Business Health

Helping employers improve the health of their workforce and bottom line

Greenville Health System has over 10,000 workers, so we are not only the largest healthcare provider in the Upstate, but we are also one of the largest consumers of healthcare services. In addition, GHS is self-insured so increases in healthcare expenses are directly felt across the bottom line.  GHS has developed tools and programs to control its healthcare costs and now are making these tools available to employers in the Upstate.

Business Health Services Available

  • Executive Health Program for some of the most important assets a company has
  • Corporate Health Services - GHS works directly with organizations to determine employee health status and develops custom programs to improve.  Services may include:
    • Health information centers that provide timely health and wellness information in an employee friendly atmosphere
    • Health risk appraisals
    • On-site health screenings
    • Personal health reports
    • Company health report cards
    • Benchmarking with employers nationwide
    • On-Site Clinics
    • Nurse practitioner program
    • Employee satisfaction surveys (with regard to health care programs)
  • Occupational Medicine.  Comprehensive workers comp, and employee screening/testing.
  • MD360 Convenient Care - offers walk-in urgent and primary care for employees after hours or for those without a primary care doctor.

Greenville Health System has a variety of tools that can help employers first understand the health status of their workforce and the impact on the bottom line.

Our approach:

  • Phase I
    • Workforce sampling and risk identification
      • Collect information from employees
      • Build a profile of health status of workforce
      • Understand the risks present in workforce
      • Target future wellness initiatives to those at risk
  • Phase II
    • Develop programs geared to health risk levels of workforce
      • Low Risk - Maintain health
      • Moderate Risk - Improve health
      • High Risk - Intervention

To find out more about Business Health and how GHS can help your business control healthcare costs while improving the health of your workforce call (864) 455-WELL (9355)

Program Fees

Please do not pay until you have enrolled with a Health Educator at 864-455-WELL.

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