Endowed Chair Brings Big Benefits

FASTER CLINICAL TRAINING: Using simulation training and distance learning allows more medical, nursing and allied health students to be trained in less time which helps to reduce the healthcare workforce shortage in South Carolina. The endowed chair in Patient Simulation Education and Research will work closely with universities and technical colleges to advance educational opportunities and clinical training.

SAFER CLINICAL TRAINING: The traditional clinical training model requires that medical, nursing and allied health students “practice” on real people. Using patient simulators, these students will obtain more hands-on training, thus elevating their clinical skills long before they ever touch a real patient.

JOB CREATION: The endowed chair will create approximately 20 positions to staff the three centers across the state. Additional direct and indirect job creation will occur as these centers become active and attract students, research projects and supporting businesses.

REVENUE: Technologies developed through the centers can be spun off into new start-up companies in South Carolina or sold or licensed to other companies, creating new revenue for the state.

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