Mid-Course Performance Feedback

Approximately halfway through the rotation, the Course Director will formally meet with each student for approximately 15 minutes to discuss his/her progress. Written and verbal material from any faculty or resident will be discussed with the student with suggestions on improvement or staying the course. The student, in turn, will also have the opportunity to discuss any concerns about the course with the director.

Evaluation and Grading:

Evaluation of student performance encompasses the following categories and interactions:

  • Clinical Decision Making/Problem Solving
  • History, Physical Examination, and Procedures
  • Case Presentation
  • Communication with Patients
  • Test Selection and Interpretation
  • Therapeutic Decision Making
  • Medical Ethics and Professionalism
  • Self-Directed Learning
  • Prevention
  • Systems-Based Care. (health care systems, office management, etc.)

Assessment of student performance in these areas is based upon 2 components:

  1. Clinical Evaluation:  A clinical evaluation will be performed by all residents and attendings who interacted with the student often enough to render a valid opinion. This evaluation will be based on observations of student activities while engaged in direct patient care. The evaluation includes an assessment of the student's knowledge base, responsibility to clinical duties, clinical and surgical skills, ability to act as a team player, written and verbal communication on rounds and conferences, attitude, compassion for patients' well-being, and aggressiveness in self-directed learning.
  2. EBM Journal Article Presentation:  The EBM presentation will be made to the departmental faculty and residents in the last week of the course. Faculty will evaluate the student on presentation style, quality of article critique, and breadth of evidence discussed.

The two components of the student evaluation will be weighted as such:

Clinical Evaluation: 75%

Journal Article Presentation: 25%

The composite score will be converted into a final grade using the scale appropriate to each student's affiliated medical school.