Female Pelvic and Reconstructive Surgery Elective

Course Name: Urogynecology

Course Offered: All periods

Elective Duration: 4 weeks

Enrollment Limit: 2

Facilities: Greenville Memorial Hospital

Visiting Students: Accepts visiting students

Course Director: Jeffrey Garris, M.D.

Contact: UME Program Coordinator


Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology
Greenville Health System
890 W. Faris Road, Ste 470
Greenville, SC 29605

Phone: 864-455-5524

Fax: 864-455-3095

Email: obgyncoordinator@ghs.org

Format for the Course: Clinical Participation

Description: This four week elective in urogynecology is offered to students who have satisfactorily completed their third year clinical rotations. Experience will be offered in both an ambulatory office-based setting an inpatient hospital-based setting under the direct supervision of resident and attending physicians. The student will be actively engaged in the evaluation and management of urogynecologic conditions and the intraoperative and perioperative care of patients undergoing urogynecologic surgical procedures. This course is designed to give the student responsibility commensurate with that of a PGY-1 resident.

This course is offered to students based on academic merit. Interested students should contact the program coordinator to request an application.

Course Objectives:

  1. Perform patient evaluations to differentiate between urinary incontinence types
  2. Perform patient evaluations to differentiate between urinary incontinence types

    a. Stress urinary incontinence
    b. Urge urinary incontinence
    c. Overflow urinary incontinence

  3. Identify defects of the pelvic floor on physical exam
  4. Perform patient evaluations to differentiate between urinary incontinence types

    a. Cystocele
    b. Rectocele
    c. Vaginal vault/uterine prolapse

  5. Participate in urodynamic evaluations
  6. Determine the most appropriate behavioral, medical and surgical methods to treat incontinence and pelvic prolapse
  7. Participate in the perioperative care of patients undergoing urogynecologic and pelvic floor surgical procedures
  8. Participate in the conduct of urogynecologic and pelvic floor surgical procedures.

Instructional Methodology:

Clinical Settings: All clinical activities for the Urogynecology and Pelvic Surgery (UroGyn) elective are conducted in either the Memorial Medical Office Building (MMOB) or the Greenville Memorial Hospital. The three main venues for clinical activities are the ambulatory offices in the MMOB, the Gynecology Operating Room, and the Gynecology Inpatient Ward.

Duty Hours: Patient care responsibilities typically commence at 7:30 AM and conclude at 5:00 PM (Monday - Friday). The time to commence clinical activities will be determined by whether there are operative cases.

Patient Care Responsibilities (Ambulatory Office): The student will see patients referred to the UroGyn clinic with the consent of the patient and with the appropriate supervision by the attending. He or she will be involved in new patient visits. The student will participate in development of treatment plans on all new patients.

The student will participate/observe office procedures including urodynamics and ultrasounds. Other office procedures will also be available for student learning.

Patient Care Responsibilities (Operating Room): Students will have the opportunity to participate in the perioperative care of all patients undergoing surgery for urogynecologic and other pelvic conditions.

Students should prepare themselves for the OR by performing background reading on the disease condition, surgical procedure, and relevant anatomy. Students should be active participants and expect to engage in discussion of female anatomy and various basic procedures. Opportunities for surgical participation will be made available at the discretion of the senior resident and/or attending.

Patient Care Responsibilities (Inpatient Ward): Students will contribute to the care of their patients by performing daily rounds, writing progress notes in the medical record, writing orders and interpreting laboratory and imaging studies under the direct supervision of residents and faculty.

Conference Responsibilities: None.

Call Responsibilities: None.