Employee Resource Groups

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are voluntary, employee-led groups that serve as a resource for both the members and GHS as a whole. The Diversity Department sponsors several employee resource groups. These groups, which were founded by GHS employees, are inclusive and open to all employees.

African American Women – The mission of the African American Network is to support African American employees personally and professionally by encouraging mentoring, coaching and service to the community. African American network, formerly African American Women, has changed its name and mission in an attempt to be more inclusive of our diverse African American employees.

GHS Veterans Association – The mission of the GHS’ Veterans Association is to be a voice for GHS veterans by providing awareness and support concerning the needs of veterans and their families.

GHS Young Professionals – The mission of the Greenville Health System Young Professionals (GHSYP) is to improve engagement and retention of young professionals at GHS through leadership development, community involvement and social connection.

The Levi S. Kirkland, Sr., MD Society – The mission of Greenville Health System’s Levi S. Kirkland Sr., MD Society is to collaborate with individuals and institutions to facilitate the success of healthcare educators, administrators, and providers as they work to improve the compassionate, innovative, and quality-filled care provided to our minority communities.

Women in Medicine and Science – The Women in Medicine and Science Council exists to support ensure leadership development and career advancement opportunities for women physicians and women faculty, increase recognition of women physicians and women faculty for their scholarship, educational, research, and clinical contributions, promote equality, work-life balance, and a healthy work environment, and retention of women physicians and women faculty and foster mentorship and networking among women physicians and women faculty.