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Race Day Information

Packet Pickup is at Hillcrest Memorial Hospital on Friday, April 25th from Noon until 6:00 p.m. (Map and Directions)

If you have not registered - you may do so in person at Packet Pickup on Friday. Cash or Check Only. No registrations will be accepted on Saturday.

Start Times

Looking for start times? They're included on page 3 of the Participant Packet

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Saturday, April 26, 2014

8:00am (Rain or Shine)
Heritage Park, 861 NE Main St., Simpsonville, SC 29681

  • More than 20 Obstacles
  • Obstacle Fun for the Whole Family
  • Main Course Appropriate for Ages 8 and Older
  • Post Event Celebration
  • Spectator Friendly Viewing of Obstacles
  • Special Mini Mud Mania Course FREE for Kids Under 8
Greenville Health System and Hillcrest Memorial Hospital present the 2nd running of Simpsonville’s first – and dirtiest – family friendly Mud Run and obstacle event at Heritage Park.

Teams of 4 will compete in a challenging 5K run with multiple obstacles winding through woods and fields, over and under walls, and in and out of the mud.

Mud Runs are fun. They’re challenging. They’re a great way for the whole family to get down and dirty. Get your team together now so you don’t miss this fun!

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Proaxis Recovery Zone 

If you're worried that you might not be able to return to normal after all the fun you'll have during your Mud Mania experience, worry no more. In addition to helping with medical coverage, Proaxis Therapy will be on site to provide a RECOVERY ZONE offering a variety of services that will provide post-race recovery tips and training. Stop by the RECOVERY ZONE for a chance to talk with Proaxis expert physical therapists about injury prevention and running techniques (and believe us, they know their stuff). You can also cool down afterwards in the Proaxis RECOVERY ZONE where some of the services will include: 

  • Ask the Expert 
  • Injury Triage
  • Foam Rolling for self-massage
  • Functional Movement Screenings to assess stability or mobility deficits
  • Core Stability Exercises
  • Dynamic and Static Stretching

Frequently Asked Questions

Click Here to Register Online. There is no race day registration available for Simpsonville Mud Mania. Register early as we expect to fill up quickly! You can register individual kids for FREE Mini Mud Mania the day of the event.

Who Can Run
Everyone ages 8 and older is eligible for Simpsonville Mud Mania. Your team composition will determine what category you should enter. Adult 4 person teams can have any combination of men and women age 18 and over. Any teams containing children ages 8-17 must enter the Family category. Participants under age 18 must have a parent or guardian sign their waiver. Children under age 8 are eligible for the Mini Mud Mania course. Children may enjoy the Mini Mud Mania course without teammates.

Team categories include:
  • All Male
  • All Female
  • 50/50 (2 Male & 2 Females)
  • 3 Male & 1 Female
  • 3 Female & 1 Male
  • Family (at least one team member age 8-17)

Team Name
You can choose your own team name when you register. Please remember this is a family friendly mud run, so we reserve the right to change your team name if necessary. We encourage you and your teammates to dress in unique team shirts, uniforms or costumes to help you stand out in the mud. You might want to choose a dark color for this one.

Team Members
You must have 4 teammates to compete in the Simpsonville Mud Mania. You will be asked to enter each team members’ name when you register your team. You can change these team members if necessary at any time before the day of the event. Last minute team member changes can be made at packet pickup or at race day check in. Every member of your team must sign our waiver on race day.

Start Times
Teams will start every 1 minute. You will have the opportunity to request a time block when you register your team. We will make every attempt to accommodate schedule requests, but we cannot guaranty that everyone will get the start time they ask for. Official start times will be emailed to team captains and posted on the event website on Thursday, April 24. The clock starts for your team on your official posted start time. If you miss your start, you can still participate, but the clock starts when you should have started. You are welcome to keep your own time during the event, but your official race time will be recorded by your chip. This might just give you an excuse to brag about how well you would have done if you weren’t held up by so-and-such.

This is a chip timed event. Team captain bib numbers will have a chip attached. Teams must finish the race with their assigned chip for the team to be counted in the official results. Every team must successfully navigate every obstacle with all team members. Only complete teams of 4 will be eligible for placing in the official results. Prizes will be awarded to the winners of each category, but we all know you’re not doing this for the money.

What are the Obstacles like?

In addition to the more traditional walls and mud pits you’d expect on a mud run, we have designed a few rather clever and unusual obstacles for Simpsonville Mud Mania. Several obstacles will require some cooperation and teamwork to complete, so stick together. We have listed the names of all the obstacles on the website, but we’re not going to give you all the details until race day. The course features obstacles to challenge and entertain everyone that participates in the event. Please note that you are participating in an event that has some potential hazards to your health. You signed up to have fun, so please remember that safety is our number one concern. Everyone should stay well within their personal limitations. Please be smart and safe out on course. Participants will be required to conduct themselves in a controlled and serious manner while navigating obstacles. Anyone deemed to be a danger to themselves or others through reckless behavior, will be removed from the obstacle and/or the course.

Obstacles Disclaimer
There are approximately 20 obstacles to overcome along the 3.5 Mile course, many of which contain water and mud. Although none of the obstacles are impossible, they do require a certain level of strength and fitness and the potential exists for serious injury or death due to falls, trips and crawling. Obstacles can be taken at any pace or skipped completely and thus the course is able to be completed by most anyone. Obstacles must be attempted three times, however, if a runner feels unsafe attempting the obstacle he/she is encouraged to go around the obstacle. Not attempting the obstacle the required three times will disqualify you from prize eligibility. Safety will be the number one priority during the event. Participants will be required to conduct themselves in a controlled and serious manner while navigating obstacles. Anyone deemed to be a danger to themselves or others through reckless behavior, will be removed from the obstacle and/or the course. Volunteers will be course safety monitors and are present throughout the course. If you do not have the athletic ability to complete an obstacle you are encouraged to skip it. Please adhere to the tenets of the waiver and consult a physician prior to attempting this race. The requirements for stamina, upper body strength and swimming may require the evaluation of a fitness professional.

Can I Skip an Obstacle?
We understand that some obstacles may be harder or more intimidating to some team members. Most team members will be able to get over, under or through every obstacle, but the course will contain a few easier obstacles adjacent to the harder ones to make things fun for all family team members. We ask that you attempt to complete obstacles 3 times. If you still want to wimp out on an obstacle, go ahead and skip it, because you probably didn’t want to win the race anyway.

Packet Pickup/Check In
Team Captains may pick up team packets on Friday, April 25, 2014 at TBD. We must receive a signed waiver from every participant prior to receiving your team packet. Team members under 18 must have the signature of their parent or guardian on their waiver. Teams that choose to sign in at participant Check In at Heritage Park on the day of the event, must do so at least 60 minutes prior to their start time.

What am I in for?
  • Expect to run or walk at least 3.5 miles during the event.
  • Expect to crawl and/or run through mud and water. You’re going to get dirty…potentially very dirty. We suggest keeping your mouth closed in the mud unless uncontrollable smiling occurs.
  • Expect to successfully complete several physical challenges out on the course. 
  • Expect to have a ton of fun throughout the day.

What should I wear?
Wear comfortable clothing that you’re not afraid to get dirty. Make sure that whatever you wear will stay on your body, so cinch up those waistbands. Some participants have been known to throw out the clothes they wear during a mud run, but we like to wash ours. We will have a dumpster available for clothing disposal if you don’t want to take yours home. Wear shoes/boots that allow you to cover roughly 3.5 miles during the event. We suggest tying your shoes tightly, but we don’t suggest duct taping anything onto your body. That just sounds uncomfortable to us.

How can I drive home all muddy?
Hoses and a washing station will be available to rinse off after you have completed the event. Bathrooms are available at Heritage Park to let you change out of your dirty Mud Mania clothing. We’ll also give you a cool new event t-shirt to wear after you change, unless you choose to compete in that shirt. Of course, it is called Mud Mania, so you are also welcome to hang out and enjoy the day in your grimy gear if you choose.

Mini Mud Mania
The Mini Mud Mania course will feature a number of age appropriate obstacles and challenges for kids under 8 years old. Parents can register their children when they arrive at Heritage Park. Kids will have ample opportunities to get dirty on this fun filled course.

What’s in it for me?
T-Shirt. Every participant registered on an adult team will get a Simpsonville Mud Mania t-shirt. Mini Mud Mania participants will not get a shirt.
Finisher’s Medal: Every Mud Mania and Mini Mud Mania participant will get a finishers medal to commemorate the day you got down and dirty at Heritage Park.
Bragging Rights. We’re confident you will be telling stories about your race day adventures for years to come.
Smiles. The Simpsonville Mud Mania is going to be a great time for the whole family.
If you’re crazy enough (or talented) to be one of the fastest teams in your category, you’ll get some great prizes to award you for your speed.
In addition to the above items, participants will have the opportunity to enjoy food and drinks from several local vendors. Beer will be available to those 21 and older in the designated beer area.

Do I have to train?
It might be a good idea to make sure you can run/walk 3.5 miles before race day, but we’re not above challenging ourselves. You will be required to run/walk on uneven ground during the event. Many of the obstacles require a certain level of strength and fitness to complete. It wouldn’t hurt you to do a few pushups and sit-ups in the weeks leading up to the event so you’re ready for the effort. If you’re looking for some professional assistance to train for the event, please contact the race director, Steve Baker at for recommendations.

How can I volunteer?
If you do not want to participate in the event as a runner, we would love to have your help as a volunteer. We have lots of volunteer opportunities for the event. We need volunteers to be stationed at each obstacle to provide instruction and motivation for the participants. Think about how much fun it will be to encourage your friends and neighbors to crawl through the mud or climb a slippery wall. If you’d like to volunteer, please contact Steve Baker @

How can I sponsor an Obstacle?
Every obstacle will have a sponsor, so there are lots of options for your company/brand to participate. We will post your logo and/or contact information at the obstacles you sponsor to be viewed by every event participant (1000+ people). In some special cases you will have the opportunity to decorate the obstacle in your company/brand colors and logos. We are open to other activation ideas you have to help make this fun and worthwhile for your company/brand. Contact Steve Baker at for more information about sponsorship opportunities.

Obstacle Descriptions

Obstacles are being reviewed for 2014 and may be changed. Listed below are last year's obstacles.

  1. Commando Crawl - Crawl through the mud under ropes.
  2. Concrete Jungle - Each teammate must climb over all the large traffic barriers.
  3. Mt. Heritage - Run through the water climb up the concrete wall and climb the dirt hill on the left.
  4. Urban Assault - Run up over or crawl under the trailer.
  5. Trench Crawl - Each teammate crawls through one of the trenches. Must go under every log.
  6. Hay Bale Hurdle - Scale hay bale pyramid.
  7. Tire High Step - High step through tires on ground.
  8. Creek Crossing - Navigate creek.
  9. Commando Crawl - Crawl through the mud under ropes.
  10. High/Low Cables - Hold the upper cable while you walk across the lower cable. One person at a time on the cables. Runners can choose the cables they can reach.
  11. 10' High Wall - Each member must climb the 10' wall. Teammates can return to the ground to assist other teammates. Younger kids can climb the ladder on the back side to the top of the platform. Goal is to get everyone on the top of the platform whether they climb the front or the back of the wall.
  12. Ring the Bell - Each team (not every person) must ring one of the bells that are hanging 8-10' off the ground. They can jump up, stand on shoulders, or make a pyramid, but each team must ring a bell.
  13. Creek Crossing - Navigate creek.
  14. Log Carry - Each team must carry one of the logs from one line across the other. Teams can choose the log they want to carry.
  15. Balance Beam - Run along balancing on the top of the fallen trees.
  16. Through the Window - Every teammate must pass through the center of one of the tires.
  17. 6' Wall - Everyone must get over the 6' wall. Teammates can return to the front side to assist others.
  18. Tire Roll/Flip - Each team must carry or roll one of the truck tires from the start, out around the cone and back to the start again. Each team moves one tire.
  19. Mud Hill - Run up mud hill.
  20. Hospital Bed Race - 3 members push 1 member in the hospital bed. Push out around the cone and return to the start line.
  21. Concrete Jungle - Each teammate must climb over all the large traffic barriers.
  22. Dirt Mounds - Run up and over huge dirt piles.
Mini Mud Mania: Kids Course - Short kids course built in the field near start.
  • Commando Crawl - Crawl through the mud under ropes.
  • Short Wall - Go up over or through the holes in the short wall.
  • Tire High Step - Climb over tires on ground.

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