospital lobby, on-air personalities from Entercom Upstate radio stations shared stories and interviews from patients and families served by Children’s Hospital programs and services.

Proceeds provide special services for patients at Children’s Hospital that enhance their experience and give them a sense of normalcy while in the hospital. A full 100% of donations remains local.

Over the past 10 years, Children’s Hospital Radiothon has raised more than $3 million!

Interviews with families and children served by Children’s Hospital were featured during Radiothon 2019.
Interviews with families and children served by Children’s Hospital were featured during Radiothon 2019.

To report news, email

Meredith McGinnis, Editor

Connect with us. Learn what’s going on at Prisma Health–Upstate.
Access The View on the Employee Access page at
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