IRC-A Coordinator
Kelly Stephens
Contact Kelly to discuss IRC applications for studies not related to oncology or pediatrics.
Phone: 455-4984 | Email:

IRC-B Coordinator
Glyn Hamilton
Contact Glyn for information on IRC applications for pediatric studies.
Phone: 455-4360 | Email:

IRCOR Coordinator
Katherine West
Contact Kathy with questions about submitting an IRC application for adult oncology research.
Phone: 455-6607 | Email:

IRC / e-IRB Coordinator
Jean Winter
Contact Jean if you have questions about the IRC’s new electronic submission system.
Phone: 455-3145 | Email:

Biostatistician, Quality Management Department
Anna Cass
Contact Anna to discuss issues related to study design and analysis.
Phone: 455-4017 | Email:

Director/Archivist, GHS Health Sciences Library
Fay Towell
Phone: 455-3099 | Email:

Librarian, GHS Health Sciences Library
Deanna Handley
Phone: 455-3218 | Email:

Librarian, GHS Health Science Library
Loretta Westcott
Loretta coordinates the classes that the GHS library offers. Contact her for more information.
Phone: 455-8938 | Email: