Parkinson's Symposium(s)

Greenville Health System (GHS) has sponsored Parkinson's Symposiums in 2011 and 2012 a Multiple Sclerosis track was added.  Watch video of some of the events, keynote speakers and participants.

2012 Parkinson's & Multiple Sclerosis Symposium

On April 28, 2012, GHS presented Living Well with Parkinson's disease or Multiple Sclerosis, at the Bi-Lo Center to over 500 people.  Earlier in the day, there was a program for area physicians.  Below are some videos of the speakers.

Monique Giroux

Zoe Koplowitz

Patricia Kennedy

2011 Parkinson's Symposium

In April 2011, Greenville Health System (GHS), sponsored an event to educate physicians and the community about the latest research and treatment options for people with Parkinson's disease.  Speakers included national and local experts as well as those with the condition.  Below are videos of the event.  If you wish to see one of GHS' Parkinson's experts, call Neuroscience Associates at (864) 454-4500.

Parkinson’s part 1 (2011)



Parkinson’s part 2 (2011)




Parkinson’s part 3 (2011)





Parkinson’s part 4 (2011)


Parkinson’s part 5