Make Healthy Food Choices

When you lead a busy lifestyle, it can be challenging to always eat healthy. If you occasionally indulge in fast food, try to make healthy substitutions when possible.


Small Changes Can Lead to Big Benefits

Instead of: French fries . . . Try: Baked fries salted lightly or fruits and veggies
Instead of: Ice cream . . . Try: Yogurt, sorbet, fresh fruit smoothies
Instead of: Fried chicken . . . Try: Baked or grilled chicken
Instead of: Doughnuts or pastries . . . Try: Bagels, English muffins, home-baked goods with less sugar
Instead of: Chocolate-chip cookies . . . Try: Graham crackers, fig bars, vanilla wafers, fruit and caramel dip
Instead of: Potato chips . . . Try: Baked chips, vegetable chips, nuts

Additional helpful tips:

Avoid sodas, milkshakes or sweetened coffee drinks filled with sugar and caffeine. Diet soda is a bad alternative because it contains artificial sweeteners that can be associated with weight gain.

Order foods (such as pizza) individually. Doing so satisfies cravings without overindulging.

Look for meals such as chicken and vegetables or spaghetti with tomato sauce in a sit-down restaurant.

Think about sides with your meal. Healthier choices include grilled vegetables, side salads, a baked potato, fresh fruit cup, corn on the cob or apple slices.