Focus on Current and Future Workforce

Current Workforce: GHS Employees

Our goal is to promote excellent working relationships among employees and an environment of care that respects diversity. We work to recruit, hire and retain an employee population that represents the communities we serve.

GHS trains all new employees in the areas of diversity and patient- and family-centered care during orientation. We acknowledge and properly deal with issues and concerns related to diversity issues. GHS supports community initiatives to benefit diversity and inclusion of all patients.

If you are interested in working at GHS, please visit our employment page.

Future Workforce: Recruitment


GHS is a founding member of the Diversity Recruitment Consortium (DRC). The DRC is comprised of organizations in South Carolina who are committed to recruiting diverse and talented professionals to the state of South Carolina. The members of the DRC work to implement a model where a fair picture of lifestyle in the state is demonstrated through formalized initiatives and actions.


Future Workforce: Students

In our ongoing efforts to increase diversity in the health professions, GHS recognizes that it starts with health professions schools.

We work closely with the University of South Carolina School of Medicine Greenville’s Admission and Student Affairs staff to ensure a diverse and inclusive student population.

The Diversity Department works to recruit and retain a diverse student body. Additionally, diversity topics are integrated into the University of South Carolina School of Medicine Greenville’s curriculum.

Diversity Celebrations

GHS celebrates various cultural celebrations throughout the year. Among these are:
• Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday (January)
• Black History Month (February)
• Women’s History Month (March)
• Hispanic Heritage Celebration  (September 15th – October 15th)
• Veterans Day (November)