The View – September-October – 2018

Volume 68, Issue 5

September-October 2018

Welcome, Baptist Easley Hospital!

In fully integrating with Prisma Health, Baptist Easley Hospital will be able to enhance health care services for people in Easley and surrounding communities.

On Oct. 1, Baptist Easley Hospital fully integrated with Greenville Health System.

Founded in 1958, BEH first affiliated with Prisma Health through a joint venture with Palmetto Health 10 years ago.  In fully integrating with Prisma Health, Baptist Easley Hospital will be able to enhance health care services for people in Easley and surrounding communities.

We also anticipate greater opportunity for BEH team members. The hospital will continue to operate within the Prisma Health Western Region, which includes Anderson, Oconee and Pickens counties.

To help ensure a seamless transition, many teams worked tirelessly to implement Epic at BEH by Oct. 1. Through MyChart, Epic allows patients to access their medical information, schedule appointments and communicate with physicians through a secure web portal. Epic also allows all providers caring for a patient to collaborate through one shared medical record, which improves patient safety and quality of care.

The hospital is served by 731 team members. It has 109 beds and offers surgery, obstetrics, orthopaedics, emergency medicine, plus imaging and diagnostics (including the latest stereotactic biopsy technology).

Easley Medical Campus includes a 40,000-square-foot outpatient services facility and a 4,000-square-foot diagnostic cardiac catheterization laboratory.

We also welcome the medical practices affiliated with Baptist Easley Hospital.

The hospital’s full integration with Prisma Health also is a benefit to Prisma Health team members who live in Easley and work elsewhere; they now have access to more Prisma Health services where they and their families can receive care close to home.

Baptist Easley Hospital
200 Fleetwood Drive
Easley, SC 29640


President's Report

October marks the start of a new fiscal year for Prisma Health, and with it comes new opportunities to strengthen our commitment to our patients, their families and our communities.

FY2019 will be especially exciting as we begin our transition to the Upstate Affiliate of Prisma Healthsm. Our new focus on building one organization with affiliates in Greenville and Columbia will allow us to improve the health of South Carolinians, increase access to care, enhance the patient experience and address rising health care costs. This truly is an unparalleled opportunity for all of us.

“We have the opportunity to make a greater impact on more lives than ever before, and none of this will be possible without you—our talented and highly skilled team members.”

Change can be hard to embrace. I challenge you to be open and curious. Consider how becoming Prisma Health is the next stage in our evolution and very much in keeping with our historic mission to provide high-quality care for all. In fact, now we have the opportunity to make a greater impact on more lives than ever before, and none of this will be possible without you—our talented and highly skilled team members.

I would like to take a moment to acknowledge the hard work of everyone across the organization over the past fiscal year. Despite political and financial challenges, you have remained committed to making a difference in the lives of those we serve. On behalf of our patients, their families and our communities, thank you for all you do.

Spence M. Taylor, MD

Quick Takes

Hometown: Newberry, SC

Family: spouse Lisa, daughter Avery, and two boys: Warren and Matthew

Work/life balance: Enjoying time outdoors with his family, including attending Clemson sporting events

Leadership Profile

Todd Walker, President, Baptist Easley Hospital

Shepherding Baptist Easley Hospital to full integration with Prisma Health wasn’t BEH president Tod Walker’s first rodeo. He came on board as director of Operations at Laurens County Memorial Hospital in 2014 just about a year after that hospital joined Prisma Health and the same year that Prisma Health initiated the process of switching to Epic electronic medical records.

Walker knew the tremendous effort that it would take to bring the new EMR system on board. And he knew that in the long run, it would prove invaluable for patients, providers and the organization as a whole.

“Our transition to full integration with Prisma Health is a game changer for our patients, emphasized Walker. “Transitioning to Epic as part of our move to Prisma Health also makes it easier for specialty physicians to come into this community because they are on the same EMR.  “That will allow us to offer our patients more services closer to home—anytime you can accomplish that, it’s a big deal.”

Walker was named campus president in October 2016. He brought with him the experience and knowledge he had gained at LCMH as well as at Oconee Medical Center (before it joined Prisma Health) where he began his career in hospital administration and worked for nine years before joining LCMH.

While his business expertise is founded in identifying, measuring and improving efficiencies through performance improvement, his first commitment is to patients and to the Baptist Easley Hospital team members who take care of them. In January, the hospital received the Strategy for Wellbeing Platinum award from the South Carolina Hospital Association’s Working Well Initiative. This recognition honors hospitals that achieve excellence in workplace wellness and support optimal team member health.

He joins team members in their excitement about being a part of Prisma Health as Prisma Health’s Upstate affiliate. This increases opportunities for them to grow and advance professionally, he explained, adding they also are are excited to play a part in the big picture that is at the heart of Prisma Health’s goals.

“When I hear Prisma Health leadership talk about the big idea—improving the health of South Carolina—it’s awesome to think that we are part of a venture that is so noble. Our team members are excited for the opportunity to help impact that change.”


A New World of Benefits
2019 Prisma HealthSM Benefits

Bringing Greenville Health System and Palmetto Health together as Prisma Health will strengthen our ability to improve health for South Carolinians. It also means new opportunities for improving the lives of those who will make that happen—our team members.


Open Enrollment 

Wed., Oct. 24-Wed., Nov. 19.

Through the Benefits Value Survey, you shared that benefits could be better—and which benefits you valued the most. The 2019 benefits package reflects your input, offering more coverage, more value and more choice.

What is familiar for Prisma Health team members?
While much is different, the 2019 benefit plans will have a familiar feel:

• Team members working 16+ hours per week are eligible for medical benefits.
• A similar health plan structure with comparable or lower premiums is featured.
• Lower prescription copays, mail order prescriptions through Upstate Pharmacy™ are available.
• Prudential remains the retirement plan administrator.
• The flexible spending account option is still available.
• Tuition assistance, adoption assistance, wellness education and discount program remain.

What’s New?
A lot! Here are some highlights:

• Allegiance (a division of Cigna) is our third-party administrator.
• Four health plans; choose which meets your coverage needs and the deductible you feel comfortable with.
• A wellness screening and health assessment are not required for discounted premiums.
• New dental and vision plan vendors; each offers two plans.
• You have the option to have a flexible spending account or a health savings account.
• New supplemental programs, including AFLAC, a popular request from team members, are available.
• Prisma Health Perks will be the new employee discount program. Look for more savings and discounts. Coming soon: the Prisma Health Perks app.

Keeping You Informed
There are many benefits changes this year for Prisma Health and Palmetto Health team members. The benefits team has worked hard to make sure that you have as many opportunities as possible to learn more and ask questions.  The new Prisma Health benefits website,, is a one-stop resource where you can learn about the plans, enroll for 2019 benefits, and find help for your questions.

Enrollment Reminders
To participate in the 2019 benefits plan, you must enroll. Remember to add your beneficiaries when you elect coverage.

Enroll online anywhere you have an internet connection at, (not eNet). Or, let a benefits counselor help you enroll during a one-on-one session.

Manage your benefits on the go. Download the SmartBen NOW app (free on the App Store and Google Play). Watch for activation instructions.

Where to Find Help
Go to the Questions page on to find schedules for education sessions and benefit fairs, book an appointment with a benefits counselor and browse FAQs.

More questions?
Call the Benefits Service Center
toll-free at 1-844-647-6570
8 a.m.- 6 p.m. Monday-Friday.
Or, email


MyHFN Among Top ACOs Providing Top Care

Prisma Health is a proud member of MyHealth First Network® (MyHFN), an accountable care organization (ACO) that aims to deliver the right care at the right time while managing health care costs. Recently, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) announced the 2017 performance year results for the Medicare Shared Savings Program, an initiative that encourages Medicare ACOs to better coordinate patient care and reduce costs. MyHFN earned a quality score of 97.94% from CMS and achieved $16.3 million in shared savings!

Medicare ACOs are groups of doctors, hospitals and other providers who come together voluntarily to coordinate high-quality care for their Medicare patients. When an ACO demonstrates achievement of high-quality care and wiser spending of health care dollars, it is able to share in the savings generated for Medicare

MyHFN—the largest and first of its kind in South Carolina—ranks in the top 5% nationally in number of patients served and savings generated. It’s among the 163 ACOs nationally that generated more than $1.7 billion in shared savings during the 2017 performance year.

The network includes more than 2,300 providers across 13 counties who share the common goal to improve health outcomes, reduce costs and enhance the patient experience. Members include independent providers as well as systems and hospitals such as Abbeville Area Medical Center, Newberry County Memorial Hospital and Self Regional Healthcare.


Stellar Service


April Combs, advanced clinical practice assistant/Family Medicine‒Mountain View, was recognized for attending to a man who had collapsed in a grocery store. Combs gently questioned the man’s wife and calmly gave instructions to others. When EMS arrived, Combs relayed the medication the man was taking and the care that she and others in the store had provided. A witness to the event sent in the nomination describing Combs’ actions. “I just want Prisma Health to know how one of their employees stepped up,” she noted.

Zack Cousins, RN, Emergency Trauma Center/GMH, was recognized by a co-worker for his compassionate attention to a long-term patient. On his day off, Cousins brought lunch to a patient who had been in the center for several weeks and stayed to visit with the patient. “If that isn’t the most loving, selfless act! This is what we as ER nurses should all strive for,” the co-worker wrote in the star nomination for Cousins. “Zack is an incredibly smart, compassionate and caring nurse.”

Currie Wagner, RN, Coronary Care Unit/GMH, demonstrated empathy and kindness to a grieving parent. When a young adult patient died, the mother asked for her daughter’s final heartbeat. Currie printed the heartbeat chart from the monitor and rolled it into a scroll. She then placed the scroll into a tiny bottle with a string attached to it. She gave the bottle to the patient’s mom, calling it a “heartbeat in a bottle.” The patient’s mother was very thankful for the heartfelt gift.


Sheila Craig, RN, Prisma Health Radiology, along with Ervin Lowther, MD, listened carefully to a mom’s request to procure special needles to use for her son’s spinal injection. He has this procedure several times a year to receive medication for his condition. Each injection had been followed by complications. The mom had read that the special needle was reported to reduce the type of complications her son experienced. Craig took the initiative to research the needle and talk to a doctor who was familiar with it.

Ervin Lowther, MD, neuroradiologist/Prisma Health Radiology, along with Sheila Craig, RN, touched the heart of the parent of a young patient. In Dr. Lowther’s star nomination, the mother described his diligence to make sure the needles were at GMH for her son’s procedure and his insistence that they be kept in stock. Thanks to the use of the new needle, her son’s complications were reduced dramatically. To Dr. Lowther and to Craig, this mom wrote, “Thank you for taking the time and caring about your patients!”

Anna Fridy, RN, administrative supervisor/Patewood Memorial Hospital, realized something was amiss when a car pulled up to the hospital entrance the wrong way. A man had rushed his expectant wife to the hospital. Fridy saw there was no time to move the patient and delivered the baby in the car. Once the mom, dad and baby were safely settled into a room, Fridy went back to clean their car. She not only helped deliver this baby, but she also made sure the family car was tidy for the ride home.

Stephen Gardner, MD, neurosurgeon/Southeastern Neurosurgical & Spine Institute, was described in a star nomination as “an awesome MD to have as a part of our Prisma Health team!” A former patient asked to speak to Dr. Gardner about his care, even though his current condition was not in Dr. Gardner’s specialty. Dr. Gardner was out of town, but cut short his personal time to drive to Greenville Memorial Hospital. He reunited with the patient and, in a most compassionate way, helped him make a difficult decision.

Volunteers of the Month

Al Sherbert is the Volunteer of the Month for September. Sherbert has volunteered the last two years in the Surgery Waiting Area at Greenville Memorial Hospital. His volunteer service follows 30 years as a hospital chaplain. He brings extensive knowledge and understanding of the Prisma Health culture and the community we serve. Compassionate and understanding, he is ready to listen and help in any way. He recently received the 2018 Edna T. Childers Award for outstanding volunteer service.

Kaye Martell is the Volunteer of the Month for October. Martell has been the driving force behind the volunteer pet therapy program at Prisma Health, which began as her vision in 2005. This thriving program brings companionship, joy and hope to patients and families as well as “healing” moments for team members. Martell regularly takes time from her duties as the program’s coordinator to visit pediatric and adult patients with canine companion Phoebe.

Standard of the Month

This issue’s COMPASSION standard is ‘secure a safe environment.” We demonstrate that we care when we follow standard protocols for safety and are informed about potential risks, how to prevent them, and what to do when they happen.

For one week in September, many of us were glued to the Weather Channel wondering what Hurricane Florence would bring. Throughout the week, Prisma Health posted daily updates on what it was doing to support systemwide preparedness and response. Each update also included storm safety information and links on how to be safe at work and at home.

Thankfully, the Upstate missed the brunt of Florence. But the message “be prepared” is key to securing a safe environment for patients, visitors and co-workers and ourselves—at all times.

How do we do that? Stay current with annual safety training. Follow the safety policies for your area. Promptly report and correct safety hazards or find someone who can. Know your department’s emergency plan and your role.


Brent Egan, MD, VP of Research for the Care Coordination Institute, has received the Marvin Moser Clinical Hypertension Award from the American Heart Association. This honor recognizes a clinician whose career has been dedicated to treating and caring for patients with high blood pressure. Dr. Egan was presented the award during the Joint Hypertension 2018 Scientific Sessions on September 5.

(l-r) Jan Basile, MD, past president, American Society of Hypertension; Dr. Egan; Joey Granger, PhD, chair, AHA Hypertension Council. Photo courtesy AHA/Todd Buchanan 2018.

2018 Caregiver of the Year
In September, the Greenville Children’s Hospital Advisory Council honored the 2018 Caregivers of the Year at its annual banquet. The Caregiver of the Year award recognizes individuals who model hard work, dedication and commitment to serving the patients and families of Prisma Health Children’s Hospital.

2018 Caregiver of the Year recipients: (back row, l-r) Allison Gosnell, RN, Pediatric Hematology/Oncology; Stephanie Tindle, PT, DPT, Kidnetics®; Kim Cummings, RN, Case Management. (front row l-r) Sheila Walters, RN, Bryan Neonatal ICU; Yorleny Salazar, Language School.
2018 Caregiver of the Year recipients: (back row, l-r) Allison Gosnell, RN, Pediatric Hematology/Oncology; Stephanie Tindle, PT, DPT, Kidnetics®; Kim Cummings, RN, Case Management. (front row l-r) Sheila Walters, RN, Bryan Neonatal ICU; Yorleny Salazar, Language School.

Honoring Years of Service
During the annual service awards banquet, Prisma Health honored those employees who celebrated 20 or more years of service with the system over the last 12 months. The two longest serving employees over the last 12 months are Shirley Crawford, director of Medical Staff Services, who marked 50 years this past May, and Dean Benjamin, supervisor of the Microbiology Lab, who celebrated 60 years in February.

Crawford began at Prisma Health in the Chaplain’s Office in 1968; 18 months later, she joined Medical Staff Services as the department’s first full-time assistant. Benjamin was a 19-year-old graduate of Prisma Health Medical Technology School when she joined the system. From the advent of computers and cellphones to Prisma Health’ emergence as a major academic health center, both women have witnessed tremendous changes during their tenures.

Spence Taylor, MD, Prisma Health president, congratulates Shirley Crawford on 50 years of service.
Spence Taylor, MD, Prisma Health president, congratulates Shirley Crawford on 50 years of service.
Dean Benjamin reflects on her 60 years at Prisma Health.


Joy of Giving

The Joy of Giving Program gives Prisma Health team members an opportunity to help a Prisma Health family experiencing severe financial distress by buying gifts for children who would otherwise not receive them.

Individuals and groups may go to the Joy of Giving website on Plexus between Nov. 9 and Dec. 7 to select families to sponsor. Learn more at Questions? Email

Annual EMT Disaster Drill

On Aug. 24, University of South Carolina School of Medicine Greenville hosted its seventh annual EMT drill. This exercise tests the readiness of local emergency responders through realistic simulations of life-threatening events and is a culmination of first-year medical students’ EMT training.

Patewood Birthplace Celebrates Its First Year

The Family Birthplace–Patewood marked its first birthday the last week in September—with several babies introduced to the Prisma Health family just in time for the celebration. #pmhbabies.


Spence Taylor, MD, and Prisma Health president, cuddles his new granddaughter, who was born at The Family Birthplace–Patewood in time for its first-year celebration.

Prisma Health Night at the Drive!

Storm clouds gave way to sunshine as Prisma Health Night at the Drive got underway Aug. 21 at Fluor Field. This annual event celebrates team members from across the Upstate. From honoring Magnet status and welcoming Clemson University Nursing and University of South Carolina School of Medicine Greenville students, to friendly competition on the field, we had a great time with our partners, the Greenville Drive!

Prisma Health nurses (l-r) Cynthia Trout, MSN, BSN, RN, CRRN; Wanda Foster, MSN, RN; and Abbie Fant, BSN, RN, sang the national anthem. With them is Alex Guest, director of Game Entertainment for the Greenville Drive
Prisma Health nurses (l-r) Cynthia Trout, MSN, BSN, RN, CRRN; Wanda Foster, MSN, RN; and Abbie Fant, BSN, RN, sang the national anthem. With them is Alex Guest, director of Game Entertainment for the Greenville Drive
Comprehensive Sickle Cell Disease Program

This program, led by Prisma Health pediatric hematologist/oncologist Alan Anderson, MD, is the first of its kind in the Upstate. It provides care in the same location and by the same team for all patients with sickle cell disease—from children to adults. Inpatient and outpatient services are offered. Appointments are by doctor referral. Read the Greenville News story here:

The address is 900 W. Faris Road, Greenville. Phone number is 455-5680. Learn more at

Christie Pediatric Group Offers Expanded Hours

Christie Pediatric Group has expanded its hours to offer early morning appointments at both locations. The Mills Avenue site will offer appointments beginning at 7 a.m. Wednesdays, and the Maxwell Pointe/Highway 14 office will open at 7 a.m. Thursdays. To schedule an appointment, call 1-844-447-3627.

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Nursing Excellence

Transforming Clinical Practice and Education
15th Annual Research Symposium

For the past 15 years, the Prisma Health Nursing Research Council has collaborated with area organizations to provide a forum for sharing new knowledge in evidence-based practice and nurse-led research. The symposium, targeted to nurses, other health care professionals, faculty and students, draws attendees from across the state.

This year’s event took place Sept. 28 at Greenville Technical College’s Barton Campus. Ellen Fineout-Overholt, PhD, RN, FNAP, FAAN, professor of Nursing at University of Texas at Tyler, was the keynote speaker. Her presentation, “How to Apply Evidence to Practice,” received outstanding feedback on post-symposium evaluations. There were 99 attendees at the event.

Panelists and presenters represented clinical and academic nurse researchers from Prisma Health, Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System, University of South Carolina, Clemson University, Medical University of South Carolina, Anderson University and University of South Carolina Upstate.

The symposium is sponsored by AHEC. Along with Prisma Health, collaborating organizations include the Nursing Research Council of AnMed Health, Nursing Division of Greenville Technical College, and Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing.

Angie Bergstrom, BSN, RN, co-authored this research poster with fellow Prisma Health nurses Sheryl Sheriff, MSN, RN and Geralyn McDonough MA, BSN, RN.
Angie Bergstrom, BSN, RN, co-authored this research poster with fellow Prisma Health nurses Sheryl Sheriff, MSN, RN and Geralyn McDonough MA, BSN, RN.

Nursing Achievement Report

A special Prisma Health nursing report covering October 2016-March 2018 is available online at Nursing Achievements Report (October 2016-March 2018). This report summarizes nursing’s commitment to excellence through examples of leadership, knowledge, caring and innovation throughout the system.

September Service Anniversaries

45 Years
Melinda Davis
Joyce Goldsmith
Karen Hudson
Thelma Stewart
Debbie Taylor

40 Years
Angela Burke
Patricia Chapman
Pretrenia Edwards
Alice Riddle
Anthony Rucker

35 Years
Cindy Abercrombie
Ron Gibson
George Sweet

30 Years
Mary Beth Parsons
Laura Sweatt
Toni Warnick
Helena Williams

25 Years
Corazon Hernandez
Brenda Stribble
Meg Wood

20 Years
Christine Atkinson
Troy Beavers
Laurie Burch
Cyndi Carter
Jay Crockett
Greg Garrett
Wendy Jackson
Lori Denise Leonard
Tami Mann
Nita Olson
Christie Osment
Bill Schillizzi
Veronique Thomason
Jerry Youkey

15 Years
Mary Ashmore
Cindy Burns
Patrick Culumovic
Mary Jo Fleischman
Kevin Gilroy
Carol Harvell
Toya Johnson
Candace Kennett
Hunter Leigh
Martha Marquez
Robin Miller
Tracy Morris
Gene Orlikowski

Ed Rapp
Jon Richards
Barbara Troyer
Vicki Walton
Wendy Whitaker

10 Years
La Juan Ariail
Beth Bartlett
Christine Bennett
Magdy Beshay
Sue Beswick
Tracy Boileau
Linda Booth
Jo Anne Brackley
Nichole Bryant
Christie Camden
Kelly Carlisle
Robin Carlisle
Lorie Clark
Christopher Crocker
Wanda Durham
Abony Elledge
Erica Forward
Bridgott Foster
Cindy Garnett
Tiffany Glaster
Andrew Graves
Kendra Hall
Cathy Harris

Tamara Harrison
Kevin Hoesli
Daniel Ide
Cheryl Jones
Katherine Kennedy
Aileen Martin
Mary McGee
Teresa Mills
Tammie Milton
Beverly Morrow
Cheryl Pigate
Amanda Pope
Allison Price
Laurie Quinones
Kathleen Roberson
Tami Scholten
Brayton Shirley
Kandy Stevenson-Black
Aqil Surka
Lisa Trammell
Carol Waters
Reagan Watson
Jennifer Winner
Kay Young

5 Years
Grace Baker
Van Bowen
Samantha Bradley
Rebecca Brotherton

Audrey Brown
Marianne Brown
Toni Cannady
Joe Castillo
Ferris Chappell
Nicole Clinton
Emily Coggins
Sherree Crawford
James Davis
Tammy Dowdy
Tia Downs
Jeff Edwards
Dustin Ertl
Jahel Estrada
Angela Franklin
Karen Garrels
Heather Garren
Alyssa Gestring
Thomas Graf
Ansley Grounsell
Charlotte Hall
Mandy Harkness
Kymberly Hawn
Valerie Henderson
Brenda Jackson
Tessa Kelley
Carolyn Kelly
Tyler Layton
Randy Lydick
Stacy McLilly
Sue Miarecki

Jessica Mitchum
Porsche Moore
Ladawn Morgan
Yolanda Morton
Laura Nall
Gabriel Nicholson
Marie Ordonez
Laura Partridge
Joshua Poetz
Jonita Prince
Monica Rankin
Lynn Rogers
Rebecca Shoaf
Robin Simpkins
Terri Sippel
Cathy Smith
Angelica Soberon-Cassar
Angel Speaks
Ashley Spurgeon
Michael Sridhar
Jessica Sullivan
Robin Varghese
Lynda Vedders
Shun Vernon
Kerri West
Christina Williamson
Arthur Wood
Michelle Yopp

October Service Anniversaries

40 Years
Debra Kennon
Cathy Rogers

35 Years
Betty Ann Duncan
Mark Purcell
Dennis Wells

30 Years
Pat Arms
Wally Burnett
Cathy Dust
Willie Jackson
William Lee
Judy Simpson
Melba Stephens
Gary Williams

25 Years
Crystal Cockfield
Kay Gambrell
Sylvia Goodwin
Dawn Mahon
Nica McGee
Carmen Quintero

20 Years
Sally Bost
Tim Brown
Karen Cantu
Leslie Childers
Shannon Dunston
David Goetz
David Gray
Jim Hartman
Shellie Manfre
Angie McDaniel
Sharon Mendenhall
Billie Jo Mitchell
Diane Patterson
Ann Reese
Vivian Rolon
Michelle Snipes
Sharon Wright

15 Years
Karlee Benson
Kristin Boyd
Debbie Carroll
Jane Cooper
Jenene Davis
Tracie Fisher
Clara Gilchrist

Malisha Hardy
Sharon Knight
Teresa Leopard
Anita Louris
Kathy Maghan
Katrina McLean
Tosha Morales
Libby Morgan
Lisa Oliver
Lori Opperman-Earle
Kathy Parton
Kristie Russell
Jennifer Thomas
Jim Weinzettel
Janet Wyatt

10 Years
Jennifer Baker
Tammy Black
Richard Braun
Stephanie Brown
April Buchanan
Karen Clisham
Gladys Davis
Dianne Dillon
Linda Dodgens

David Dorn
Misty Edwards
Kerri Frady
Rosie Gaddy
Nichole Green
Rosa Guild
Kaycie Henderson
Kimberly Keen
Lacy Kelly
Sarah Lane
Katie Lawrence
Scott Mansfield
Kimberly Mattison
Mike McAlister
Joy McDaniel
Janet Michalske
Russell Moss
Veronica Nevel
Robin Powell
Violet Ray
Reda Reilly
John Scott
Sheila Shepherd
Andre Taylor
Sandra Washington
Sanjiv Wijenaike

5 Years
Tess Allen
Telicia Allen
Jennifer Baxter
Katie Beers
Libby Boerger
Kim Breshears
Shon Brink
David Browning
Joshua Bryant
Racheal Byers
Francie Caldwell
Michelle Caudell
Jessi Coombs
Meredith Craig
Katelyn Craigo
Kari Cross
Ann Dellavalle
Jeanne Earp
Dustin Evancho
Alex Ewing
Michaelia Gassaway
Beklyn Gillespie
James Grinnell
Kaci Halphen
Jennifer Harper

Angie Howard
Brittney Howell
Robert Jeffries
Mariah Jones
Debra Kitchens
Lois Korn
Melinda Lavallee-Turner
Kelly Lee
Debra Lyon
Rebekah McCartney
Michael O’Neill
Milagros Perez
Diane Rhoden
John Robledo
Ada Rodriguez
Edward Shumate
Brad Simmons
Thomas Sligh
Anne Spinelli
Toshia Valentine
Lee Verbeke
Krista Wesley
Debra Wilde
Connie Wilson
Amanda Wray

Upcoming Events

Open Enrollment: Now through Nov. 14
Find details on benefit plans, benefit fairs and education sessions on

Get Your Flu Vaccine
All employees are required to take the seasonal flu vaccine by Nov. 14. Go to Plexus
for more information, including dates and times when vaccines will be offered on Prisma Health campuses.

November Town Hall Meetings
Watch the What’s Happening at Prisma Health e-newsletter and Corporate Communication
email for dates, times and locations.

Run4Life 5K
Nov. 3—Caine Halter Family YMCA, 8:30 a.m. This 5K walk/run and one-mile walk takes place at the Caine Halter YMCA and raises funds for the Cancer Society of Greenville County and Prisma Health Institute for Translational Oncology Research.

Veterans Day Celebration
Nov. 9—Greenville Memorial Hospital, 11 a.m. Join us in recognizing the men and
women who have served in our nation’s armed forces.

TreesGreenville Turkey Day 8K & 5K
Nov. 22—Make plans now to walk or run in this 8K or 5K on Thanksgiving Day in
downtown Greenville! Register here.

Oconee Memorial Hospital 15th Annual Christmas Tree Festival
Nov. 27-29—Tree viewing at Best Western Plus, Clemson, SC. Enter a winter wonderland of trees, wreaths and centerpieces, and browse through a holiday market. The event offers both free and ticketed activities. Proceeds benefit Prisma Health Hospice of the Foothills.

24th Annual Baptist Easley Hospital Foundation Festival of Trees
Dec. 4-29—Baptist Easley Hospital Atrium. An illumination ceremony kicks off this event Dec. 4 at 6 p.m. in the hospital’s atrium. Santa will be present from 5:30-7 p.m. Light refreshments will be served. All proceeds from the Festival of Trees support the Patient Care Fund at Baptist Easley Hospital. Learn more.

HealthCenter Tips for Healthy Living
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See a full list of Prisma Health classes and events at

Community Connections

Take a Loved One to the Doctor Day
Prisma Health hosted this annual event Sept. 22. It was a great success, thanks to our Prisma Health doctors, nurses, clinicians, other team members and community health partners—all gave their time and service to take care of the health needs of those who require it most.

More than 200 people took part in the event. Many who came for health screenings and assessments were from underserved areas and at high risk for chronic diseases.

Tests and Screenings Performed
• 70 prostate exams
• 96 A1c blood tests for diabetes
• 100 blood pressure/BMI checks
• 20-25 dental/oral health screenings
• 92 kidney screenings with urinalysis

(front row, second from right) Melinda Gillispie, MSN, RN, manager, Prisma Health Multicultural Affairs and Pipeline Initiatives, poses with Prisma Health prostate screening lab staff, language interpreters and nurse navigators. Joining the group are members of Greenville S.C. Alumni Chapter Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc., who educated men about prostate exams, helped them complete registration forms and escorted them to the mobile clinic for screenings by Prisma Health clinicians.
Representatives are shown from the seven Laurens County agencies.

LCMH Endowment Benefits Laurens County Agencies
Each year, Prisma Health presents Laurens County Memorial Hospital (LCMH) with endowment funds to distribute to community organizations at the discretion of the hospital’s board. To be eligible for consideration, agencies must spend funds in programs that improve community and population health in Laurens County.

Seven Laurens County health groups will benefit from this year’s endowment: Bell Federation for the Blind, Bridging the Gap, Good Shepherd Free Medical Clinic, Hospice of Laurens County, Laurens County Cancer Association, Laurens County Home for the Aged and the Laurens County Future Scholarship Program.

The groups were recognized Aug. 21 at the Laurens County Chamber Business After Hours, hosted by LCMH.

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