Pillar Report Card

At GHS, our fiscal year goals and measures are tied to six pillars of excellence: people, experience, quality, engagement, finance and academics. Below is a scorecard of our performance in FY 2017. Green indicates the target was met; red signifies an opportunity for improvement.


We work to transform health care.

Measurement Metric Target Actual
Annual Employee Opinion Survey Percent Participation 87% 89.0%
Wellness Measure: A1c Percent Reduction 3% 4.2%


We make patients and families the focus of everything we do.

Measurement Metric Target Actual
Inpatient Satisfaction Average &-ile Rank of 8 HCAHPS Domains 73rd %-ile 69th %-ile
Physician Practices Average &-ile Rank of UMG Physician Practice Scores 58th %-ile 54th %-ile
Emergency Services Average &-ile Rank of ES Scores 46th %-ile 17th %-ile


We provide right care at the right time and in the right place.


Measurement Metric Target Actual
CAUTIs 25% Reduction <52 47
Magnet® Journey Desired Outcome Made at Greer & GMH Toward Magnet Designation Magnet Status Achieved at Greer & GMH Site Visit Scheduled Achieved
C-diff Cases 15% Reduction <205 169


We partner with many communities to improve health.

Measurement Metric Target Actual
MyChart Use % Account Activation 25% 28%


We responsibly direct our resources to support our mission.

Measurement Metric Target Actual
Operating Margin* Operating Margin* 1.0% 1.3%
Per Member Per Month Spend Average Spend <$507 $496

*Operating margin represents operating income divided by total revenue. Total revenue includes Net Patient Service Revenue and other revenue such as philanthropic contributions. Operating income includes total revenue less all expenses incurred to operate a hospital. A healthy operating margin is necessary for a hospital to invest in capital and technology and further position it to meet the needs of its constituents.


We educate to transform health care.

Measurement Metric Target Actual
Peer-reviewed Journal Articles with GHS Attribution/Identification Number of Articles Published 250 312
Conscious Professionalism Survey 19% Increase from 2016 Survey Participation 5,645 19,051

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