3rd Year Clinical Clerkship

The 8 week clinical clerkship in obstetrics & gynecology is designed to be a comprehensive educational experience that fulfills the learning objectives recommended by the Association of Professors of Gynecology and Obstetrics. The best environment for student learning is one in which expectations are clear, both student and teacher have defined responsibilities, and consequences of behavior are consistent and reliable. Creating an optimal learning environment requires an equal commitment from the teachers (faculty, residents) and learners (students).

To this end, this curriculum draws upon three sources of learning:

  • Direct patient care
  • Structured didactics
  • Self-directed study

Learning obtained through direct patient care is divided into four clinical venues: inpatient obstetrics, inpatient gynecology or oncology, ambulatory OB/GYN, and night float. Each clinical experience is two weeks in duration and involves participation in direct patient care under the supervision of resident staff and faculty.

The structured didactic curriculum, titled "Learning Through the Life Cycle," is designed to reinforce and augment the learning obtained through direct patient care. The curriculum is structured around the woman’s life cycle, advancing from fetal development through menopause, and is presented in various formats including traditional lectures, interactive case-based learning and hands-on laboratories.

Second only to experience, self-directed learning is a critical component of any physician's initial and ongoing education. Therefore, it is essential that students develop a consistent approach to self-directed learning during this clerkship. In order to facilitate this process, and to enable learners to maintain an appropriate work/life balance, students will not have on-call responsibilities during the weekend.

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