The View – January-February 2018

Volume 71, Issue 1

January-February 2018

Your Opinion Matters: Annual Employee Perspective Survey

Annual Employee Perspective Survey March 5-20

• All surveys are completed online
• Participants use individual ID codes
• All answers are confidential: No Prisma Health employee ever sees individual employee responses to survey questions

During March 5-20, Prisma Health will conduct the 2018 Employee Perspective Survey. Over the last 11 years, this key tool has provided a baseline for where we stand and insight on where we need to go. Employee opinions are important and worth sharing!

Our target for 2018 is 89% participation. This goal is one we know we can meet! Reaching this goal is a stunning achievement for an organization as large as Prisma Health and reflects commitment of leaders at all levels and the willingness of so many of employees to take a few minutes to share their opinions about what is working well and what needs improvement. Once again, survey ambassadors from all departments and representing all shifts and weekends will receive training to keep their work units motivated and informed about the survey.

And, as in years past, we will complete the survey online. We will continue the use of unique ID codes to ensure confidentiality, improve accuracy of results and streamline the process. Remember, no one at Prisma Health ever sees individual employee responses.

During a time of change and uncertainty, the collective voice of frontline staff, management and doctors remains critical. When more people respond to the survey, we receive a more consistent picture of what is happening at the system, facility and department levels.

FY 2017 Enhancements and Improvements

Compensation and Benefits
• Maintained employee merit opportunity to a maximum of 3%
• Invested over $232 million in employer-sponsored benefits for employees; over $244 million is forecast for FY2018
• Spent an average $2.9 million each week on health claims, dental claims and prescription drugs for employees and covered dependents—about $4 out of every $5 in costs incurred by employees for medical, dental and prescription drug expenses
• Maintained premiums and employee cost sharing on all benefit plans; there were no premium or out-of-pocket expenses for 2018
• Contributed over $28.1 million to employees’ retirement savings plans

Work Environment
• Expanded UPLIFT (Use Portable Lifts in Facilitating Transfers) education and training to include more clinical job roles and added UPLIFT equipment to more clinical sites
• Activated I/S Service Center Epic Support line and increased closure rate by 200%
• Began forming a subcommittee to review workplace violence which includes Security, EOC, EH, Workers’ Compensation and Nursing

Employee Communication
• Continued to offer existing venues through which leaders could inform employees about Prisma Health’ strategic direction and organizational structure
The View transitioned to a digital format, which is more easily read from anywhere on any device, including mobile phones

Employee Development
• Enrolled 42 frontline staff and 21 management staff in Emerging Leaders, which prepares high-performing Prisma Health employees for future management and leadership roles
• Continued to expand leadership development opportunities for management staff through Leadership Development Retreats, Leadership Grand Rounds and many professional development opportunities for staff through Prisma Health internal offerings and the Upstate AHEC consortium
• Seventeen physicians participated in the 2017 Physician Leadership certificate program, in collaboration with Furman University
• Continued to support employees returning to school for advanced education through the Prisma Health Education Assistance fund with over $1.4 million paid to employees in reimbursement expenses in FY17

Diversity Leadership Awards

The 11th Annual Martin Luther King Diversity Leadership Awards Luncheon took place January 12. Sponsored by the Prisma Health Department of Organizational Equity, the event celebrates outstanding individuals and departments that support diversity and inclusion at Prisma Health. Anton Gunn, executive director of Community Health Innovation & chief diversity officer with Medical University of South Carolina, was the keynote speaker.

Alan Mitchell, purchasing agent/Facilities Development, won the Individual Diversity Leadership Award. Mitchell was honored for his role in the Prisma Health Diversity Supplier program and for his mentorship of small business owners. Mitchell is known for personally reaching out to businesses, making sure they know the process for bidding on jobs and have the tools for doing the work. James Jordan of Jordan Construction Company said: “Alan Mitchell is a teacher at heart. To me, that’s the spirit of this award—someone who has the wisdom and knowledge and wants to share that to benefit the community.”

Alan Mitchell with Melinda Gillespie, director, Prisma Health Office of Organizational Equity
Alan Mitchell with Melinda Gillespie, director, Prisma Health Office of Organizational Equity

Prisma Health Screening Services received the Department Diversity Leadership Award. This dedicated group provides wellness screenings across Prisma Health and within the community. Screening Services staff are on hand at Prisma Health-sponsored events such as Take a Loved One to the Doctor Day as well as various activities sponsored by community agencies. By focusing on areas where they can have the most impact, group members make a difference in many upstate lives. Their warmth and enthusiasm set people at ease, creating an openness to receiving screenings along with on-the-spot health and wellness education.

Prisma Health Screening Services was honored with the Department Diversity Leadership Award.
Prisma Health Screening Services was honored with the Department Diversity Leadership Award.


An increase in survey response rate means that our employees are engaged and believe providing feedback leads to positive organizational change.

President's Report

With more than 15,500 employees, Prisma Health ranks as Greenville County’s largest employer. As such, it is an economic driver for the region, responsible for creating or maintaining one of every 19 jobs in the county—or one of every 36 jobs in the Upstate!

Size is not all that matters, however. At Prisma Health, we are committed to being an employer of choice. We seek to provide a culture that respects all individuals and the role each plays in serving our mission, offers competitive salary and benefits, supports work/life balance and that actively listens and responds to employees’ suggestions or concerns.

One way that we can gauge how we support that culture is through the annual online Employee Opinion Survey. This opportunity allows all members of the Prisma Health team to anonymously share candid input and feedback.

The 2018 employee survey begins on March 5 and closes on March 20. This year’s People Pillar Goal is a target survey participation rate of 89%. I encourage each of you to take a few minutes to complete the survey. This is an unparalleled opportunity to share your thoughts, ideas and input with leadership.

Each year, we strive to increase employee participation in the survey. An increase in survey response rate means that our employees are engaged and believe providing feedback leads to positive organizational change. Enhancements resulting from feedback suggestions are listed in The View each winter. One example from the past year is that Prisma Health began reimbursing costs for nurses seeking specialty certifications, including formal exam preparation.

Soon, you will receive more information about how to complete the survey online. Please contact your department’s survey ambassador or our HR department with any specific questions.

Every Prisma Health employee makes invaluable contributions to driving our mission. Thank you for all you do each day and for giving us the opportunity to better serve our employees, patients and communities.

Spence M. Taylor, MD

Quick Takes

Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Family: Husband Joe, five adult children,  and Yorkshire terriers Abby and Zoey

Work/life balance: Taking weekend trips to nearby towns and attractions, attending concerts, visiting family

Leadership Profile

Lori L. Stanley, DNP, RN, NEA-BC, Chief Nursing Officer (CNO), Central Region

For someone who never intended to go into nursing or be a leader, Lori Stanley has built an impressive career of 30+ years in nursing practice and leadership. She has worked in diverse clinical environments in small hospitals, multi-hospital systems and academic health centers.

Stanley joined Prisma Health in 2015 as Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) for Greenville Memorial Hospital and recently was appointed CNO for the Central Region. She attributes the evolution of her career to guidance by friends, co-workers, and mentors who helped her recognize her strengths and trust her own voice.

Throughout her career, she has encouraged nurses to follow that same advice. “I want nurses to recognize their voice, own their practice and acknowledge the impact they make every day,” she emphasized. “Nurses drive outcomes. Their voice is important.”

As she transitions in her role as regional CNO, she has started to connect with nurses at other hospitals in the region—Greer, Hillcrest, North Greenville and Patewood. An ongoing goal is to build bridges across these hospitals. For instance, nurses from Central Region hospitals have joined teams at GMH such as the recruitment and retention teams.

“The most important time that I have is the time I spend with nurses,” Stanley pointed out. At GMH, Stanley has connected with nurses through multiple forums, including monthly breakfasts and rounding. She hopes to do the same at the region’s other hospitals.

Empowering nurses to use their collective voice has been key to shifting the culture at GMH, shared Stanley, adding, “GMH is a quality-focused, transformative culture, one that is proactive in ensuring optimal patient outcomes.”

An example of transformative culture is the interdisciplinary collaboration among nursing and other departments in reducing rates for nurse-sensitive quality indicators such as falls, skin breaks and hospital-acquired infections at GMH. Nursing engagement and satisfaction have significantly improved not only at GMH but also across the system, Stanley noted.

Recently, a nurse thanked her for “helping me find my voice.” Stanley acknowledged, “It was the best compliment of my entire career!”

Click here for a video produced by the Magnet® Champion team that expresses the passion, vision and voice of our nurses.


Rx for More Affordable Care

One example of providing affordable care contained within the community benefit report is the Medication Assistance Program. The system’s Upstate Pharmacy division created Upstate MAP (Medication Assistance Program) in 2016. The goal is to improve patient health by providing access to free medications for those in need who cannot afford them.

Upstate MAP also helps patients who have insurance but cannot afford their co-pay. Multiple funding sources are used, including manufacturer assistance programs, foundational funding and other patient advocate programs like Dispensary of Hope.

In keeping with our aim to create a healthier population, Upstate MAP staff (four pharmacy technicians and 0.25 of a pharmacist) work to meet patient-specific needs across the system’s four regions. In FY17, Upstate MAP provided assistance to more than 2,500 patients, generating over $6 million in medication and co-pay savings!

South Carolina Health Company Update

In January, the SC Health Company announced the members of its Executive Cabinet, which is the corporate leadership team that will report directly to co-CEOs Mike Riordan and Chuck Beamon. The Executive Cabinet is a strong mix of executives who have served at Prisma Health and Palmetto Health:

SC Health Company Executive Cabinet
Joseph (Joe) J. Blake Jr., Chief Governance Officer
Michael Hildebrand, Chief of Staff
Malcolm Isley, Chief Strategy Officer
Terri T. Newsom, Chief Financial Officer
Gregory (Greg) J. Rusnak, Chief Administrative Officer
John J. Singerling III, FACHE, President, Midlands Affiliate (Palmetto Health)
Angelo Sinopoli, MD, Chief Clinical Officer
Spence M. Taylor, MD, President, Upstate Affiliate (Prisma Health)
Howard West, General Counsel

‘Affiliate’ describes the relationship between SC Health Company and Prisma Health and Palmetto Health. The new health company now is the parent organization of both Prisma Health, (Upstate Affiliate) and Palmetto Health (Midlands Affiliate).

Dr. Taylor’s role as president of the Upstate Affiliate is the same as his role as president of Prisma Health. He continues to be responsible for ensuring efficient operations, engaged employees and physicians, and high-quality patient care across Prisma Health.

Other Health Company Developments 
The SC Health Company Nursing Council was established. Led by the chief nursing officers at each affiliate, Michelle Taylor-Smith from Prisma Health and Carolyn Swinton from Palmetto Health this council will direct collaboration between affiliates and create nursing best practices that will help us continually improve patient care.

In addition to the Executive Cabinet, these leaders were announced:
• Rob Brinkerhoff, currently VP of Human Resources at Palmetto Health, will lead human resources for the health company and report to Chief Administrative Officer Greg Rusnak
• Vince Ford, currently Palmetto Health Chief Community Health Services Officer, will lead community health initiatives and report to Chief Clinical Officer Angelo Sinopoli, MD
• Todd Miller, Palmetto Health Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, will lead the new company’s marketing and communications and report to Chief Strategy Officer Malcolm Isley

Next Steps:
• Establish additional councils to foster partnerships across our organizations and drive high-priority functions
• A task force is developing a recommendation for the company’s name to present to the SC Health Company’s Board of Directors

Watch for more announcements as the Executive Cabinet and Board of Directors continue to develop the leadership and organizational structure for the new company.


The Family Birthplace–Patewood

Last September, Prisma Health opened the The Family Birthplace–Patewood and Family Beginnings–Patewood at Patewood Memorial Hospital. Within its first four months, over 570 babies were delivered—with as many as 11 in one day!

The new unit, which serves moms-to-be with low-risk deliveries, is located on what was a vacant floor being held for future growth. The unit initially served patients of Piedmont OB/GYN and Greenville Ob/Gyn Associates, both Prisma Health-owned practices, but has expanded to include Highlands Center for Women.

As with all Prisma Health sites, the focus is on providing high-quality, patient- and family-centered care. In its first quarter the unit posted an impressive Press Ganey Overall patient satisfaction score of 85 out of 100! The unit also scored high marks in AANC Magnet® Recognition Program measures for patient satisfaction, with most scores averaging at or better than the national mean.

Fast Fact: More than 7,100 babies were born during FY17 at Prisma Health facilities: Greenville, Greer, Laurens, Oconee, and Patewood hospitals, and Greenville Midwifery Care & Birth Center.


Stellar Service


Aurelia “Ree” Dye, clinical coordinator/Cypress Internal Medicine–Patewood, saw a patient fall outside the building and ran to help. The patient was bleeding from a gash in the head. While a co-worker called EMS, Dye calmed the patient and applied pressure to the wound. She stayed with the grateful patient and family and kept them calm until EMS arrived.

Charlotte Hall, NP, Spartanburg Pediatric Health Center, listened carefully to a mother who believed something other than a virus was causing her child’s pain. Hall agreed as she listened to the mom describe the symptoms and their duration. Hall immediately arranged for the child to see a pediatric surgeon. The child was found to have swallowed a small bracelet.

Sharon Schrank, RN, Pre-Anesthesia Assessment/Cross Creek Surgery Center, showed compassion when a patient in severe pain with end-stage cancer arrived for an assessment. Rather than have her sit in the waiting room, her family had let her stay in the car. Thinking quickly, Schrank took a computer and blood pressure machine to the car and completed the assessment so that the patient would not have to go into the building.


No photo available

Erin Shepherd, RN, The Family Birthplace–Greer, “is a hero” to a grateful family. After the birth of her son, the mother underwent a routine procedure. When problems developed, Shepherd kept the patient calm. She sprang into action when the patient’s heart rate dropped, immediately beginning chest compressions. “As far as we are concerned, she saved my wife’s life,” the husband wrote.

Jan Mielke, physician practice specialist/Greenville ENT–CC, is recognized for her determination and persistence on behalf of an out-of-town patient. Mielke had only a Post-it note of information and no records from the patient’s doctor. It was the holidays and the schedule was packed. Undeterred, Mielke emailed, phoned and skyped other office locations until she found an opening—all the while keeping the patient apprised.

Tracy Washington, laboratory section leader/GMH, made sure a specimen was delivered and processed for a time-sensitive test. The specimen had to be processed within an hour of being drawn. Washington made sure the courier knew exactly where to deliver the specimen. She alerted the lab that it was coming and required immediate attention. Thanks to her diligence, the patient’s treatment was not delayed and another blood draw was avoided.

Nominate a Stellar Star!

The Greenville Health System Stellar Service program is an employee recognition program that recognizes employees for demonstrating service behaviors that are above and beyond. Such recognition ranges from individual recognition within a department to the Prisma Health Employee of the Year award. A  story about an employee should stand out as exemplary. Exemplary means serving as a model or an example worth imitating. The behavior should contribute toward patient and family focused care or the equivalent type of service and focus for other customers, including fellow employees. Click here to nominate an employee for stellar star recognition.

Volunteers of the Month

David Greene is the Volunteer of the Month for January. A volunteer at Hillcrest Memorial Hospital since September 2007, Greene works every Friday covering the main reception desk at both the hospital and Medical Office Building. He greets everyone with a smile and helps visitors find their way. He also assembles patient admission packets and makes sure he has stock for new packets.

Virginia Coble is the Volunteer of the Month for February. Since 2005, Coble has served Greenville Memorial Hospital in the Emergency Trauma Center, Intensive Care Waiting Area and Hospitality Shop. She frequently helps with special projects such as respiratory fit testing, flu vaccination drives, and United Way and Prisma Health retiree events. She recently rotated off the Greenville Memorial Medical Campus Auxiliary Board.


What Makes a Team?
What makes a team? This issue’s COMPASSION standard—offer support and demonstrate teamwork to others—emphasizes the importance of working together to serve our patients. Here are some qualities that make up great teams:

Trust is one of the most critical characteristics of a team. Without it, we become distracted from the common goal. Each member is a trained professional whose skills are necessary to meeting the team’s objectives.

Encouragement is one of the easiest ways we strengthen our teams. Tell colleagues when they’ve done a good job. Manage up individuals on your team. Encouraging one another makes a positive difference for your colleagues. And research shows that it helps alleviate anxiety for patients and customers.

Attitude—the right attitude—can make all the difference in the world. Bringing your best self to work benefits you, your team and those you serve. When positive attitudes merge, great things are accomplished.

Mentors within a team are valuable  resources, especially to new members. If you have never taken on a mentor role before, consider the unique gifts you bring to your team. How can you help others develop their skills for long-term success?

Adapted from a 2013 column by Renee Alexander, Organizational Development consultant, Prisma Health Academy of Leadership & Professional Development.


Connie Steed, RN, MSN, CIC, FAPIC, will be recognized at the National Association for Professionals in Infection Control & Epidemiology (APIC) conference in June for achieving the APIC President’s Distinguished Service Award. This lifetime achievement award recognizes outstanding contributions of an APIC member at a national level.

Matt Hudson, PhD, was selected to serve on the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) Merit Review Committee, where he will review grant applications to determine their responsiveness to priorities such as care system improvement and elimination of care disparities. PCORI funds research that helps patents and caregivers make better informed decisions about their health care.

Bobby Masocol, MD, Center for Family Medicine; Beth Morris, MD, Greenville Family Medicine; and Susan Satterfield, MD, Cypress Internal Medicine–Maxwell Pointe, are among the first 204 physicians to receive board certification in Lifestyle Medicine through the American Board of Lifestyle Medicine.

Lifestyle Medicine, defined by the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, is the use of evidence-based lifestyle therapeutic approaches, such as a predominantly whole food and plant-based diet, physical activity, adequate sleep, stress management, tobacco cessation and other non-drug modalities to help prevent, treat and even reverse chronic disease.

Cedrek McFadden, MD, colorectal surgeon with Prisma Health, has been selected as a Liberty Fellow for the Class of 2019. This fellowship is a statewide leadership initiative founded by Anna Kate and Hayne Hipp, Wofford College and The Aspen Institute.

William F. Schmidt III, MD, PhD, VP of Development for the Health Sciences Center and Nikki Stafford, MBA, MS, OTR/L, FACHE, CKT, administrator for Children’s Hospital and Neurosciences, are among 40 community leaders chosen to take part in the Riley Institute at Furman University’s Diversity Leaders Initiative.

Greenville Health System was honored during the South Carolina Hispanic Chamber of Commerce ¡Impacto! Excellence in Business Awards ceremony. Prisma Health was recognized for its support of the chamber’s mission over the last decade.

Jennifer Snow, director, Accountable Communities and the PASOs (Perinatal Awareness for Successful Outcomes) team has received a $15,000 grant from the USDA via DHEC and the University of South Carolina. The award will provide continued support for PASOs. During the project period, 387 people in Greenville County will be provided WIC information; 129 participants will be enrolled in the program. The team also will work to document barriers to service delivery and the enrollment process to better coordinate effective service delivery and partnership.

The Care Coordination Institute (CCI) has received Case Management Accreditation from the National Committee for Quality Assurance for its Care Management program and a Certification for Disease Management for its Condition Management program.

These two programs help drive patient engagement and coordinate care across the continuum. CCI’s continuum-based approach leads to improved health outcomes, positive patient experiences and reduced overall cost of care.

Greer Memorial Hospital has been designated a baby-friendly birthing facility by Baby-Friendly USA, joining an elite list of the nation’s hospitals and birthing facilities earning this designation through the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative.

The initiative encourages and recognizes hospitals and birthing centers that maintain an optimal level of care for breastfeeding mothers and their babies, offering them the information, confidence and skills needed to successfully breastfeed. This global program is sponsored by the World Health Organization and the United Nations Children’s Fund.

Greer Memorial Hospital is one of three Prisma Health hospitals designated Baby-Friendly. Greenville Memorial Hospital and Oconee Memorial Hospital also have earned this designation.

Patewood Memorial Hospital has been named a 2017 Guardian of Excellence Award™ winner in Patient Experience The award honors top performing clients who consistently sustained performance in the top 5% of all Press Ganey clients for each reporting period during the course of one year in Patient Experience.


Celebrating 60 Years

“Behind every specimen, there is a patient.” This statement has been Dean Benjamin’s philosophy throughout her 60 years working in the Prisma Health Microbiology Lab. At age 19 and a new graduate of the Prisma Health Medical Technology School, Benjamin started working in February 1957 at Greenville General Hospital. “It’s been a good 60 years,” she mused.

As supervisor of the Microbiology Lab, Benjamin has seen lots of advances in laboratory technologies and procedures. She also has witnessed Prisma Health’ evolution from a small local hospital system to a major regional academic health center. When asked what she tells her staff during times of change, she says, “Don’t sweat the small stuff. What is most important is the work in front of us. Patients, families and their medical teams depend on us for results that inform decisions about diagnosis and treatment.”

What hasn’t changed is the quality of people who work in the lab.

“The people are what keep me going,” she noted. “All share the same commitment and work ethic. Many are long-term employees.”

Dean Benjamin and Mike McDonald, lab section leader, show off recently added equipment.
Dean Benjamin and Mike McDonald, lab section leader, show off recently added equipment.

In 1982, Benjamin received the inaugural Laboratory Employee of the Year award. “It’s the highest honor I’ve ever received,” she pointed out. She is proud that this peer-nominated recognition has continued every year since then. Does she think about retiring? “A little bit,” she admitted, adding that she’d like more time to spend with her grandson.

Fast Fact: Prisma Health laboratories processed over 5.1 million lab tests in FY17!

Child Life Intern Program Accredited

The Child Life Program at Prisma Health Children’s Hospital recently received accreditation by the Association of Child Life Professionals (ACLP) for its clinical internship. ACLP accreditation for academic preparation assures that a program’s internship meets the Standards for Academic and Clinical Preparation Programs in Child Life as established in the Official Documents of the Child Life Council and the Essential Curriculum Topics for Child Life Clinical Internships.

The voluntary two-step process of self-study and external peer review seeks to evaluate, enhance and publicly recognize high-quality clinical internship programs.

The Prisma Health Child Life internship is offered to two applicants each fall and spring. The program is so well-regarded that it receives over 100 applications for the two spots.

Child life specialists are experts in child development trained to help children and their families cope with stressful events. They use play, self-expression, and educational activities to support children and families during medical experiences.

(l-r) Marry Ellen Dudash, intern; Kelli Pellerin, coordinator, Child Life Intern Program; Catie Stallworth, intern. Both interns are enrolled in the Masters in Science in Child Life Program at College of Charleston.

Children’s Hospital is one of only two hospitals in the Upstate with Certified Child Life Specialists. The program has 17 specialists, 3 assistants and 3 facility dogs (Vivitar, Kalle and Kenzie).

First Faculty Members Hired for New Family Residency Program

Aaron Zeller, MD, program director for the expanding Family Medicine Residency program in Seneca, has hired the first two faculty members for the program: Jennifer Hanke, MD (currently practicing at Prisma Health Seneca Medical Associates), and Kati Beben, MD (currently practicing in Anderson).

Interprofessional Research Forum

Are you seeking assistance with developing your research proposal or finding resources? The Interprofessional Research Forum (IRF) now offers monthly research consultations. From beginning to advanced research and scholarly activity assistance, IRF can provide guidance and expertise for any stage of the research process. To learn more or to seek a consult visit, go to

Steadman Hawkins Hosts Visiting Fellows

Prisma Health Steadman Hawkins Clinic of the Carolinas physicians and the Hawkins Foundation recently hosted traveling fellows from the Korean Shoulder and Elbow Society. The visit was through a program facilitated by the American Shoulder and Elbow Society.

Prisma Health was one of seven host sites chosen nationally. The fellowships promote the interchange of ideas surrounding current orthopaedic sports medicine issues at an international level.

Center for Health and Occupational Services

The Prisma Health Center for Health and Occupational Services (CHOS) is an occupational medicine program that provides the following services: workers’ compensation, acute injury care, physical examinations, OSHA-mandated medical surveillance, drug testing/breath alcohol testing, Certified Medical Review Officer (MRO) services and routine immunizations. CHOS staff members include two board-certified occupational and environmental medicine physicians, nurse practitioner and occupational health nurses. Questions? Call 455-2300.

Practice Updates

Prisma Health welcomes two newly acquired family medicine practices:

Palmetto Family Medicine
• Michael Zeager, MD
• Roslyn Foster, MD
• Kelsey Bunner, PA-C
• Emily West, FNP-C
3551A Rutherford Road, Taylors, SC 29687
Phone 522-4750, fax 522-4755

Simpsonville Family Medicine
• Paul Dillon Jr., MD
• Alberto Lopez, MD
1336 Hwy. 14, Simpsonville, SC 29681
Phone 522-4700, fax 522-4705

Expanded Services
Prisma Health Gastroenterology & Liver Center has opened an office at 727 SE Main St., Suite 340, in Simpsonville (call 455-2888). It also provides services in Spartanburg at 2400 Boiling Springs Road (call 586-7560).

Prisma Health Pain Management also provides services in Spartanburg at 2400 Boiling Springs Road (call 599-0731).

An Ambulatory Congestive Heart Failure Clinic has opened at Carolina Cardiology Consultants, 877 W. Faris Road, Suite B, in Greenville (call 455-6983).

3-D mammography now is available at both Hillcrest and Greer Memorial Hospitals. This service also is offered at the Breast Health Center on Patewood Memorial Campus and at Prisma Health Outpatient Mammography on Faris Road in Greenville. For more information or to schedule a patient at any location, call 522-XRAY (9729).

Prisma Health Pediatric Urology now sees patients in Anderson at 2000 E. Greenville St., Suite 3500 (call 716-6490).

Deborah Metcalf, MD, is a Prisma Health Med-Peds doctor practicing at Clemson Primary Care (a practice of Baptist Easley), located at 101 Chapman Hill Road, Suite 201 (call 653-4071).

Nursing Excellence

2017: A Year of Nursing Excellence

Transformation, innovation and coordinated care best describe the 2017 nursing goals. And they reflect the vision of Prisma Health president Spence Taylor, MD, that we are all clinicians with responsibility to actively and collaboratively partner to provide seamless care to all patients in all settings at the right time—every time.

Key to the foundation of nursing practice at Prisma Health are the tenets of the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) Model of Practice: Transformational Leadership, Exemplary Professional Practice, Structural Empowerment, New Knowledge and Innovation, and Empirical Outcomes. Here are some 2017 highlights with research and evidence-based practice as the umbrella for practice:

Transformative Leadership (advocacy, influence and change)
• Greer Memorial Hospital admirably received ANCC Magnet Recognition® in 2017. Greenville Memorial Hospital eagerly prepared for its Magnet site visit (which has since occurred in January).
• Regional chief nursing officers were appointed to partner with physician and administrative officers in meeting the unique needs of local patients and communities.

Structural Empowerment
• Professional Practice Committees—the voice of Prisma Health frontline nurses—received leadership training and education to gain skills in aligning and advancing nursing practice.
• NDNQI (National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators) nurse engagement and satisfaction scores increased significantly—another sign of a participative leadership and practice environment!

Exemplary Professional Practice
• Prisma Health nurse-sensitive indicators improved measurably, meeting or exceeding Magnet program standards for nursing-sensitive quality outcomes.

Innovation, Education and Knowledge
• The Prisma Health-Clemson University partnership works to optimize the clinical learning environment for nursing students, facilitate workforce development and develop the pipeline for future Prisma Health registered nurses. The Clemson University School of Nursing building—named Clemson University Center for Nursing, Health Innovation and Research—under construction on the GMH campus physically connects to the USC School of Medicine Greenville building, reflecting our mission and vision for collaborative education with physicians and allied health professionals.
• We continue to embrace an environment of professional growth and education. The percentage of Prisma Health nurses with Bachelor of Science in Nursing degrees increased to 63.43%, impressive for an organization with over 4,500 nurses!
• Prisma Health standardized specialty certification reimbursement, including formal exam preparation.

FY 2017 was indeed a year for nursing excellence. Our achievements helped shape our FY 2018 goals for quality outcomes, workforce development, staffing and education. We have excellent nurses, leaders, physicians, and support clinicians who work together aligned in mission and personal passion to ensure quality outcomes in delivering compassionate patient- and family-centered care.

The bar for nursing practice appropriately continues to rise; we will rise with it for our patients and the communities we serve!


Michelle Taylor-Smith, MSN, RN, NE-BC, FACHE, Chief Nursing Officer

January Service Anniversaries

45 Years
Joye Hamby

40 Years
Dottie Barfield
Gail Chastain

35 Years
Barbara Carter
Alan Francis
Gail Griffith
Judy Hardy
Renita Williams

30 Years
Bridget Allen
Deborah Earnhardt
Linda Hawkins
Sheldon Herring
Ann Schaefer
Jessica Xavier

25 Years
Willie Mae Chapman
Cindy Coffey
Cassandra Gomes
Mary Ann Medwith
Mike Nix
Cindy Owens
Cindy Robertson

Bob Steck
Michelle Wilson
Shammie Young

20 Years
Kathleen Anderson
Leigh Belue
Mary Craig
Leanne Dorfner
Gabriele Holder
Margaret Kay
David Mackanich
Lisa Nolen
Vicki Peebles
John Simmons
Regina Taylor
Donna Tolan
Terry Turner
Marc Wideman

15 Years
Ashley Alexander
Barbara Ballenger
Carol Bell
Karen Dubash-Mulvaney
Michelle Eassy
Cassandra Fair
Mary Ellen Fischer
Jackie Foster
Kirk Hensarling

Kathy Holland
Brad Hoover
Shawn Ison
Shirley McDaniel
Linda Miller
Jesse Owens
Cathy Robinson
Dyan Rowland
Jo Stokes
Sharon Taylor
Cynthia Todd
Bonnie Whelchel
Nicole Williams

10 Years
Zenobia Abdul-Hakeem
Tracy Beam
Daniel Beasley
Jodi Chapman
Amanda Clark
Misty Dimas
Cassie Duncan
Regie Eller
Mike Francis
Thad Fricke
Barbara Gasbarra
John Gemmell
Tammy Gladson
Joe Golob
Keyshia Goodwin

Anne Greer
Myra Griggs
Jeannette Hardin
Gina Heaton
Tracey Herlong
Daniel Holden
Linda Holtzman
Tina Hoxie
Katie Hudson
Judy Jasaitis
Yonge Jones
Carla Jorgensen
Paula Lanham
Isabel Lopez
Melody Meisenbach
Joni Metler
Shirley Murphy
Lisa Naylor
Tina Pettry
Brenda Richards
Dena Riddle
Cicely Robinson
Nancy Salais
Delphine Skelton
Maya Smith
Katie Stogsdill
Scott Willie
Kisha Young

5 Years
Tracey Ale
Amber Allen

Emma Barnes
Kelli Berger
Peggy Brazell
Dudley Brown
Michelle Brown
Amanda Buckelew
Pat Byrd
Meisha Chapman
Mackenzie Clark
Ashley Clegg
Tequlia Clinkscales
Melody Cook
Rebecca Cooke
Jake Culbertson
Kristina Duncan
Melanie Durham
Patrick Fogarty
Vanessa Gallagher
Philip Ganss
Carolina Hernandez
Amanda Hoaglan
Suzy Hobbs
Candi Hooper
Erin Jones
Tiffany Jones
Christine Koop
Lauren Kroeger
Lauren Miller

Jeffrey Nalley
Lakeisha Nedwards
Lora Nelson
Brittany Nicholson
Allison Nickles
Kristi Owen
Nicole Owens
Enrico Pili
Candy Queen
Alicia Renna
Sue Repik
Kate Richardson
Jacki Roper
Cindy Roth
Millie Sanchez
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Angel Soulsby
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February Service Anniversaries

60 Years
Dean Benjamin

40 Years
Tammy Ayers
Shelba Padgett

30 Years
Barbara Blake
Paul Hanna
S. Grant Walker
Susan Wentzky

25 Years
Walter Ilderton

20 Years
Linda Carpenter
Kathy Quinn
Donald Rubenstein
Kimberly Sears
Jennifer Sightler
Judy Walker
Derilyn Wells
Wilma Zehner
Michael Zurenko

15 Years
Karen Andrews
Regina Barber
Anna Coban
Barry Elkins
Damaris Figueroa
Carla Greene
Nida Harris
Jamie Henderson
Kim Hudson
Michelle Hutcheson
Ginger James
Phyllis A. Jones
Bruce Lessey
Ginger McCleer
Tim McGuire
John Mills
Patti Morgan
Stacy Neal
Joanne Postulka
Bobby Reynolds
Martin Sandlin
Lauren Scealf
Candace Wohn

10 Years
Kelly Ann Allen
Christie Anderson
Joseph Bednar
Aaron Brock
Mary Burton
Tanya Camp
Tammy Cobb
Kim Coleman
Mark Crawford
Angel Dillard
Tammy Fowler
Kaye Freeman
Terri Gould
Cristy Hammer
David Hanselman
Shun Harper
Chris Housley
Sonya Jackson
Monica Kates
Catrina Kidd
Sharon Land
Candee Lang
Bena Lease
Carina McDonald
Matthew Mills

Kate Morrow
Brian New
Krista Painter
Donna Perkins
Lisa Purcell
Marguerite Quaranto
Jackie Robertson
Tammie Robinson
Mario Rogers
Nancy Schallhorn
Anita Simmons
Lindsay Swift
Holly Taylor
Donna Tinkham
Valerie Walker
Donna R. West
Amanda Whitaker
Adrianne Wilson
Jennifer F. Wilson
Rose Wilson

5 Years
Caroline Anders
Susan Ashley
Hillary Baker

April Barrow
Amanda Bowers
Pearl Brooks
Erin Browning
Peggy Buchanan
Luke Burchard
Lizzie Calk
Queenie Campbell
Renee Cato
Justin Childress
Melissa Clark
Libby Cox
Grant Craven
Keri Darnell
Elizabeth Davis
Jennifer Eller
Charles Gamble
Angela Hall
Dustin Harward
David Helms
Eva Hooper
Douglas Jackson
Beth Joseph
Louise Kellough
Marla Lang
Ann Leineweber

Kryston Markley
Oralee McGee
Travis Montgomery
Ashley Moon
Ben Moorhead
Andrea Moseley
Loretta Osborn
James S. Patterson
Ebony Paul
Tawana Rashard
Erin Reifeis
Freda Robinson
Dana Rutland
Pam Sawicki
Megan Shell
Heather Shippey
Kaitlin Skelton
Jerrica Speaks
Lauren Taylor
Chiquita Tribble
Ashley Warner
Sierra Williams
Tori Wilson
Herman Wood
Janet Wood
Todd Zusmer

Upcoming Events

National Stop the Bleed day
March 31—Greenville Memorial Hospital, Skarupa Community Room. Drop in anytime between 9 a.m.-noon for FREE 15-minute hands-on training session and learn how to recognize and stop life-threatening bleeding. Questions? Contact Mike Walls, Trauma Injury Prevention and Outreach coordinator, at or  455-5313.

Community Health Summit
April 7—TD Center, Greenville, 10 a.m.-2 p.m. The theme of this year’s event (formerly known as Minority Health Summit) is Community in Unity for Health Equity: Addressing Diabetes and Mental Health. Features include a youth/student focus on health careers, physician panel, cultural nutrition speakers, on-site community health partners, basic health screenings, health risk assessments and more. Lunch is included at this free event. Learn more or register at

Upstate Heart Walk
April 18—Downtown Greenville, 9:00 a.m. Join Team Prisma Health in this annual event to help fight heart disease and stroke. Learn more and register here.

5th Annual Care Coordination Institute Symposium
April 23-25—Hyatt Regency, Greenville. This annual event is geared toward thought leaders driving healthcare transformation, and is well attended by physicians, providers, administrators, employers, researchers and other professionals nationally. Register today to learn from industry innovators and leaders engaged in the transformation to value-based health care. Learn more or register here.

10th Annual Prisma Health Swamp Rabbit 5K
May 4—Gateway Park, Travelers Rest, 6:30 p.m. Hop on over to and sign up early for a $6 registration fee ($15 starting 4/28).

March for Babies
May 4—Fluor Field, 6:15 p.m. Join the Prisma Health team in this 3.1 mile walk to “help more babies be born healthy.” Learn more at

Dragon Boat Upstate Festival
May 5—Lake Hartwell. This annual benefits cancer research and survivorship programs at the Prisma Health Cancer Institute (Including Institute for Translational Oncology Research, Center for Integrative Oncology and Survivorship, and Center for Cancer Prevention and Wellness) and the South Carolina Ovarian Cancer Foundation.

Donate to Dragon Boat at Prisma Health Cafeterias
Support the Cancer Institute by donating to the Dragon Boat Upstate Festival at cash registers in all Prisma Health cafeterias. You can donate by using cash, debit or credit cards when purchasing items. Ask a cashier for more information.

See a full list of Prisma Health classes and events at

Community Connection

Angel Tree Branches Out
In December, angels across Prisma Health and throughout the community took part in the annual Angel Tree project sponsored by Patewood Medical Campus (PMC) to benefit patients served by Children’s Hospital Outpatient Center (CHOC).

Special thanks are extended to the many angels at Material Services at CHOC and PMC, Wound Care, Revenue Cycle, Steadman Hawkins, ATI Physical Therapy, CHOC Registration, CHOC and PMH Labs, Valiant Player, Engineering, The Hand Center, Anesthesia Services, Vascular Health, Fresh Water Systems, Boswell Water, Carolina Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics, Center for Developmental Services and Patewood Memorial Hospital.

2018 Angel Tree donations line the lobby at Patewood Medical Center's Building A.

This year, 55 children received Angel Tree gifts that included scooters, wagons and backpacks. Each child received a box of toys, clothes and other surprises as well as a variety of canned goods!

 Year  of Extraordinary Effort
Read about Prisma Health’ dedication and contribution to our communities in the system’s 2017 Report to the Greenville Health Authority.

We’re proud to announce that in this past year, we provided over $1 billion in care for Medicare and Medicaid patients (p. 5-7), provided $418+ million in total quantifiable community benefits (p. 5), and received significant recognition for our quality, safety and diversity initiatives (p. 21-22, 45-47).

Read the full report at

Children’s Hospital Honors WYFF 4
In December, Prisma Health named the playroom in Children’s Hospital in honor of WYFF 4. For over 25 years, WYFF 4 has helped Prisma Health raise awareness about organ donation, child safety, neurologic disorders and other healthcare issues. In 2006, the station partnered with Children’s Hospital to help make the system’s first Virtual Toy Drive a success.

For 11 years and counting, WYFF 4 has gifted on-air promotions and news broadcasts that have helped the Virtual Toy Drive raise funds to purchase equipment, clothes, toys, books, games, electronics and more for Children’s Hospital.

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