Program Requirements

Mission Statement

The PGY2 critical care residency at Greenville Health System (GHS) is a one-year program designed to train pharmacists to practice pharmaceutical care at the highest level of competency within a critical care setting. Residents will gain expertise through direct patient care in various critical care environments, primary literature evaluation and application, participation in educational programs, research and publication opportunities, and student preceptorship. GHS faculty is committed to the resident’s continuous personal and professional growth, tailoring training experiences to the resident’s needs. Upon completion of the program, the resident will have the skill set necessary to be a leader in critical care as a clinical pharmacy specialist or affiliate clinical pharmacy faculty of a College of Pharmacy.

Core Rotations: 

  • Orientation
  • Medicine / pulmonary intensive care
  • Surgery / trauma intensive care
  • Cardiovascular intensive care
  • Pediatric intensive care or neonatal intensive care
  • Infectious disease 

Longitudinal Experiences: 

  • Clinical on-call / pharmacokinetics services
  • Clinical Research
  • Preceptorship 

Elective Experiences: 

  • Nutritional support
  • Emergency medicine
  • Others, based on resident interest