State of Culture & Inclusion

An Invitation for Curiosity

Prisma Health—Upstate’s (formerly Greenville Health System) Diversity Committee’s mission is to optimize the health care delivery environment by fostering openness and curiosity toward diverse viewpoints in which we express empathy and an inclusive spirit for all in pursuit of a shared vision for vitality and wellness for our clinicians and the communities we serve.

A genuine appreciation of our differences is the ultimate goal. A healthy affirmation of those differences is a minimum. Basic respect of those differences is a must.

Congratulations Center for Pediatric Medicine!

Furman University’s Riley Institute has selected the Center for Pediatric Medicine to receive its annual Upstate Diversity Leadership Award in the Business category! This practice was named for exemplifying a business that internally models diversity management and serves as a community diversity champion. The award will be presented May 28 at the Hyatt Regency.