Learning Experiences

Direct Patient Care

Learning obtained through direct patient care is divided into 4 clinical venues: Inpatient Obstetrics, Inpatient Gynecology, Ambulatory OBGYN, and Night Float. Each clinical experience is 2 weeks in duration and involves participation in direct patient care under the supervision of resident staff and faculty.

Learning Through the Life Cycle Didactic Curriculum

The structured didactic curriculum, titled "Learning Through the Life Cycle," is designed to reinforce and augment the learning obtained through direct patient care. The curriculum is structured around the woman's life cycle, advancing from fetal development through menopause, and is presented in various formats including, traditional lectures, interactive case-based learning and hands-on laboratories. The majority of lectures are held on Wednesday (W) afternoons from 1 - 5 pm. A few additional lectures are scheduled on Fridays (F) from 9 - 12 noon.

Self-Directed Learning Topics

The combination of experiences through direct patient care and the structured didactic curriculum should provide most students with exposure to the majority of learning objectives for this clerkship. However, students must also engage in self-directed learning for the following topics to ensure comprehensive learning.

Additional Learning Resources

Textbook Recommendations

At the beginning of the rotation, each student will be loaned a copy of the recommended textbook for the clerkship: Essentials of Obstetrics & Gynecology 4th Edition (Hacker et al). Each Learning Through the Life Cycle educational session has one or more required reading assignments from this textbook. The student may substitute readings from one or more other resources but It is not recommended that the student rely upon board review books for primary reading.

APGO UWise Test bank

The APGO Undergraduate Web-Based Interactive Self-Evaluation (uWISE) exam was developed to help medical students acquire the necessary basic knowledge in obstetrics and gynecology, regardless of future medical specialty choice. The quizzes are also an excellent tool to help prepare for the NBME ob-gyn subject exam and national licensure examinations. The uWISE questions are based on and linked to the 8th edition of the APGO Medical Student Educational Objectives. Each quiz represents one Objective and contains 10 questions for each Objective.

You can find more information at the uWISE learning resource. Contact the UME Clerkship Coordinator (obgyncoordinator@ghs.org) for the access code.